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I Don't Love You [Like I Did Yesterday] *1*

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Sequel to 'I love you, but you don't love me back' :) Green Day and MCR are in this btw.

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Taylor's Pov:

I placed my hands on my swollen belly, as I watched my husband perform on stage. I smiled as I looked down at the very large crowd, that came to watch them. The baby kicked, and I felt her move around inside me. She always kicks and moves around madly when I'm at a Green Day show.

Appearently, my baby loved her daddy's music,, and when she moves, I say she's dancing, because it feels like she really is dancing to the music. I smiled.

I was around 7 and a half months pregnant. The baby was due sometime near Christmas, so she'd be my christmas present to Billie. He really couldn't wait until her arrival, neither could I.We were both excited when we found out I was pregnant, and when we found out the baby was a girl.

Billie told me, he'd always wanted a little girl, so she could be daddy's little girl, and that he could spoil her. I'm glad his wish came true. I've never seen him this happy before. I didn't care if we had a boy or girl, I always wanted a boy, but I said to myself, I'd still be happy, if I had a girl instead.

But... I also had said to myself, that if I was to have a child, it would be Gee's.... but don't get me wrong or anything. I love Billie, and I'm glad I'm having his baby, but I really do miss Gerard...alot te be honest. I wonder what he's doing right now, Mikey had told me, he was going into the comic book buisness.. and that was like 2 years ago... so Gerard could still be doing comic books...

I was too busy thinking, to notice Billie sneak up behind me. He scared the living shit out of me, when he wrapped his arms around me.

''Relax, babe. It's just me.'' He laughed, kissing my neck. He moved his hand to my stomach. The baby kicked under his hand, and he grinned.

''Is the baby enjoying the show?''

I smiled, and placed my hand on top of his, and we felt the baby kick and move aound inside me frantically. ''Of course she is, doesn't she always?''

''You're right about that.'' Billie smiled, resting his chin on my shoulder. ''We have a few more songs and shit left, and then we're done for tonight, and then we can finally go home and relax.''

''Good, because I'm getting tired.'' I said.

Billie smiled and kissed my shoulder. ''Right, sure you are, anyways, I have some news to tell you, which I think you're not going to like...''

I frowned and pulled away from him. ''What news? What's going on? Is everything okay?'' I asked, getting worried. I heard Tre laugh from behind me.

''Of course everything's alright, relax, TayTay.''

I tensed up, when he called me what Gee used to call me. Nobody hasn't called me that for years, and Billie knows that I didn't want people to call me that, but Tre was an exception.

''Are you sure? He said he had some news he had to tell me, that I wasn't going to like? What is it?' I asked again, loooking at all the band members, getting anxious, the baby still madly moving inside me.

''Right, that news...'' Tre muttered, looking over at Billie, who was thinking to himself.

Mike waved a hand in front of Billie, to try to get his attention. ''Billie, man?'' Billie looked up, and pushed his hand away. ''Would you stop that? That gets me so dizzy.''

Mike laughed. ''Yeah, I know. That's why I do it.''

Billie rolled his eyes,and turned to me. ''Right, the news. We have to go back on in like 2 minutes, we can tell you after, alright babe?''

''Yeah, sure.''

He smiled, and kissed me, before hr ran back onstage with the guys. I sighed.

~ ~ ~

An hour or so later, Billie thanked the crowd, and then ran backstage, with the guys. They were all panting. Billie tried to hug me, but I refused.

''Eww no, you're all sweaty and crap.'' I giggled, backing away from him.

''Yeah, so? Come on, babe, please? I need a hug.'' He pouted, opening his arms out, as he started walking towards me. I giggled, and backed up some more.

''I will, once you go take a shower.''

''Fuck it, I'm hugging you woman.'' He said, pulling me and giving me a tight hug, before I could even blink.

''Billie.'' I gasped. ''The baby.''

He immediately let go, when I mentioned the baby. I smiled. ''Thank you.''

''Is the baby okay?'' He asked.


''Okay, good. Just making sure, I didn't hurt her.''

''Anyways, what's the news?'' I asked, looking at Tre as he walked in.

The guys all looked at each other, before Billie turned back to me. ''Taylor, My Chemical Romance, is going on tour with us.''

''That's cool.''

Billie and the guys stared at me,confused.


''You don't know?'' Tre gasped.

''Know what?''

''The vocalist for the band, happens to be Gerard. Taylor.'' Billie told me.

''WHAT?!'' I yelled. Since when did Gerard take an interest in music? He was always into art and shit, but music really? Well, this ought to be good...

''Gerard is the lead singer for My Chemical Romance, and no, we are not shitting you, in anyway.'' Mike told me, laughing at my expression.

''You have to be kidding me, right?! I mean, I can't have my ex around, with a new husband and soon to be baby and all. What would he say?!''

''Baby, baby, calm down. Why would you care, about his reaction, anyways? Who knows, he probably has a wife and child on the way too.''

''Yeah, right. That would be ironic, but it could be possible... come to think of it...'' I said, calming down a bit. I looked down at my stomach and rubbed it. ''I'm sorry, baby.''

''When are they joining us?'' I asked, the dreaded question, looking back up at the guys.

''Next week.'' Billie told me, biting his lip. ''And before you freak out, they will be on a seperate tour bus.''

''Okay, thank god.''

''Yeah, anyways, we should probably go now. I'm hungry.''

I laughed. ''Of course, you are. You always are hungry, Billie. Sometimes, it's like you're pregnant, and not me.'' Tre and Mike laughed.

''Haha.'' Billie said sarcastically. ''Come on, let's go.'' Billie grabbed my hand, and with his free hand, he picked up his guitar case.

We walked back on the tour bus, where Billie and the guys immediately attacked the fridge. I told them, I was going to lie down for a bit,, I walked back to Billie and I''s bunk.

Next week, I was going to reunite with Gerard, after 7 years... I was nervous and excited at the same time... how will he react once he sees me? Or does he already knows, that I was Billie's wife, and that I was pregnant?

Billie did tell the press about my pregnancy, he didn't show me to the press, so it was probably okay, Gee most likely didn't know. He knows that Billie had a wife, and child on the way, but he didn't know that it was me... oh joy...

~ ~ ~

Gerard's Pov.

''What the fuck do you mean, she's his fucking wife?'' I said, staring at Mikey in anger. ''That means, she's pregnant with his child, fuck!''

Mikey rolled his eyes. ''Gerard, why do you care? You have a wife. Lindsey, yeah? Remember her, black hair...brown-''

I cut him off. ''Yes, I know my wife.'' I snapped, glaring at him. ''Since when did Taylor marry Billie?'' I asked, snarling.

''5 or 6 years, I don't know, last time I saw them, they were engaged.''

''6 years?! and how the fuck do you know all this?''

''Billie told me.''

''And you didn't tell me , until now,a week before we go on tour with them, with her there whyyy?''

'''I don't know.'' He shrugged. ''Guess, I just forgot about it, until now.''

I rolled my eyes. ''Yeah, okay, sure.''

God damn it, I was going to reunite with the only girl I was still madly in love with, and she happens to be married to Billie Joe Armstrong, and is pregnant with his child. Fuck, this was going to be good...
~ ~
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