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Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

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Eliza and Gerard watch a film...

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A/NCan I just say that the film used in this chapter is actually a real film from PATHE films, I don’t own it. :P
The chapter title is
My Chemical Romance. ;)


Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

The bitter cold breeze flew around my pale cheeks as I sat on the Way’s back garden bench with Gerard. I watched him take a long drag of what seemed like a well needed cigarette. He breathed in and closed his eyes, the nicotine instantly relaxing him, and a few seconds later he breathed out, the smoke escaped from his parted lips and danced around his face before disappearing into the atmosphere.
I took a sip from the mug of tea Gerard had made me. The hot liquid felt comforting compared to the harsh air.
“Does it feel good?” I asked, watching him savour the small scroll of tobacco. He turned his head and arched an eyebrow, a slight grin playing on his mouth. “What do you think?” The question was rhetorical, but I answered anyway. “Well, I guess it must do.” I said. “But doesn’t it feel shit that you’re probably gonna’ end up killing yourself with it?”
Gerard laughed and raised the cigarette back to his lips. “Sugar, I’m gonna’ give up before I give myself lung cancer or anything like that.” My face reddened at the use of the pet name he had given me. “Good.” I smiled and locked my arms around Gerard’s waist. “I’d be sad if you died.”
“I’m glad to hear it!” He said, slightly amused, and squeezed me closer to him with his free hand. “No, I really would be.” My tone turned serious. “I’ve only had you back in my life for a short while, I don’t want to lose you again, ever.” Gerard looked down so he could see me, his expression suddenly matching the sound of my voice. “I know.” He said quietly. “I know babe, I’m sorry.” He dropped the remains of the cigarette to the damp ground and put it out with his foot.
“Let’s go in doors now, yea?” I nodded and allowed Gerard to take my hand and lead me back into his house.
We stepped into the kitchen and I kicked my shoes off, shoving them to the side with my socked foot. “Do you wanna’ watch a movie?” Gerard asked as he shut the door, his shoes quickly joining mine on the floor. “That sounds cool.” I set the now empty mug by the kitchen sink before entering the living room again. I took my place back on the sofa whilst Gerard flicked through the many cases of DVD’s and videos. They all stood in a long row upon the brass mantelpiece.
“What kind of movie do you want? We have scary ones, or ma has a lot of romantic ones.” Gerard looked round at me and pouted his lips, instantly lightening the mood. “Weirdo.” I giggled. “Let’s watch a scary one, I can’t stand those lovey, mushy films.”
We decided on The Blair Witch Project. I insisted it was a real documentary, but Gerard disagreed and said it couldn’t be true that three teenagers vanished in an American wood and got slaughtered by a rumoured witch.
I’m not sure if I genuinely found the film scary. Truthfully, it wasn’t even that much of a scary film. I had seen it at least eight times before but strangely this time it seemed to set me on edge more than it ever had done. Maybe it was just an excuse to hide in Gerard’s arms. We were both sat on the sofa, I was huddled underneath Gerard’s duvet that he had retrieved from his bedroom. It had started to rain heavily about ten minutes into the film, creating a loud pattering noise against the window. We didn’t speak to each other for a while, we just sat watching the movie and listened to the sound of the downpour outside. I felt his hand bush across my arm and he pulled the edge of the duvet until we were both underneath it. His warm body was close to mine, I could feel his ribcage rise and fall as he breathed.
As the film became more twisted I scooted even closer to Gerard, his arm wrapped around my shoulder and I rested my small hand against his chest so that I could feel his steady heartbeat.
“Are you scared?” His breath kissed my hair and sent goose bumps down my spine. “Of course not.” I managed to whisper as we watched the three teenagers being tormented by ghostly, aggressive noises in the night, their tent ripped and shoved about by an unexplained and unseen being.
I snuggled closer into Gerard’s arms and kept my eyes transfixed to the screen. I was aware that we were physically incredibly close to one another. One of my legs was entwined with one of Gerard’s and my breasts were pressed against his side. I let my hand fall from his chest and settle on his lower stomach. I heard him let out a soft sigh and he held me tighter to him. I wondered if this was how best friends were supposed to act, I could never remember being so intimate with Gerard before.
The room had become darker. It was about four o’clock in the afternoon and it was still raining. The early, autumnal sunset had begun to spread over the skies of Bellville creating a dim orange light behind the grey clouds. The film was drawing to an end and I was still captured in Gerard’s hold without any complaint.
“Everyone will be home soon.” He murmured into my ear. “We should get up.” I held my head up to look at him.
“Not yet.” I breathed out.
My face was lit by the clouded light from the window and I watched Gerard’s eyes study my face for what seemed like hours. “You’ve changed.” He said lowly. “You’re beautiful.”
“Am I?” I asked, surprised by what he had just said, yet still flattered.
“Of course you are.” Said Gerard, his tone filled with adoration as his orbs connected with mine. “You’ve always been beautiful.” My mouth opened a little in shock as I stared into Gerard’s glass like eyes. “So have you.” I whispered before I could stop myself. Our faces were close again, it seemed like a re-creation of what had happened in the early hours of that morning in Gerard’s room.
But this time I knew who kissed who. It was me. It was me who kissed Gerard this time. I didn’t stop to think about what I was doing, it was just there, the moment, it felt so right to kiss him in that moment. So I did. I pushed my rosy lips against his pale ones and kissed him, my tongue dancing around the entrance of his mouth, begging to let it in. Gerard didn’t respond at first. He sat there, stunned, still holding me close. My eyelids were shut, but I could tell that his were pried open, staring in awe.
Then he opened his mouth, his eyes closed and our tongues collided in another heavenly wet embrace.
And there it was. That feeling again, the feeling of our lips moving together. It felt good, amazing, perfect.

The dull buzz of my phone is what tore us apart. It vibrated once, I ignored it. Twice, but on the third one Gerard gently stopped the kiss so our lips were hovering only inches apart. “You should probably get that.” His voice sounded raspy and breathless. I reluctantly moved my lips further away from Gerard’s and yanked my phone from my pocket angrily, only to see that my mother was calling me.
“Fucking hell.” I groaned and answered. “Hi mum.”
“Eliza! Where are you?” The woman on the end of the phone demanded. “Two of your friends are here with your bag and they’re saying that you weren’t at school today.” My eyes widened in horror.
“Oh.” Was all I could manage.
“Yes ‘oh’ indeed.” My mother hissed. “Now where ever you are you get yourself home at once young lady!” She hung up. I buried my head in my hands.
“Did you hear that?”
“How could I not hear that.” Gerard sighed and got up. “Your mum still screams pretty loudly then?” I laughed weakly and stood up as well.
“I am gonna’ be in so much trouble.”


So yea, watch The Blair Witch Project by PATHE Films, it’s a cool movie. ;)
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