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Prom Night

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Loud music can be heard out in the parking lot. Before we are allowed to officially enter a professional photographer takes a few pictures. I make silly faces, kissing Frank’s cheek in one of them. It’s us; a normal Prom picture just wouldn’t be Frank and my style.

After finding our friends I pull them over to the dance floor. Liz, Alex, and I dance around to the music blasting through the speakers. I’m laughing and just generally enjoying myself. Liz occasionally snaps pictures with a disposable camera.

Frank just sits over at the table with Jonny, Mikey and a few other guys. Eventually he comes over to me.

“Dance with me,” he states, standing behind me as the song switches to something slower.

“You’re not going to make me grind with you, are you?”

“No, I just want you to dance with me. I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t dance with you while you’re wearing that dress.”

“Alright,” I answer. “I’ll dance with you.”

“That’s my girl.”

Frank lifts my hand and leads me towards the edge of the dance floor. I immediately wrap my arms around his shoulders as he wraps his around my waist. I have my face close to Frank’s neck, our cheeks pressed together. We’ve only danced once before, back in freshman year. It was awkward…this is not. Now it is perfect. Our feelings for each other are out in the open. Frank takes advantage of this by holding me closer to him and kissing me and occasionally whispering in my ear.

“You look beautiful tonight,” Frank tells me.

I smile, “You look handsome.

“I love you so fucking much.”

“I love you so fucking much too.”

After that it goes quiet again for a while. I just listen to the sound of Frank’s heart beat, enjoying the feeling of being held in his arms. This is the happiest I’ve been in a very long time.

“Amber?” Frank whispers.

“Yeah,” I answer.

“Will you marry me?”

My breath catches. I’d always dreamed of marrying Frank but I never thought he would actually ask, “Yes.”

Frank pulls away so we are looking into each others eyes. He kisses me. The moment is only ruined by a high pitched giggle from behind us. I instantly know who it is.

“I figured you would bring your tagalong,” I hear Devlin Evelyn say. Just her voice causes my blood to boil.

I turn to look at her. Devlin has a tight fitting blue dress on. It is extremely low cut, half of her breasts showing. Her hair is curled, framing her face. She kind of looks like a mermaid…an incredibly cruel, heartless mermaid. Not to be confused with a sweet mermaid.

“What’s it like, Frank, to date a habitual liar?”

I just turn my back on the bitch and rest my head on Frank’s shoulder. He presses his cheek to mine.

“Does she put out?” Devlin continues. “I’m guessing not. That must suck for you to have to be with a girl that is repulsed by the idea of having sex with you.”

My fingers clench around Frank’s jacket. I’m resisting the urge to launch myself at her.

“Ignore her,” Frank whispers.

“But I wasn’t repulsed by you, was I Frank? Do you remember? You liked it hot and sticky. You liked it rough. I can’t imagine how a guy that fucks the way you do could be happy with a girl who’s too afraid of sex to have it at all let alone the wild sex you like.”

Frank holds me closer to him, “Ignore it.”

“Does it bother you, Frank? That someone else got to have her the way that you never can?”

She’s gone too far. As I go to lay a hand on Devlin Frank grabs my wrist, stopping me. It really doesn’t make much of a difference. I just stretch my other hand back, spin around and whack Devlin across the face with the palm of my hand. The slap makes a loud cracking noise. Devlin staggers backwards before regaining her composure. Seeing the pain in her eyes is almost empowering.

“You, are nothing but a dirty, cheap slut,” I say finally getting off my chest what I’ve wanted to say to Devlin for years. “Does it bother you, Devlin, that men only want you for your body? Does it hurt you to know that you’re not the kind of girl a man would want to marry? You’re the kind of girl they take home and fuck and never want to see again. Does it bother you to know that the reason he fucked you the way he did was because he was thinking about me? Does it bother you that there isn’t a single person in this room that respects you? Does it bother you that once you leave this place you’ll have lost all your power and you’ll have to start from the bottom again? You’ll go to a place where there are girls who are much prettier, much smarter, and much crueler than you. And, when you get there they will destroy you. When your heart has been crushed so many times that you can’t feel it anymore, when all of your peers and friends are married and have families and you’re all alone I hope you think about me. I hope you think about me and realize that’s where you went wrong. I hope you think about me and regret every single word you ever spoke to me. Sure you’re pretty and you have a great body. But that’s all you’ll ever have, Devlin. Some day you won’t have it anymore and no one will ever respect you for what you’ve done with that body. Because you’re nothing but dirty, stinky, unwanted garbage disguised as a shiny trashcan. I hope it fucking hurts.”

Then I turn back to Frank. He is still holding my arm but there is no need for it. I cut with words

“Ooh, Devlin just got pimp slapped,” Jonny says from somewhere near us.

“That was fucking stupid,” Devlin says.

I turn my head to glare at Devlin. I’m proud of what I said. I’m proud that I have someone like Frank who loves me and friends who always have my back. Devlin has none of that. I almost feel sorry for her. For the first time in my four years of high school I am looking down on Devlin.

“That was the best comeback you could give?” I ask. “It just proves that I’m right.”

I then take Frank’s hand and pull him back towards the table. The entire area burst into cheers and claps.

“Right on!” people are shouting. “Go Amber! Show that bitch whose boss!”

Then Jonny rushes at me, lifting me into his arms and squeezing me. I just laugh. Sure it feels good to have all these people cheering me on but really I don’t need it. I stood up to Devlin for myself.

“Oh my God, Amber, that was so freaking awesome,” Liz says patting me on the back once Jonny puts me down.

“You’re my freaking hero,” Mikey tells me.

I just smile feeling very embarrassed, “It was nothing.”

“She’s so fucking modest,” Jonny says.

I sit down on Frank’s lap, his arms wrapping around my waist. I continue to wear a content smile.

Later that night Devlin accepts her title of Prom Queen with a red cheek. Even though the title was voted on, the majority of the audience boos her, my table included. Instead of joining in I smile and clap for the girl. Tonight is her victory…her very last night on top of the world. She may have this title but at the end of the day I’m still the winner.
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