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My Way Home Is Through You

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Frank tries to stay angry, but sometimes a closed door can ruin everything. And roses mean Gerard wants sex!

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AN: Enjoy this chapter; I worked hard on it! And read the Author's Note at the bottom!

Frank lay on the bathroom floor and pretended that he couldn't hear Gerard in the other room. 

"I hurt you."

'Yeah,' thought Frank bitterly. 'You hurt me pretty bad, Gerard.'

Tears spilled from his eyes and hit the tile. Eventually, the crying from the other room stopped and everything was silent. Frank stayed on the bathroom floor, curled in the fetal position and tracing tiles with his finger.

He couldn't seem to wrap his head around it. After everything they'd been through, how could Gerard think that Frank would leave him? After everything they'd said to eachother, did Gee really think that Frank would just go back to Naomi and the streets?

'Sometimes people get scared,' said a small voice in his mind. 'Gee loves you, but he still gets scared.'

Frank hated being mad at Gee. Every time he remembered the look on Gerard's face when Frank had screamed at him, he felt like he was going to be sick. That wounded expression, like Frank had hit him, stayed frozen in his mind like the world's worst photograph.

Yelling at Gee had been like kicking a puppy. A skinny, pale, black-haired puppy with eyes that stared right through him and always seemed to understand. 

Frank felt sick again. After a while, he drifted off and fell asleep.

When he woke up, his cheek was pressed against the cold glass door of the shower. Frank's whole body was stiff from being on the floor for so long. 

His anger from last night came flooding back to him, but it was hollow. He wasn't mad anymore, just tired and hurt.

Frank stood up and walked out of the bathroom; ready to make up, if Gerard would let him.

When he got to the living room, he realized that something was wrong. The apartment was dead silent, without even the sound of Gerard's snoring coming from the bedroom. Frightened, Frank cautiously moved across the living room and to the bedroom.

The door was closed. Frank's heart sped up; that door was never closed. With stunning horror, Frank remembered when he had first noticed Gerard's scars on his wrist. He'd known that Gee used to battle depression, but that was over! 

Wasn't it?

A terrifying thought occurred to Frank. What if, when he opened the door, Gee would be dead on the floor? He could see it; Gee's body pale and cold, blood streaming from gashes on his wrists, eyes staring forever at the ceiling...

The apartment door flew open, revealing what appeared to be a massive bouquet of white roses with legs. Frank stared, open-mouthed, as the bouquet-with-legs stumbled across the kitchen and set itself down on the counter. Gerard Way huffed and braced himself against the counter, a woolen, purple skull-cap on his head and his nose red from the November cold.

When he turned around, Frank rushed at him. Gee yelped in surprise as Frank threw his arms around him and refused to let go.

"Don't ever do that to me again!" Frank commanded, his eyes streaming with fresh tears. Gee blinked down at him.

"Shit! You don't like roses? I could get another kind if you-"

"Forget about the fucking roses!" said Frank. "I didn't know where you were! I thought you were dead!" 

Gerard smiled, the bastard. "I just wanted to say I was sorry, so I went to the flower shop downtown and got you these." He held out a card, which Frank read aloud.

"Sorry I'm such an ass, love Gee." Frank sniffed. "It has a nice ring to it," he said, laughing weakly. "Wait... Did you walk to the flower shop?"

Gerard grinned sheepishly. "And back. Twenty roses are hard to carry with one arm, but it was worth it."

Frank kissed him. "You're such an idiot," he said between kisses. "What if you slipped?"

"You worry too much," Gee insisted, kissing Frank back. "I'm a ninja when it comes to navigating icy sidewalks."

Frank pulled away and looked at the roses. "Roses mean you want sex. You know that, right?"

Gerard used his good hand to slap himself in the forehead. "Smooth," he muttered. 

Frank laughed and kissed him again.


Unfortunately, Gerard didn't get sex. He cursed Dr. Blune with every threat he knew.

"No 'strenuous activities' for a month," he muttered as he and Frank cuddled on the couch. They'd put the roses in the only vase that they had and decided to watch a movie. Officer Brody was currently watching a little boy getting eaten by a massive great white shark. "I'm going to explode from angst and lust by then."

Frank sighed, his head in Gee's lap. "Not good, man. I hear angst leaves a stain."

They watched another ten minutes of Jaws, wincing as the plastic yellow raft washed ashore in a pool of blood and water.

"Ouch," said Frank. 

"No shit, Sherlock," Gerard deadpanned, earning a smack on the head from his boyfriend. "Hey!"

Frank snickered. "That's what you get for being sarcastic."

The door banged open and Ray Toro spilled into the kitchen, closely followed by Bob and Mikey.

"Gah!" cried Ray, seeing Gee and Frank on the couch. "Get a room, you guys!"

Gee squinted at him and threw a pillow. It hit Ray's stomach with a very satisfying 'thump'. "This is a room," he pointed out. "Next time you should knock."

Ray rolled his eyes. "Whatever. We come with cake, so you can't kick us out." He snapped his fingers. "Mikey! Show them the stuff."

Mikey glared at him and held out a store-bought cake. It was white with red roses around the edges and 'Happy Birthday' written in the center.

Gerard eyed the cake. "'Happy birthday?'"

Bob grinned. "It's for Frank. You were too busy dying to throw his surprise party, remember?"

Gee blushed. He remembered. While he'd been facing Henry, everyone else had been waiting to surprise Frank at Starbucks. "Right."

He heard a choking noise and looked down to see Frank laughing. 

"You..." Frank giggled. "You know, ha-ha, roses mean, ha, you want sex right?"

Gerard did a perfect imitation of the poker face meme from the rage comics. 

Once Frank and everyone else had stopped laughing, Ray led everyone to the kitchen table to sing Happy Birthday. When Frank blew out the candles, Gerard leaned over and whispered into his ear.

"What did you wish for?"

Frank slapped him away. "Don't be dirty!" he chuckled. 

Ray looked like he was going to vomit. Mikey looked like he would join him.

"Ew..." Mikey groaned. "I just... I don't even... God..."

Gerard gave his brother an apologetic smile before smearing frosting on Frank's nose.

After the cake was devoured, they restarted Jaws and watched it from the beginning. Gerard sat on the couch while Frank sat on the floor, resting his head against his knees. Ray and Mikey, who were sharing the couch with Gee, refused to let Frank sit on his boyfriend's lap.

"We don't need any of that here," Ray had insisted. Bob snorted from his spot on the floor. 

When the movie was over, Gee forced everyone out of his apartment and joked about land sharks.

"Yo, Gee!" Bob yelled from the hall. "Good luck with the arm!"

"Arm?!" That was Ray. Gerard braced himself. "Good luck with the sex, man!"

Gee slammed the door shut, his face burning.

Somewhere in the depths of their bedroom, he heard Frank laughing.

:::::::::: Demolition Lovers ::::::::::

AN: Next chapter will be pure SMUT! Got it? I'll try to double-post for our younger readers, but a nice smut-chapter is LONG OVERDUE in my book!
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