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Peach Honey

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Amaya tends to her husband when Kohaku comes to "play" with her. Nice short lemon.

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Chapter Thirteen: Peach Honey:

Shichiro slept soundly in his bed. Amaya stroked his cheek.

/Poor baby/, she thought. She kissed him on the ear. A soft breath caressed her nape. The wife closed her eyes for a long moment.

“Mmm,” she murmured. Kohaku licked her on the nape.

“You taste good,” the kitsune whispered. It kissed her on the nape as it groped her breasts. Amaya moaned at the touch.

“You sure this is okay?” she whispered. Kohaku smirked at such a question.

“We both know the answer to that one,” it said.

“Really?” she asked. Kohaku kissed her neck.

“Yep. I know you.”

“Yes. Yes, you do.”

Kohaku bit on her shoulder. “What do you want from me for tonight?” Amaya turned to her husband’s kitsune.

“Entertain me,” she commanded. Kohaku smiled at her.

“I only obey the master,” it said. Amaya gave it a little pout.

“Please?” she whimpered. She nuzzled it on the brown-silver ear. Kohaku lowered its ears.

“Well…” it said. Amber eyes turned to the wife.

“Will it benefit him?” Kohaku asked.

“Yes,” Amaya half-lied. Both know what the real answer is. But, Kohaku enjoys it.

“Already,” the kitsune said. “Lie down.” Amaya complied with a smirk upon her round face. Kohaku took form into a nineteen-year-old boy. “He” lay down on top of the woman. Amaya pressed her lips together not to giggle. Kohaku slid off her nightgown. Amaya stared up at “him” with waiting eyes. The kitsune kissed her on the lips. She automatically kissed him back. “His” hands glided down to her hips. “He” found Amaya’s lacy black panties and rolled them off. They landed on the floor next to the bed. Kohaku nuzzled her neck.

“What are you doing?” Amaya whispered.

“I want you to spread your legs,” “he” whispered. The wife happily did so. Kohaku kissed her again. Amaya followed his lead. The kitsune slid himself inside of her.

Why does he do this? Hunger? Boredom? For Kohaku, curiosity. Amaya interested him. Beautiful, but twisted. Warm, but cold. She owned her husband. Owned him like a little bitch. But, Shichiro didn’t mind it.

/Easy to see why/, Shichiro thought. He gave off a throaty moan.

“You’re so good,” he whispered. Amaya only moaned back. She tightly shut her eyes as she readied herself for the big finish. Kohaku took that as an invitation for more.

Shichiro lay sound asleep whole time.
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