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"We're not doing this anymore."

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I thank God for the man who decided everyone needed a break from school in the spring. Amber is now home schooled so I don’t have my best friend with me. This break gives us tons of extra time to spend together. Amber spends as much time at my house as she possibly can.

Our new way of being intimate is for us to sleep partially clothed. We can’t sleep completely naked due to the fact my mother likes to come and wake us up in the morning.

On the second day of spring break I wake up to Amber moving her body closer to mine. She isn’t wearing pants or a bra. Her body is soft and warm against mine. I am spooning her and already have a major ‘situation.’

Ignoring it I lean down to kiss her shoulder, and then move her shirt a little so I can kiss her skin instead. Amber’s breathing picks up a bit but she doesn’t say anything. I move my hand down over her arm and across her hip, letting my fingers gently brush against her stomach and then move down over her hip and touch the smooth skin of her thigh. Amber’s breathe catches but it isn’t in a way that suggested she is uncomfortable. In fact it suggests she liked it.

“Does this bother you?” I whisper just wanting to make sure.

“No,” Amber answers.

So I do what any guy in my situation would do and kiss her again.

Sometimes it is still hard for me to believe that Amber is my girlfriend now. Sometimes we’ll be hanging out just like old times and I will forget. Then she kisses me and I remember that I can get away with that. Sometimes I want to just touch every part of her body, but I am afraid she’ll feel uncomfortable. Once while we were making out at Jonny’s house I touched her boob again but she said it didn’t bother her.

I move my lips across her shoulder and up her neck to just below her ear. Amber’s breathing is still ragged but the way she is pushing her body against mine suggested she is enjoying it.

I squeeze her thigh gently.

Finally she rolls over onto her other side and kisses me roughly. I tangle my hand in her hair, the other pulling her closer to me by her thigh. Her leg slips between mine, pressing against my ‘situation.’ She now knows it’s there. This doesn’t stop the kissing though. In fact, Amber is kissing me in a way she never has before…this is a lustful kiss.

Amber surprises me by pushing me onto my back and slipping onto my lap without breaking our kiss. She’s pinned me between her legs, she pushed me onto my back and slipped onto my lap without breaking our kiss. She pins me between her legs, holding my face in her hands, kissing me with more vigor and passion than ever before. I move my hands from where I’d been holding her waist, sliding them down over her thighs again, taking in the warm feel of her bare skin.

Amber breaths out sharply, causing me to pull away.

“Amber?” I whispered, worried something’s wrong.

“Yeah?” she replies

When I can’t think of anything to say we go back to kissing. I’m not sure where this is going but as of now I don’t want to stop. Amber won’t go any farther than what she’s comfortable with.

Amber shifts here weight to one arm, her free hand touching my chest. She runs it down over my stomach, eventually sliding it under my boxers. I breathe out sharply but don’t stop her. I am now pretty sure I know where this is going. I can’t say I’m not happy about it.

Just then the bedroom door opens. Amber’s hand shoots out from under my boxers as she rolls off, trying to hid herself under the covers. I don’t move but I’m pretty sure everyone in the room can tell I have a ‘situation’ and there is no doubt whose fault it is.

“Alright,” my mom says, her even tone scaring me. “Enough is enough. We’re not doing this anymore. Amber, no more spending the night, Frank, no more spending the night over there.”

“Mom,” I say in exasperation. “We’re eighteen.”

“You’re right. You’re eighteen, but you live in my house and while you’re in my house this is not going to continue. Amber, I think you need to go home.”

She just nods, head peeking out over the top of the sheet.

“Frank, make yourself… presentable and meet me downstairs. We’re going to have a talk.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Mom slams the door shut causing Amber to jump a little, “Oh my God.”

As my girlfriend hides her face in embarrassment I pat her back, “Its cool, Amber.”

“You don’t think she realized my hand was down your pants, do you?”

“I don’t think so. I can’t be sure.”

“Do you think she realized I wasn’t wearing pants?”

“It’s a possibility.”


I sit up and pull her into a tight hug. I wish she wouldn’t worry so much, “It’ll be fine. I’ll talk to her. We’ll figure things out. It won’t be too bad.”

“I’m so embarrassed.”

I laugh softly, “You’re not the one with the obvious boner.”

“Yeah, but I was the cause of it and I had my hand on it,” Amber answers her cheeks a light pink making her even more beautiful than a moment ago.

I just laugh at her, “We’ll be fine.”

“I’m going to go home before she calls Donna.”

Amber pulls the blanket back, climbing out of the bed. I watch her pull her torn up jeans on over her sexy legs and cute butt. She just shakes her head at me, “If you keep looking at me that way you’re not going to be able to have a decent conversation with your mother.”

“Stop being so damn sexy then,” I answer with a smile.

Amber simply laughs, “I need you to walk me out. I’m not going down there by myself.”

I sigh, getting up and putting my clothes on. Amber sits on the edge of my bed, pulling her shoes on as I pull up my jeans. I have to adjust myself in order for them to zip. Amber snickers at me though I find nothing amusing about this situation.

“It’s your fault.”

Amber shakes her head, “It was there before I woke up, babe.”

I smile, reaching down to kiss her, “I like it when you call me babe.”

Then I push her back down onto the bed to kiss her again.

“Frank!” my mom calls from down the stairs as if she knows what’s going on. I pull away and sigh. “Fucking… Christ.”

“C’mon. I don’t want to make her too angry.”

“Fine,” I grumble, giving Amber a pouty face. It doesn’t work.

I climb off of her and pull her up by her hand. Amber hides behind me as we quietly make our way down the stairs. I lead her to the backdoor and close it so I can give her a proper goodbye. I take her face in my hands and kiss her. I feel like something has changed between us. I’m not sure what it is but it feels good.

Then the backdoor opens, “Frank get in the house.”

I pull away and smile at Amber, “Later.”

She smiles back, “Bye.”

With that Amber hops off the step and I head inside. My mom slams the door behind me, causing the blinds to smack against the window.

Note: My grandparents showed up today :/. I can't even get out of the house and go to practise because I have a partcially torn meniscuse. It's going to be a long week or two. I plan on updating a lot though. Hope you enjoy :) Remember to rate and review.
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