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Coat Closets

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I wait just inside the door for Amber to return. I have to know, just one more time and I’ll be satisfied but the itch has to be scratched. If she isn’t into it I’ll claim I’m drunk. As my red headed friend steps into the house I grab her hand and pull her towards Liz’s coat closet.

Without saying anything I flick on the light, shut the door and back Amber up against the wall. The confused look is only on her face for a second before I lean in and kiss her roughly. I have one hand on her neck and the other at her waist. Our tongues are touching and I could already feel her breathing pick up but she holds me and kisses me back almost eagerly. I have no clue what this means but I continue to kiss her even when the closet door opens.

“Sick,” Mikey says before shutting the door on us. It’s just Mikey he’ll let it go.

“What’s going on in there?” Jonny asks.

“Frank and Amber are making out,” Mikey answers.

And even though that should have made me stop, I just can’t. I can’t end it. Things are snowballing out of control but Amber doesn’t push me away and because of that I continue on. I will back off is she does but Amber doesn’t say a thing. Instead her tongue continues to move against mine.

“Was there tongue?” that’s Jonny again.

“Oh yeah. I saw tongue, a lot… of tongue.”

I smile against Amber’s lips but still refuse to pull away. I tangle my fingers in her wavy, silky red hair as I feel her lift her leg just slightly. This is the exact moment when I realize that Amber, my best friend since forever, is enjoying this. Perhaps it’s the few beers she’s consumed; I’m not sure. Yet, she presses her foot against the wall in an attempt to get comfortable…in an attempt to tell me not to stop. To test the waters even further I move my hand down from her hip to her thigh, moving her leg up just a little higher so that it is almost wrapped around me. Amber gasps but I keep kissing her.

The endorphins have taken complete control of my body. I move my hand back up to her cheek and cup her face. Then I trace my thumb down over her soft skin onto her chin. I am kissing her exactly how we’d kissed on the bed, exactly how I had dreamt of kissing her since that day in sixth grade when she’s kissed my cheek on a dare while at her house.

I’d never enjoyed a kiss this much, never wanted it so badly. Amber is an amazing kisser…just like I thought she’d be. Her slender arm is wrapped tightly around me, the other grasping my shoulder.

Mikey opens the door again, “Uh guys.”

We don’t respond. I don’t want to let go, I don’t want this to end. I can’t go back to having to pretend not to love her. I didn’t want our time to be up. I didn’t want to go back to pretending I didn’t love her.

“Guys come on, it’s not funny anymore,” Mikey says.

I still don’t pull away; even after feeling Amber’s breathing increase yet again. She’s fully aware that this is serious, either that or she thinks I’m drunk. Amber’s hand slides down my arm but she doesn’t stop.

Mikey clears this throat, “Come on guys…Frank, Devlin’s getting pissed.”

That’s when I break away. In the past few minutes I had completely forgotten Devlin, forgotten I had a girlfriend at all. Sure, I don’t love Devlin the way I love Amber but I am still dating the girl. I can at least show some respect.

“I’m sorry,” I mumble keeping my face very close to Amber’s, “I’ve had too much to drink tonight.”

Her face falls and all she can do is nod, her breathing extremely ragged. I hope she doesn’t have an asthma attack. I just look at her for a minutes before exiting the closet. Everyone looks at me as I return to the living room. They look at my kiss bruised lips and flushed skin. Devlin glares and Amber doesn’t come back out.
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