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Lost in the woods

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The story so far.... After Link, Marth and Roy met the two new challengers Ohla and Meiko, they decided to get to know the girls better during a lunch break but when a fight broke loose in the ...

Category: Super Smash Brothers - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Humor, Parody, Romance - Characters: Link, Marth, Mewtwo, Mr. Game and Watch, Nana, Ness, Peach, Pichu, Pikachu, Popo, Roy - Published: 2006-06-23 - Updated: 2006-06-23 - 2461 words

Melodey:ah! what is that?!

Roy:i dunno, but i got a feeling it's gonna be badhe suddemly turns pale||-__-|||

Melodey:she runs up behind Roy clinging to his arm shivering

Roy:his heart starts to beat faster in terror as he slowly draws his sword

-the bushes start to rumage even more, and what comes out of the bushes is...........a squirrel....

Roy/Melodey:-thinks-....a squirrel?

Roy:man don't i feel stupid -_-'

Melodey:same here, i can't believe i got so worked up over a squirrelshe sighs in relife

Roy:yeah...he draws his sword back into its seith(?)
i hope someone finds us soon...

Melodey:i do too....but in the meanwhile, we can enjoy the sunset

Roy:...i guess.....

(their P.O.V VVV)

Melodey:it's very pretty...


Melodeyshe looks down at the wateri hope i could find my master soon.... mean the idiot who alost killed everyone

Melodey:i guess so, but how do you know sensei???

Roy:i told you before, he's the reason why i'm in this forest, auuuggghhh!!! STUPID FOREST!! STUPID TREES!! STUPID EVERYTHING!! he angerliy kicks a rock, though he almost broke his foot doing it OOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!he holds on to his foot while hopping around

Melodey:ah, are you okay Roy!?

Roy:yeah, i can't believe i got lost in a forest because of some explosion geeze -_-,........Melodey....

Melodey:turns to Roy yes?

Roy:is the guy with the brown hair your teacher? he has a mature expression and blood-red eyes?

Melodey:once again yes, why do you ask? did you meet him?

Melodey:it was about a month ago in my home town

Roy:really? were do you live? im just curious

Melodey:oh um, i was born in Spira and where i live right now is Altea, but i heard about the upcoming tornamet here like i said before so i came here to
Japan to enter but i needed more then i met Ayetru-sensei at a shrine where a Sakura tree was blooming in the wrong season....i was so happy to hear that he would ecept me as one of his students...

Roy: he claps his hands together in joy hey! one of my best friends is from Altea!

Melodey:oh, really?

Roy:actullay he's the prince of that land

Melodey:her eyes widened are you serious? is he here?

Roy: well yeah! he's one of the fighters here ^_^

Melodey:oh i see...

Roy:he puts on an expression of dissapointmentauu, i wish you could meet my friends and the others they'll like you,if only if we weren't here right now....and im hungrey ;_;

Melodey:rumages trough her bookbag ah i think i have one more riceball he-she looks inside the bookbag, it was empty!


Roy:.....there's nothing left......TT_TT

Melodey:um i think i could whip something up for dinner

Roy:really!? oh Melodey! your a lifesaver!he runs up to Melodey and embraces her ^-^

Melodey:ah--her face turns cherry red, she felt her heart skipped a beat

Roy:eh? is something wrong??he lets and faces her

Melodey:she shakes her head frantically still blushing no! no! no! i'm fine!

Roy:he raises his eyebrow are you sure?

Melodey:she frantically nods yes, yes! i'm sure!

Roy:oookaaay......but about the food i think we should get crackin'!>:DHhe clenches his fist once again

Melodey:um okay, i'll start by catching the fish she ties her dress up up to her mid-thigh and walked into the ocean hey! there's a fish! she tries her hardest to catch the fish, she struggles and just keeps splashing XD

Roy:sweatdropuh, Mel, i think i'll take care of catching the fish, how about you start the fire ^_^

Melodey:she walks out of the water dripping wet after trying to catch the one fish(hehe)

Roy:alright! he pulls up his pants and walks into the water drawing his sword outEEEYAAA!he throws his sword at the water as if it was a harpoon huh? come on! he starts to stab the water furiously

Melodey:she piles up the sticks and twigs, she crouches down with her hands and fingers spread out and chants one of her elemental spells don van!fire starts to run down her fingers and into the wood making a campfire there, hey i did pretty good eith the fire she tilts her head and smiles warmly

Roy:thats it you littles bastards, imma give you a taste of hell's special move! he does the "attack stance, his sword starts to charge up with a glare of fire streaming around it EEEEEYAAAAAA!!! he releases a firey explosion, a giant splash of water strikes down on
Melodey and her campfire, the fish that are remaing on the ground start flopping around(hey that ryhmes ^_^)*

Melodey:she coughs and is soaking wet auuuu, my fire she puts on a dissapointed expession

Roy:oh!he shakes the water out of his hair then run up to Melodey ah Melodey are you okay? im so sorry, those fish where pissing me off an-oh no i put out the firea fish plops on his head-_-|||.......

Melodey:she looks up at the fish that was on Roy's head, she giggles

Roy: what? oh! he grabs the fish and throws on the ground eeeewwwwwww.....he starts to rapidly wipe of the fish "goo" off his head ewww fish goo! @_@ now my hair's gonna smell -__-|||

Melodey:hehe, it's okay i got some shampoo in my bookbag, and some bar soap and conditionershe pulls out the bathing acceseries, she hands them to him

Roy:aww thanks Mel, i dunno were would i be without you he smiles and gentlely pats her on the head

Melodey:she smiles brightly oh and heres a towel ^^

Roy:he takes the towel thanks =D ah but there's one problem though -.-

Melodey:wht is it Roy-san?

Roy:the lake, there is no lake -_-;-his P.O.V- the lake is now some big hole, there are fish and puddles of water all around them-

Melodey:hmmmm i think i could solve that

Roy:really? you could do that?

Melodey:yesshe stands up and streches her arms and hands out i need you to step back please

Roy:oh okayhe moves back a few steps

Melodey:Van Doc!a wave of water starts to strike down at the lake washing away all the fish and twigs away from the shore

Roy's expression:O.o

Melodey:well that's the only elemental spell i'm good at, i stink at every thing else

Roy:well your pretty good at chanting spells, hey maybe i could...ahh i'll tell you later thanks!he puts the towel over his neck and walked of to the lake hey....don't peek at me okay? he joked

Her face turns cherry red

Roy:hahaha it's okay, i was just joking ^-^

Melodey:o-oh okay

~~~Meanwhile Link and Ohla are..

Ohla:i can't find them anywhereshe plops down on a boulder

Link:i heard Roy somewhere, or was it just me???

Ohla:well he has to be here somewhere, he couldn't have gone far, i'm sure we'll find him soon...

Link:yeah...and it would be easier if Marth were AWAKE! takes a catine of water and pours it all over Marth's face WAKE UP PRETTY BOY!

Marth:soaking wet, he coughs and gags for air W-WHAT THE HELL!!??!!

Ohla:oh Marth your okay! she runs up to him then pulls out a hankerchief and dries him up

Link:finally, i thought you were in a coma or something, don't scare me like that geeze he sighs in relif

Marth:well if that chair didn't almost bust open my skull then i would have been okay by then

Link:what? you sound like it's MY fault!

Marth:that is not true, i'm just trying to point it out

Ohla:guys please, we have to find Roy before it's too late

Marth:he raises his eyebrow in cofusion "too late"?

Link:yeah you know, he dies from starvation, he gets eaten by a bear ect. ect...

Marth:O.o wait....i don't understand anything! whats going on?!

Link:well you probaly remember the fight in the luchroom and all, but what happened was some guy ruined Roy's lunch then he was beating them up and stuff,ditzy guy named Ayetru-

Marth:he looked terrifed as soon as he heard the name in Link's last sentence.....who..?

Link:ah, some guy named Ayetru, he has brown short hair, blood red eyes....are you okay Marth?

Marth:....never mind.....he walks off into the forestim going to look for Roy, just come along when your ready....


Link:-thinking-..he acted like this before, it like when someone describes Ayetru he tends so shrivel up for some reason...obviously something happened between them in the past...but it's none of my buiness anyways so i shouldn't be so concered about it...but still-


Link:oh, um yeah? what is it?

Ohla:oh, it was nothing it just seemed you had something on your mind, as if something was bothering you....

Link:it's nothing really! ^_^

Ohla:a worried expression is placed on her face i think we gotta head out guys come onhe runs over into the woods

Ohla:she watches him safetly from the background.........Link.....

~~~~~~~Two hours later...~~~

Link:gasping for airare we there yet?....he stabs his sword on the ground and leans on it

Marth:no, stop askinghe smacks his neckugh! these mosquitoes are killing me! GOT' DAMMINT ROY!He swings his sword furiously around

Ohla:i'm sure we'll find him....

Marth:well, i'll check over here, Ohla, and me and Link will check over here

Ohla:alright, becareful you guysshe flees

Link:sooo where is there any weird sword-thingy you can do to find him in a easier way??

Marth:well....there is one.....but it won't be pretty....

-He finish his bath-

Roy:he dries off his hair then sneezes ugh, is someone talking about me? huh whats that sound?...

-Melodey-taking a bath in the spring, she is lost in a pool of thoughts.... heart just keeps beating faster everytime im near that boy....and then this warm, gentle scent comes up.....what is wrong with me?......what....she reastes her head on a it that...i'm starting to actally starting to like Roy??she feels her heart skipping a beati....think...i...-

Roy:rumages through the bushes

Melodey:she gets up and gets her towelmaybe i'm just being silly, but still-uh, whos there?

Roy:Melodey! i hear somethin-he pauses for a moment, he saw her n-a-k-e-d XD


Roy:.............he blushes chilipepper red XPi-i'm SOOOO SORRY!!!!!!he runs out@_@


-Roy is somewhere...-

Roy:gasp i can't believe THAT happened geeze...then again, she does have a nice body....ahhh! what am i thinking! huh?a trail of saphiere blue mist that takes the form of two arms and hands come face-to-face to Roy eh? oh....what a nice scent...huh?the mist lifts him in the air then drags him ahhh!!! hey what the hell?!! HELP!! @.@ he grabs on to a tree branch as the mist struggles to lure him out* auuuu! my legs about rip out of it's socket! SOMEBODY HELP!!!



Marth: i-im triying!he struggles to pull the sword back god! he's grabbing on to something or something!


Roy:AUUUUUU!! his fingers start to slip of the branch one finger at a time awww man, first i get caught in a explosion, then i get lost in this forest, now some weird THING is dragging me, this defentliy not my day!!

Melodey:-appears in a nothing but a towel- Roy!! WHAT'S HAPPENING TO YOU!!

Roy:LESS TALKING! MORE HELPING!he clings on for his life

Melodey:ah! hold on Roy!her arm reaches to the sky, a golden flare flows through her arms and takes the form of an arm hold on!her whip of aura grabs on to Roy's pants(!?)

Roy:ah! hey! not those!

Melodey:oh god! i'm so sorry!she blushes and trys to lure him in

Roy:his pants rip off, leaving him in his boxers(Rikku_3:stiffeld laughter)XD @..%$%!!??!!


Roy:AUUUGGHHH!! MY FREAKIN' PANTS!!he reaches for his sword

Melodey:no Roy! if you let go the-

Roy:as soon as he reached for his sword, he was being dragged in rapidly through the forest hitting trees and rocks(lol i'm so mean to Roy XD, but i him ^^)

Melodey:she runs after him following his skid marksROY!! WHERE ARE YOU!? ROY!

Roy:HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!!!!*he yells while he's running over into trees, rocks ponds ect.ect.(poor Roy XD)

Melodey:auu! wait for me!and aura of string flows through her hands, she swings the tosses on to a tree, she swings along on the string and jumps on Roy

Roy:AUUUGHH! THIS IS THE WORST PAIN IN THE WORLD!!his chin rapidly hits quraduple of tree branches in a rowOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!

Melodey:AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!-their P.O.V.(a bunch of trees rushing through....just imagine you rushing through a forest in your point of view, you get it now right? ^.^)


Marth:he's so....heavy now!.....struggles to lure him out

Link:oh my god, heregrabs on to Marth's sword and pulls also..ugh..O-Ohla come help!....

Ohla:runs behind Link, she grabs the handle of the sword and begins to pull alonguugghhhh.....



Melodey:YES YOU CAN, ah!she spots a nearby tree branchROY HOLD ON TIGHT!she lets out another string of aura and tosses it at the tree branch

Roy:he felt she pulled the brakes(she grabbed on the branch)OOF! O>o

Melodey:holds on tightly


Marth:what the hell!?....somethings caught in the way!...

Link:aw crap! ugh...another..problem!?

Ohla:come on guys!she pulls harder


Melodey/Roy:they hang on for their dear livesuuuggghhh!!!


Link/Marth/Ohla:they tug even harderUUGGGHHH!


Melodey:ah-her towel slips off(O.o) O_O|||

Roy:HEY WHATS-he looks up and see her towless

Melodey:EEHHHHHHHHAAAA! DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!she lets go of the branch to cover her self up


Melodey:she sees Roy being dragged in ROY!!


To be continued....

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