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We Stitch These Wounds

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"I just came to do this."

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Fingers gently pull through my hair, a body pushing against me; a voice sounding like it’s under water. This is what I wake up to in the morning. Groaning I roll over and push the mysterious person out of my bed. If it wasn’t for the soft, pierced lips that meet mine I probably would have continued on sleeping.

“Who the fuck,” I question sitting straight up in bed. This only causes my forehead to collide with someone else’s. So far today has not been very good.

“It’s me Amber, calm down,” the familiar voice of Frank says, taking my face in his hands.

I take a second to breathe before kissing Frank’s nose. I feel bad for rolling him on the floor and then clunking heads with him.

“When did you get that?”

Gently, making sure not to hurt him again, I touch my finger tip to the metal that is now threaded through Frank’s bottom lip. He’d always talked about getting a lip piercing but had never gone through with it. I just hope that ring doesn’t get him in further trouble with his mom.

“This morning,” Frank answers as I begin to get dressed. “I woke up, ate, went to the gym, took a shower then went down to the tattoo place where you got your nose done. I told my cousin about the job situation. He said I could work with him part time. After that I got my lip pierced. Then I came here.”

I just laugh, shoving my arm through a light weight jacket. Sometimes I wonder if Frank will ever stop acting on impulse. After a short moment of thinking I figure the answer is never.

“Why are you here so early?”

“I figured we could go to the fair grounds and prison first then I could take you to lunch and then we could go bowling,” Frank explains as we head out the kitchen door.

I just nod, climbing into the passenger seat of Frank’s car. My stomach flips around. Yes, I’m nervous to go see Garry and why wouldn’t I be. This guy raped me. Although I feel like I might throw up I have to do this. There is no backing out.

“Hey,” Frank says placing his hand on my knee. “I’ll be right there. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

I shake my head. I really don’t expect him to understand, “No, I have to.”

Instead of arguing my boyfriend just shrugs, continuing to drive towards the New Jersey State Penitentiary. I just look out the window, taking in the row of trees that line the road. I’m suddenly glad I hadn’t had time to eat breakfast.

A guard shows us where to park, motioning towards the front doors of the prison. Frank holds my hand as we walk through the chain link fenced walkway. Once inside we go through security. A gruff looking police man walks us towards the visiting room.

While they get Garry I look around. A few other inmates sit with their friends and family. Each one is in an orange suit; each one is here because they did something illegal. Upon seeing Garry I almost bolt. The only thing that keeps me seated is Frank’s slight squeeze on my hand and my knowledge that I have to see this through.

“Hello beautiful,” Garry says with a wicked smile, his butt hitting the plastic seat. “I knew it was only a matter of time before you’d want to see me.”

“No,” I answer suddenly gaining enough confidence to do what I need to do. “I just came to do this.”

With that I let my hand make contact with the side of Garry’s face. Content I grab hold of Frank’s hand and head back towards the prison entrance. I’d accomplished what I’d set out to do. Sure I didn’t hurt him like he hurt me, but the look in his eyes let me know I’d accomplished my goal.

“Have a nice day,” the guard says as we walk through the parking lot.

I just smile at him before getting into Frank’s car. For a very long time he says nothing. We just drive, closer and closer to the fair grounds; the sick feeling creeps back into my stomach.

“I’ll just wait for you in the car,” Frank says once we’ve arrived. His hazel green eyes flicking from the patch of dirt and gravel back to me. Something is clearly bothering him.

“Frank…what’s wrong babe?”

He swallows, eyes closing, “I can’t go out there.”

“Why not,” I ask more concerned with his feelings than mine. He has to be okay for everything else to be okay.

“He hurt you there; we found you hurt there…I can’t go out there and stand there without thinking about it….without wondering if maybe there was something I could have done to stop it. You go, fix things for you. I’ll go when I’m ready,” Frank explains.

Figuring it is best to just give him time I lay my lips on his cheek before getting out of the car.

It feels like I’m walking through water. Images of the night flash before my eyes, the noises resonating in my ears. Finally I stop, standing inches from the blood stained ground. Without any warning I’m on my knees, fists hitting the ground, tears streaming down my face. I scream letting all the anger and hurt flow out of me, mixing with the blood stain.

After a minute or two I feel strong arms wrap around me, a head resting on my back. I can feel wetness growing on my shirt. It is Frank, he’s crying, just like me. Twisting around I hug him, pressing my lips to his over and over. Together we let the wounds scar over. Sure there are still the marks there to remind us of a terrible time in our past but these marks also show us that we’ve managed to make it through.

“Are you alright?” I ask after wiping my face off with my sleeve. “Frank, how are you?”

He sniffs, “I saw you collapse. It scared the shit out of me. I don’t even remember getting out of the car. All I thought about was you being alright. I saw the blood and…I couldn’t take it.”


“Yes Amber?”

“Can we go get lunch now?”

“Yeah, lets go,” he answers helping me up off the ground.

Hand in hand we head towards his car. As we drive out of the make shift parking lot it begins to rain. I think both of us are changed people. It’s funny in a way, to think that this time last year we where getting high on his roof and talking about life. I don’t think either of us ever though it would end up this way. As weird as it sounds, if I had the chance to do it again I don’t think I would change a single thing.

Note: Once again I almost decided to stop this story and making a part two. I've decided against it again. This is just gonna be really long. I hope all of you will stick with it. Let me know what you think by reviewing or rating. :)
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