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Chapter Two

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Drama class, running & leather-loving 'outlaw' couples...

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*Thank you guys for the lovely reviews. I'm so sorry I didn't update sooner, I had no credit and my laptop is STILL broken >.< But I'm updating now so, hopefully I've made up for it.
...This is still the first morning. The first day might go on for another chapter or two, I don't know yet :P*

Art History went by pretty quick. We didn't really do much, just sketch some things, and take down some notes that Mr.Shaddix scribbled down on the board... I didn't realty expect him to have the neatest handwriting anyway.

There seemed to be a friendship of some sort blooming between Ellie and I. The whole way through class she was whispering to me about the best coffee shops and clothes stores in the mall just down the street, which I was apparently going shopping at after school. At the end of class she scribbled her name and number on my forearm, so I could call her if i needed anything. She compared our timetables too. We had quite a few classes together, which is awesome. Atleast I won't be on my own.

I gathered everything off my desk and stuffed it into my messenger bag. "Drama, let's go." Ellie stated, before grabbing my wrist and dragging me out into the corridor. I was struggling to keep up with her quick pace, why the hell is she almost running to class!?
"Ellie?" I choked out, "What's with all the running? Do you want to KILL me!?" I panted, clutching my chest. I should have participated in P.E. more often... She stopped suddenly outside a door, and giggled. "No, I wouldn't want to kill you, Gerarrrrd," damn, she must love that 'r' sound "I just wanted to get here nice n' early, so we can score the seats at the back, before someone else does." She made me run for CHAIRS!? Is she MAD!? "Oh... okay" I said, before following her into the room.

We sat down at the back and watched everyone take their seats. One girl in particular caught my eye. She walked in casually with a guy (boyfriend maybe?) and they sat next to eachother, by the window, two rows infront of me and Ellie. The pair looked as if they could get what they want, when they want, just by looking at someone.

The girl was tall enough and quite pale. Her hair was Shaved and dyed red at the sides, with a long black fringe, and I can honestly say that I have never seen so much leather on two people in my life. The girl wore tight black leather pants, with black leather boots which went up to her knee. She also had a black leather jacket to match, and was that a Godfather shirt? She had deep red lipstick, and a questionable ammount of eyeliner. She also had quite a few piercings, I couldn't possibly count them from here.

The guy was around the same height as her, but he was more tanned than her. He must also have been a fan of tight black leather pants. He wore black boots and a black leather jacket covered in random studs, there was even a pair of handcufs hanging from it. Oddly, he wasn't wearing a shirt under his jacket, so you could see his toned chest and stomach. He had a tattoo which read 'OUTLAW' across his stomach. He had long, pin-straight black hair, and he wore eyeliner too, with some wierd warpaint-like stripes across his cheekbones.

"Who are they?" I asked Ellie, nodding over to the pair.
"Oh that's Frankie and Ashley, they're pretty cool, but I would fear for my life if I was on their bad side." She said thoughtfully. I looked back over at them. Ashley was laughing with the guy on the desk next to him, who also must have been a fan of black leather, studs, and makeup. Frankie and Ashley both laughed at the story the guy was telling as he made wild hand gestures, and talked a million miles an hour with his surprisingly deep voice. Frankie said something in Ashley's ear, in another language which sounded similar to Italian, but it wasn't. I speak Italian fluently, so I'm 100% sure it wasn't Italian.

They stopped laughing as soon as the teacher walked in. At least this guy actually looked like a teacher. He had short-ish dark brown hair, and he looked kind of tired. He sat at his desk and began calling attendance.
Zacky. -cough- Vengeance! -cough-
Jack... Jack Barakat? huh? what? oh, here!
Andy Biersack. yes sir!
Frankie Corleone. here
Triana Drew. yeah
Valary DiBenedetto. here
Meghan Fox. yes sir
Kyle Gallner. here
Alex... Alex Gaskarth? Alex, at your service!
Ashley Purdy. yeah
Gerard Way. here
"Sir? You forgot me..." Ellie said acting as if she was going to cry. "Sorry Ellie" He replied. "It's cool." She said, before turning back to tell me all about how awesome and funny Alex Gaskarth is. I can totally tell she likes him. It's painfully obvious, but at the same time its kinda cute how she looks at him and blushes when he smiles back.

"We're not gonna do much acting skills this term, instead we're gonna learn about Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, Will Ferrel and Jim Carey. Since Mr.Way is new here, he can chose who we'll learn about first." The teacher said, looking at me.
"Johnny Depp, all the way" I said quickly. I love Johnny Depp...
"Good choice Gerard... I'm Mr.Rudd, by the way." He smiled.
"why can't we learn about Kevin McAllister!?" Jack Barakat whined. Alex laughed next to him.
"Jack, Kevin McAllister is not an actor, he is a character." Mr.Rudd sighed, as if he has had this conversation before.

Drama was a piece of cake, I knew everything about Johnny Depp already, and I answered all his questions correctly. I am sooo on his good side now. Class was almost over when Mr.Rudd excused us early. Ellie and I were gathering our books when Jack and Alex came over.
"hey" They said in unison. "Wanna walk with us to music?" Jack asked.
"Hey, sure." Ellie answered. "Gerard has music with us too." She informed them. They nodded in approval, before chatting about something to Ellie.

We arrived at the music room in no time. It was a huge room, there were three doors on both the left, and right side of the room, and two at the top of the room. I presume they lead to the practical rooms. On the marker board there were lists of names assigned to each room.
Brian Hanner
Zack Baker

Brian Money

Ashley Purdy

Chloe & Ashley Walsh.

Josh & Zack Farro

Zack Merrick
Ellie name wasn't there. Everyone was going into their assigned rooms. Ellie was reluctant to leave me in the classroom on my own but she assured me that the teacher would be here soon, he was probably just late. I sat on a desk in the middle of the classroom. I could hear my classmates laughing and playing instruments and singing. They were all amazing. I suck. I can't even play Sweet Home Alabama without fucking up. I should start getting lessons or something.

I heard the door open, so I looked up. Oh My God...

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