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Setting Sun

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Another test subject feels the effects of the experiment.

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Chapter Twelve: Setting Sun:

Speed. Speed and blinding colors. Her heart shot up higher. She could already feel it coursing through her veins. The needle went in seventy-two hours ago. The effects had just started to kick in.

/Oh, my head!/, she thought. The pain surged for the eighth time this weekend. She needed to act. But what was left? She practically ate herself to death on Friday. Nearly drowned in alcohol on the same night. Every guy in Tokyo knew her between the sheets on Saturday. She couldn’t remember how many fights she got into over the weekend. Where did it end?

No! Not again! Not now! The city around her sounded underwater. She trembled again. The pain built up brick by brick. I have to do something!

She looked around her. The sound of her heart beating rang up to her eardrums. She swallowed hard.

No one notices a thing. Oh no. They were too busy with their new year. Their chatter pissed her off.

Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!!! I hate you all! The pain dulled into rage. Not a normal anger she felt in the past. This had been cranked up by a hundred. No, a thousand. She gritted her teeth.

I can’t take this! She clenched her fists into balls.

“Everyone shut up!” she cried. “SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP! EVERYONE FUCKING SHUT UP!!!” All eyes fell upon her. Laughter. She gritted her teeth.

They’re laughing at me. All of them!

“Stop laughing at me!” she yelled. “Stop it! STOP IT! I HATE YOU ALL!!!” Suddenly, a small hand tugged on her jeans. She looked down with evil eyes.

“What?!?” she snapped. A little boy stared up at her.

“Excuse me,” he said, trying to stay calm. “I’m a bit lost. Can you help me?” The final thread snapped.

It happened so fast. No one could move in time. No one could move in time. She raised her hand. He screamed. More punches followed. Everyone watched on horrified. She screamed at him. Shots rang out. More blood filled Tokyo.

That was the second test subject to meet her end during the experiment.
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