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Yup, more auditions.

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  • Auditions.

    (#) PurplePeopleEater 2011-12-18 05:04:49 PM

    Name(full): Anthony Joeseph De Luca
    Nickname(s): Aj
    Age(15-17): 17
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 121
    Skin tone: really really pale
    Eye color: hazel/brown
    Eye shape: big and round. meh.
    Hair color: black w/ purple streaks
    Hair style: hangs just below my ears and i spike it up a lot.
    Tattoos/piercings: nose ring, lip ring, my ears are pierced, i have a couple tattoos but you can just make them up. I dont really feel like writing all of them down.
    Lip shape: full
    Makeup: I wear black eyeliner everyday and occasionally eye shadow.
    Nose shape: small and curves up a bit.
    Freckles/Scars/etc: I have scars on my wrists from the beginning of this year still thats it I think.
    Sexual orientation: gay
    Family: I have a younger sister named Ronnie, older sister named Emma, and my mom is sweet but my dad hates me cause of my sexuality. He just ignores me.
    Allergies: I am allergic to silly string. Which sucks.
    Health problems: I get sick a lot.
    Phobias/fears: I hate fear if that makes sense. i cant really explain it well.
    Likes: music, filming, being with friends
    Dislikes: bullies, preps, homophobes.
    Personality: dark humored, protective over friends
    Bad habits: I bite my nails when I am nervous
    Usual clothing: skinny jeans, band shirts, leather jackets, beanies, and converse or doc martens
    Boyfriend/girlfriend(you can make one or choose one from MCR or Panic or you can be single): ummm Gerard or Frankie
    Do you have a phone?: yeah
    Phone type: droid incredible 2
    Ringtone: one missed call theme
    Favorite movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Relationships with a celebrity?(Brother/Sister/Cousin/etc.): Ryan's cousin
    How do you handle stressful situations?: not very well. If i am very stressed out i cry or break something
    How emotional are you?: over-emotional
    Favorite song: at this moment Born This Way. It changes like every day
    Things you dislike about your body: my eyes. They are big and make me look young.
    Stuff they do to pass time: carry a camera around and film people. I love filming.
    Stuff they do when no one's around: write dark themed poems.
    Favorite holiday: Halloween
    Favorite color: Red or Purple
    Something bad that happened in your life: Well, recently I found out my sister Ronnie has leukimia and if that wasnt bad enough the school bullies are pushing me around more and giving me a harder time.
  • Auditions.

    (#) KaleidoscopeEyes 2011-12-18 05:19:07 PM

    Name(full): Natasha Stinne Valle
    Nickname(s): Tasha, Tash, Nat.
    Age(15-17): 16
    Height: 5,2
    Weight: 98lbs
    Skin tone: Olive.
    Eye color: Black.
    Eye shape: Big, almond shaped.
    Hair color: Auburn-brown.
    Hair style: Straight hair that stops just above her waist, with long bangs that stop just below her eyebrows.
    Tattoos/piercings: She's got her ear's and bellybutton pierced. And a black star pattern tattoo across her lower back.
    Face shape: Heart shaped.
    Lip shape: Fairly plump lips.
    Makeup: Black eyeliner, clear lip balm.
    Nose shape: Celestial
    Freckles/Scars/etc: She was in a house fire at the age of 12, causing her to have scars and burns along her back.
    Sexual orientation: Bi sexual.
    Family: She grew up in Sweden with her parents and 4 older brothers. At six years old, Natasha's mother Martha, died of disease. Not long after, her family decided to move to the US. Michael, Natasha's dad, is often on his laptop for his job.
    Allergies: Lavender, Pepper or any type of spice.
    Health problems:
    Phobias/fears: Fear of Fire, Thunderstorms, Dark rooms.
    Likes: Fruit, sweets, videogames, art, anime, recycling, music, shopping.
    Dislikes: swearing, people who don`t care for the environment, drugs, dirt, crowds, peer pressure, alcohol.
    Personality: Natasha is very sweet, but it's difficult for her to be friends with most people because of how shy she is. Once you are close friends with her, she's quite bubbly and very friendly. When she's upset, tired, mad, or wants to be alone, she tries to avoid people. She doesn't like being touched, and has good hearing which makes her very afraid of loud noises. She is rather intelligent but can be forgetful and and at times klutzy.
    Bad habits: When she's nervous or scared, she'll bite her nails or pull small strands or her hair out.
    Usual clothing:
    Boyfriend/girlfriend(you can make one or choose one from MCR or Panic or you can be single): Brendon.
    Do you have a phone?: Yes.
    Phone type: iPhone with a Neon green and Bright Yellow striped cover.
    Ringtone: Crawl - Matt Cab
    Favorite movie: Has a thing for Disney movies. She also enjoy's comedy, but hates horror movies.
    Relationships with a celebrity?(Brother/Sister/Cousin/etc.): Jon's cousin.
    How do you handle stressful situations?: Stay's quiet. An only speaks up when she has an opinion.
    How emotional are you?: Over-emotional, she cries easily, and it's hard to make her stop.
    Favorite song: Let go - Kristine Mirelle.
    Things you dislike about your body: She hates all the scars and burns along he back. She also doesn't like her height.
    Stuff they do to pass time: Cooking, drawing, watch movies, listen to music.
    Stuff they do when no one's around: Singing, dancing, karate.
    Favorite holiday: Christmas.
    Favorite color: Sapphire Blue.
    Something bad that happened in your life: She was in a house fire at the age of 12.

    I hope you like my audition. :)
  • Auditions.

    (#) Obsessive-Fangirl 2011-12-18 05:30:03 PM

    Name(full): Rebekah Anne Sharp
    Nickname(s): Bec, B.
    Age(15-17): 16
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 116 pounds
    Skin tone: Pale with a slight tan.
    Eye color: Hazel
    Eye shape: Wide, almost doe-like.
    Hair color: Brown with blonde, orange and red streaks.
    Hair style: Shoulder-length, straight.
    Tattoos/piercings: Ears are double-pierced.
    Face shape: Heart-shaped.
    Lip shape: Like Brendon Urie's.
    Makeup: Black eyeliner, dark red lipgloss.
    Nose shape: Angular.
    Freckles/Scars/etc: A few freckles on her face and a burn scar on her right wrist.
    Sexual orientation: Bi.
    Family: Mother (Rachael), father (Darren), younger brother (Zachary), little sisters (Jasmine, Taylah, Paige and Chloe).
    Allergies: Penicillin.
    Health problems: Bi-polar, ADHD.
    Phobias/fears: Death.
    Likes: Anything sweet, dark colours.
    Dislikes: Haters.
    Personality: Sarcastic, hyperactive, depressive.
    Bad habits: Cussing and biting her nails.
    Usual clothing: Usually either white dresses with black fingerless gloves, black knee-high boots and a black beret, or off-the-shoulder T-shirts, dark skinny jeans and sandals.
    Boyfriend/girlfriend(you can make one or choose one from MCR or Panic or you can be single): Brendon Urie.
    Do you have a phone?: Yes.
    Phone type: Nokia E3.
    Ringtone: Mad As Rabbits by Panic!
    Favorite movie: Jennifer's Body.
    Relationships with a celebrity?(Brother/Sister/Cousin/etc.): Spencer's cousin.
    How do you handle stressful situations?: Freak out like all hell's broken loose.
    How emotional are you?: Very. Cries for absolutely no reason.
    Favorite song: Northern Downpour by Panic!
    Things you dislike about your body: Her stomach's kind of on the large side.
    Stuff they do to pass time: Cooking, writing songs, writing short stories, listening to music.
    Stuff they do when no one's around: Dancing.
    Favorite holiday: Christmas.
    Favorite color: Midnight blue.
    Something bad that happened in your life: She was raped at age 10.

    Hope you like :)
  • Auditions.

    (#) KaleidoscopeEyes 2011-12-18 05:30:21 PM

    Sorry I forgot to add her usual clothing .
    She usually wears black skinny jeans, tank tops, hoddies, and converse.
  • Auditions.

    (#) DisenchatedDestroya 2011-12-18 05:36:05 PM

    This is kinda a mixture of myself and a fictional character, so I hope that's alright. :)

    Name(full): Rose Beckett
    Nickname(s): Thorn, The Emo (doesn't like being called that unless it's done in an affectionate/jokey way)
    Age(15-17): 15
    Height: Pretty tall for her age, around 5"8'
    Weight: Quite slim, but not quite skinny.
    Skin tone: Almost porcelain pale, but tans and blushes way too easily for her liking.
    Eye color: Dark, chocolately brown. Looks almost black in the correct lighting.
    Eye shape: Wide, round, almost unnaturally big.
    Hair color: Extremely light blonde (naturally) but sometimes sprays coloured streaks in the front (normally blood red, neon pink or electric blue),
    Hair style: Pretty much unstyled, falls around her shoulders in a wavy, untamable mass of gently curls that constantly cover her eyes like a security blanket.
    Tattoos/piercings: None.
    Face shape: Average lenght, softly rounded, quite slim.
    Lip shape: Plump and constantly painted with a shy little smirk.
    Makeup: A dusting of black eyeshadow, thick black eyeliner and purple lipgloss. Never wears fake tan or foundation for reasons best left undiscussed.
    Nose shape: Small and round.
    Freckles/Scars/etc: Scars on her right little finger and the one next to it due to an 'extreme air guitar accident' and scars on both wrists, running up to he shoulder on her right arm due to cutting.
    Sexual orientation: Straight.
    Family: Mum - Vikki. She loves her daughter but due to illness and disability ends up being the one taken care of rather than the one giving the care.
    Allergies: Penecillen, foundation and extreme heat.
    Health problems: Slight depression that she tries her hardest to hide which often results in epicallu huge explosions of pent up emotions.
    Phobias/fears: Being alone in the dark, upsetting other peope, losing her mum and an absur phobia of cats.
    Likes: Custard, orange lollipops, being cuddled close in the cold, playing guitar hero, getting lost in her own little world where music dominates everything, reading/writing poetry and star gazing.
    Dislikes: Being shouted at, people being horrible about her friends/mother, failing at anything if it means she's let someone down and people who judge others before getting to know them.
    Personality: Extremely shy to the pout where she just isn't able to talk in front of strangers/people who frighten her. Always willing to listen and help others, but hates the idea of bringing others down with her own problems. Has a dirty sense of humour that only her close friends get to see. She depends a lot on music to pull her through life and will quite happily live with her headphones in. She won't stick up for herself at all, but when people are mean to her friends she shows her rarely aired angry side. She despises the idea of hurting any other living thing and is so a vegetarian. She feels guilt in high definition and will always try her hardest to help others. She always wants to help but never respects anything in return. She can be quite jumpy, but is a really friendly person behind the extreme shyness.
    Bad habits: Reluctance to fully trust people, keeping her feelings bottled up, cuts but is trying to stop although she won't tell anyone about it and picking at the skin around her fingernails.
    Usual clothing: Worn-out black skinny jeans that are held to her hips with a black and white checkered belt; band t-shirts (usually Slipknot, Green Day, Black Veil Brides or Avenged Sevenfold); ankle high red converse with black laces and many misterious stains; black and red striped fingerless gloved that go up to her elbows; Misfits dogtag necklace.
    Boyfriend/girlfriend(you can make one or choose one from MCR or Panic or you can be single): Either Ryan Ross or Frank Iero please.
    Do you have a phone?: Yes.
    Phone type: It is a brick.
    Ringtone: Psychosocial by Slipknot.
    Favorite movie: Moulin Rouge! because of the tragic love story and partial cover of Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.
    Relationships with a celebrity?(Brother/Sister/Cousin/etc.): None.
    How do you handle stressful situations?: Tries to appear strong in front of everyone even if she knows that they can see through her facade. Will normally cut after an extremely stressful situation, but then feel guilty about it later.
    How emotional are you?: Extremely, but tries to (unsuccessfully) bottle up the emotions.
    Favorite song: 'Saviour' by Black Veil Brides and 'Gunslinger' by Avenged Sevenfold.
    Things you dislike about your body: Height (too tall), face becuase she thinks she's ugly and the scars that she has to hide on a daily basis.
    Stuff they do to pass time: Listen to music, write poetry, daydream, draw tattoos onto herself and air guitars a little too violently.
    Stuff they do when no one's around: Air guitar, singing, screaming, headbanging, writing and occassionally cutting.
    Favorite holiday: Valentine's Day because it's nice to feel loved and watch other people find love.
    Favorite color: Black because it goes with everything and reflects the hidden depression dwelling deep within her soul.
    Something bad that happened in your life: Moving away from her home town in England and her mum getting Cancer both destroyed her inside. Not least because she left behind a half brother called
    Josh whom she misses greatly.

    I hope that was alright; good luck with the story! :)

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