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the gathering

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.::When Link,Marth and Roy bump into two beautiful dynamic girls Meiko and Ohla, they lead them to a an adventure they won't soon forget::.

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-They head off to the stadium encountering new coquest and more(sorry if you don't get this part, i just wanted to put a little more spazz into the story lol)

Roy:well here we are, the stadium ^_^ points to confirm

Meiko:soo this is it huh? it's pretty huge

Ohla:indeed it is

Link:alright, should we be going in now?

Marth:yeah, look they already dismissed evertone ro lunch

Roy:aw are you serious? oh well im starving

Marth:mutters your always "starving"...

Link:wait so that means we missed our matches?

Marth:aw man...

Roy:don't slit your wrists guys, there'll be other matches, the boss dosen't pay us to whine you know

Link:doee he EVEN pay us at all?

Marth:of course not, so teachially we'er just here for the hell of it

Link:is there even a boss here???

Roy:......okay! you guys are thinking way to hard on this! don't be to concered about it, you'll ruin it for everybody else if you make them think about it, and you girls don't listen to them,you'll have lots of fun here and make plenty of good friends here

Ohla:oh. really?

Roy:yepsmiles chipperly cross meh heart ¢¾

Meiko:all right, let's get some food on!

Marth:good timing, im hungreywalks over to cafeteria

Link:same here

Roy:turn around to see Link and Marth heading offhey! guys wait up!

Meiko:hey, after lunch can 'ya give us a little tour around this place, it's looks pretty interesting

Roy:sure! but can we go to the cafe' now before Kirby eats all the food alrightrushes over to catch up to Link and Marth

Ohla:thinking i have a weird parinod feeling about this place and what's about to happen

Meiko:Ohla! come on! i'm hungrey! waves to her

Ohla:turns around oh! right! sorry!she rushes over to catch up with the others

~~~In the Lunchroom~~~~~

Roy:scarfing down a buch of food like he hasen't eaten in two years XD Meiko, what brings you two here?

Meiko:we heard about the up coming tornamete(sp?)that's gonna be held here, it's gonna be soo awesome! we'er gonna kick serious ass!XP clenches her fist in excitment

Marth:-thinking-she sounds like a little kid....

Ohla:the other reason is our teacher said it would be a good experience for us, i couldn't agree moresmiles brigthly

Marth: your master goes by the name "Ayetru" right?

Ohla:looks surprisedh-how did you know?


Roy:waveshey lady! noodles over here please!

Waitress:comes in with big plate of ramen yumhere you go sorry fo the wait smiles

Roy:alright! ^_^scarfs down once again

Link:sweat drop

Marth:Roy, let me have some-

Roy:NO!countinues to eat

Marth:pushes him to the sidemove im hungery!

Roy:pushes back no! get your own!

they both start "sword fighting" with their forks

Link:sweatdrop this is so embarassing, i'm sorry you have to see them act so childish -_-'

Ohla:gigglesits alright

Roy:its mine! and i ain't sharin'!

Marth:an opening!knocks Roy's fork out of his hand


Marth::a chair hits him straight in the head(ouch)

Roy:uh...continues eating noodlesi claim victory-
a table hits the plate of noodles

Link:not again-his P.O.V-a fight in the lunchroom,or food fight i guess lol-


Link:Marth wake up!he grabs him by the collar and starts to shake Marth rapidly there's another fight in th-

Marth:K.O.'d no dah,dah,dah,dah,daaaaahhh? @_@

Link:-_-; turns and looks at Roy...Roy?...

Roy:shivering in angerm-my's gone.....all over the floor......gone....he looks up with big sad chibi eyes THEY RUINED MY LUNCH!!!
draws out his sword BOULDER CUTTING BLADE!!! as soon as he swong the sword an explsion accured making a huge hole in the cafeteria's wall

Bowser:w-what the hell!?

other guys:!!????!!!

Roy:he walks slowley apearing in the fading cloud of smoke you guys could have your fight or have your arguments or whatever, but when you mess with a man's lunch, it's not a very smart thing to do he grins and cracks his knuckles

Link:carring Marth on his backaww man,he snapped -__-turns pale


Roy:beating the crap out of the guys who ruined his lunch

Ohla/Meiko: O.o

Ganondorf:uh, you bastard,your pretty tough-

Roy:draws his sword out, but as soon as he did, he heard a yelling voice that sounded like a young man

Guy:BOULDER CUTTING BLADE,SECOND FORM!!!swings his sword causing a giant explosion

Roy:WAIT YOU-gets blown away in explosionAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Link:looks around confusliyw-what the hell is going on here?!! everything's exploding!!

-a handsome guy with short brown silky hair and blood red eyes(looks around the age of 18-19)jumps in front of Ohla-

Guy:Ohla!Meiko! are you alright?


Ohla:sensei, why are you here?

Guy:i'll explain when we'er done here draws out sword just give me the word and i'll-

Link:stop! stop! stop! thats over kill! you've done enough already! no more explosions for today alright!?

Guy:looks over at Link hm? and who might you be?

Link:my name's Link, i'm one of the fighters in the stadium that you just ruined -_-;

Guy:oh,hehe sorry about thatscratches back of headmy name is Ayetru smiles it's nice to meet you

Meiko:oh! master!bows it is good to see you again

Ohla:bows hello Ayetru-sensei

Ayetru:oh, i see you two have developed quite a bit since you left ^_^

Meiko:we just got here! why did you come to us so early, you said you where going to wait a month or two sensei!

Ayetru:oh about that, i had to head out to you guys this soon because well, there was a gas leak inside my home, the boom! everthing caught on fire and was burnt to the ground dragging me to you two, i also wanted to enter the tornamte, it's gonna kick serious butt!clenches his fist

Link: -thinking-him too? -_-;-

Meiko:smacks her forehead how stupid can you get?

Link:oh wait come on guys, we gotta get Roy, wait, WERE IS ROY!??!

Ayetru:it seems my cutting blade has quite the effect examines his sword

Link:O.o WHHAAAATT!!?? somebody! save our Roy!!runs off

Meiko:sweat drop

Ohla:u, i don't think he went out that far, it couldn't have been that bad...

~~~Meanwhile Roy is Somewhere in the Woods....~~~~~~~~

Roy: he gets up off the grounds to dust off his hands geeze those guys mouths are bigger than their fists, well that takes care of that, don't mess with me or my lunch you pricks hmph -_-x....and that idiot swong his sword right at me, that klutzey jerk brushes off his shoulders uh.... where am i anyways? -Roy's P.O.V* he's in the woods-

-a shy cute girl with amber hair and blue eyes wearing a "maiden" looking dress appears out from behind a tree and walks up to Roy-(note:go to my profile and you'll see how the characters look like on the bottom of the page -Chizaru03) me...have you seen a guy with short brown hair and is carrying a heavy blade sword?

Roy:turns around oh,i think i have he walked down this way, and who might you be?-thinking-whoa another cute chick, things are lookin' up ^ ^-

Girl:my name is Melodey bows, im his student, he wondered off here somewhere to look for his former students

Roy:oh, nice to meet cha' Melody, my name's Roy grins

Melodey:oh, you must be the boy who fought those big looking men, that's really some good fighting skill

Roy:hehe it was nothing, all thanks to this baby pulls out swordit's my father's

Melody:oh i see,i think i should look for my teacher now, it was really nice meeting you Roy-

Roy:hey, we could walk together if you like to i could show you around the stadium

Melodey:oh that would be nice...looks at stadiumbut, i don't think there is a stadium left to go to...

Roy:sweatdrop oh right...-Roy/Melodey P.O.V-there is a huge hole in the lunchroom wall, and their is another from Ayetru on the side of it from his sword attack-

Melodey:...but we could stil go if you want smiles

Roy:alright, come on you got to meet the others, their' a real spazz XDhe grabs Melodey's hand and takes off


Roy:hey, are you alright?

Melody:oh!flusters i-im fine hehe

Roy:oh,okay, come on i want to get out of this god-forsaken forest,-thinking- wait t'ill i see that klutzey jerk....

~~~Back To Link/Ayetru~~~~~~~

Link:cutting the bushes and twings that stand in their pathdamn it Roy, where th hell are you?

Meiko:awww, were'd he go?

Link:i dunno, thats why were looking for himhe continues to cut the twigs

Ayetru:he's carrying Marth on his backi'm sorry for this whole mess, it's really all my fault he's lost...

Link:what? whow could that be?

Ayetru:well. it may sound unbelievable but when i did my powerful sword techniuqe, the air pressure of the explosion caused him to fling off into the woods somewhere, since he was so close in contact with me when i did it, it's no suprise that happened hehe

Meiko/Ohla:IDIOT SENSEI!!!

Ayetru:hehe scratches the back of his head

Ohla:come on everone, we have to look for mister Roy before it gets dark

Link:hm, your right, lets split up, Meiko you go with your teacher and since Marth isn't waking up anytime soon i'd sudgest we look after him also, and i will go with Ohla

Ayetru:alright he ya' go Marth he places him gentaly on the ground, lets head off ^_^




Ayetru:alright ^_^


Ohla:alright ¢¾

Ayetru:alright ^-^



Ayetru:alright ^ ^

Link:-_-........okay, look can we just go already?!

Ayetru:alrighty lets go Meiko-ack!he bumps into a tree
hehe owwie ^_^;


Meiko:i forgot to tell you that our sensei is a total
klutzy ditz despite his mature appearence...

Ayetru:alright guys lets stop wondering around, we must find that bo-he trips and falls into a ditch....ow.....

Link:would YOU stop wondering around!??! your gonna get yourself killed!!

Meiko:she looks down into the ditchsensei.......your an idiot

Ayetru:ah Meiko you told me that many times

Meiko:well maybe because it's true

Ayetru:well just because it's true dosen't mean you have to say it

Meiko:it's better of telling the truth, the truth hurts sometime after all thats what you told me

Ayetru:well if it something you have to say, don;t be so critical about it

Meiko/Ayetru:they continue to argue

Link:....lets just go Ohla, this is going to take awhilehe picks up Marth and carries him on his back

Ohla:i suppose your rightthey take off without saying a word

~~~~Meanwhile Roy and Melodey...~~~~~~

-The sun is setting, Roy and his new friend Melodey are
wondering about near a lake in the woods with still no word from their conpanions who are now searching for them...-

Roy:...|||-_-||..gasping for breath

Melodey:oh mister Roy, are you alright?

Roy:im fine,just a little hungrey, god when are we going to find some food?he holds his growling stomache

Melodey:um i think i have some food left in my backpackshe rumages in her backpack and pulls out to riceballs and two juice boxes yum ¢¾

Roy:Melodey! your a lifesaver i mean a stomach saver, i mean oh whateverhe embraces Melodeythank you ¢¾

Melodey:ah--blushes, her heart starts beating faster

Roy:he looks at her um is there something wrong? do you have a fever?he places his hand on her forehead

Melodey:i-im finewaves her hands frantically


Melodey:oh, um hehe ^_^

Roy:oh kay bites riceball this is good, did you make this?

Melodey:um yes, i did

Roy:oh, your a good cook ^_^

Melodey:it was just something i picked up during my training

Roy:trainig? you mean that ditzy guy with the "mature" appearence?

Melodey:yes, how did you know?

Roy:that idiot used the builder cutting blade on me, that explosion was so big it blew me all the way to this forest, that has to be the stupidest way to get lost, i can't wait to see that jerkcracks his knuckles

Melodey:i'm sure sensei didn't mean to do that to you

Roy:ah i guess your right, i mean you know him better then i do anyways, but he shoulden't have butted in i was kicking their asses!

Melodey:um, he was only trying to protect his students..

Roy:...oh and i forgot to ask, why are you here anyways?

Melodey:well, sensei wanted me to come along with him, he said something about entering the Smash Bros. Tournament, i heard there will be alot of fighters competing there.

Roy:oh yeah, that! i'm competing in there too, i trained my butt off just to enter that crap, it's gonna be sooo sweet! XD

Melodey:you seem to be very interested in this smiles

Roy:hey, are you going to compete too Melodey?

Melodey:um, i think, sensei wants me to enter too, i chose to on my own will as well though im not a very skilled fighter, though im good at white magic and some black also

Roy:oh, so you cast spells, thats acceptable i guess hehe

Melodey:she slowly walks near the edge of the lake well it's the reason why i decided to train with Ayetru-sensei, to get better on my physical antics...i...want to be as good as anyone good as miss Meiko and miss Ohla...i hate myself for being so weakshe looks down at the shimmering colors of the lake with a worried expression withdrawn on her so pathetic....

Roy:he looks at her hey...don't put yourself down like that im pretty sure your a skilled fighter, what i mean is you never know until you give it a tryhe looks uo into the sunset with a smile gleaming on his faceit's sounds kinda corny but yeah, it's true most of the time....


Roy:he slowly strokes the hair out of her eyesyour too cute to look blue Melodeyhe smiles warmly at her

Melodey:blushesah.....the blush on her face fades, tears start to stream down her face...but...i'm so weak!....she plops down on the floor of the water, she buries her face into her hands...because.....three years ago...i...she-

-the bushes start to rumage*


Melodey:she looks up at Roy what is it?she notices something appearing out of the bushes....ah!



link:eh!? that sounded like Roy, he's somewhere around here!

Ohla:ah, so it is

~~~~~~To be continued....

ah a cliff hanger.. i'll update A.S.A.P
thank you for reading


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