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Yup, more auditions.

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Ok so most of you read about what's been happening in my life. I haven't been writing as much as I used to because of that. But I promise I'm making a comeback. So I thought I should do a new story. It's going to be called 'Love is only for the movies'. Sadly I'll only get to chose one audition. The role will be for my character's bestfriend. So here's the app:

Skin tone:
Eye color:
Eye shape:
Hair color:
Hair style:
Face shape:
Lip shape:
Nose shape:
Sexual orientation:
Health problems:
Bad habits:
Usual clothing:
Boyfriend/girlfriend(you can make one or choose one from MCR or Panic or you can be single):
Do you have a phone?:
Phone type:
Favorite movie:
Relationships with a celebrity?(Brother/Sister/Cousin/etc.):
How do you handle stressful situations?:
How emotional are you?:
Favorite song:
Things you dislike about your body:
Stuff they do to pass time:
Stuff they do when no one's around:
Favorite holiday:
Favorite color:
Something bad that happened in your life:


Name(full): Cameron Aliss Wentz
Nickname(s): Doesn't really have one. Most people just call her Cameron, CeeCee, or Cammie.
Age(15-17): 15. Her birthday is October 31, 1996.
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115 lbs
Skin tone: Vampire pale
Eye color: Grey with specks of blue and purple
Eye shape: Doe-like. Everyone says they're pretty, but she hates them.
Hair color: Crimson red.
Hair style: Down to her elbows, emo fringe over her left eye, always straight.
Tattoos/piercings: Lip piercing, 'Keep Running' tattooed on her left wrist, 'Keep it ugly' tattooed on her right wrist, 'Suck my dick' on her right hip, 'Bite me bitch' tattooed on her left hip, a scorpion just below her right ear, small angel wings tattooed just below her right shoulder, clandestine industires logo tattooed on her lower back.
Face shape: Heart shaped
Lip shape: Like Brendon Urie's
Makeup: Eyeliner on the top and bottom of her eyes, mascara.
Nose shape: Like Gerard Way's
Freckles/Scars/etc.: A tiny scar behing her left ear about half an inch long after an encounter with a boxer.
Sexual orientation: Bi
Family: Pete(father), Ashley(mother), Bronx(Little brother).
Allergies: Dust
Health problems: ADHD, depressed.
Phobias/fears: Spiders, the dark, needles, big dogs.
Likes: Being alone for a short period of time, snakes, roses, car rides, the rain, playing music really loud(that's the only way she can calm down.)
Dislikes: Blood, needles, the dark, spiders, being alone for a while, when people hug her or touch her in any way, being in a large crowd of people, meeting new people.
Personality:Quiet, shy, loyal to friends, nice, won't talk to someone when she first meets them, laid-back, avoids confrontation, has a 'fuck you, leave me alone' kind of attitude towards most people, loving when you get to know her, if someone around her is feeling any kind of emotion she can feel it too, usually an emotional wreck but won't show it, very emotional, usually tries her best to shut everyone out and stay in her own little world.
Bad habits: Smoking, cussing, cutting, picking at cuts, drugs(mostly acid), biting her lip.
Usual clothing: Hoodies that are 5 times too big, skinny jeans, converse boots, beanie hats, heandphones, fingerless gloves.
Boyfriend/girlfriend(you can make one or choose one from MCR or Panic or you can be single): Ryan Ross
Do you have a phone?: yes
Phone type: Sprint HTC Evo
Ringtone: 'When I Get Home You're So Dead' by Mayday Parade.
Favorite movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas or The Corpse's Bride.
Relationships with a celebrity?(Brother/Sister/Cousin/etc.): Gerard and Mikey Way's cousin.
How do you handle stressful situations?: Stays calm on the outside, but freaks out on the inside.
How emotional are you?: Very, but she won't show it.
Favorite song: 'When I get Hom You're So Dead' by Mayday Parade.
Things you dislike about your body: Pretty much everything.
Stuff they do to pass time: Playing guitar.
Stuff they do when no one's around: Singing, drawing.
Favorite holiday: Halloween
Favorite color: Black and red
Something bad that happened in your life: her parents got divorced.

Yeah so audition and such.
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