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5. Feeding Time

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Ava and Frank visit his mother for answers. Gerard rallys the band for battle.

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A/N: Sorry this one is so short, I'm being kicked off the computer. My friend is yelling at me in his crazy Indian-Country-Ghetto accent. LOL! Post more later.

*3rd Person POV*
Gerard read the message on his phone and scowled. He stood and threw the phone as hard as he could against the cinder block wall of his basement. As it shattered he flopped back on the bed and leaned his head into his hands, propping his elbows on his knees. He dragged his hands across his face before smearing his hair back against his head. He sighed and let his hands fall and slap his thighs as he stood. He pulled his worn black leather jacket from the desk chair and threw it on and walked out of the messy dank room in search of the rest of the band. It had begun, the last dhampyr had awoken and it was time to either make them change, or kill them off. The last thing they needed was more of the little half-breed sons of bitches running around, and he’d be damned if he let his best friend be the cause of that.

*Ava’s POV*
I watched the scenery pass by on the drive to Frank’s childhood home. I had only been there once, to drop Frank off after a night of drinking in the eleventh grade. We usually hung out at Gerard and Mikey’s house. As we pulled into a residential area, Frank placed his hand on mine and I wasted no time lacing my fingers with his. Somehow, even though we’d been friends for so long and I had this crush on him about 98 percent of that time, this thing between us felt natural, normal even. We pulled into the drive way and Frankie squeezed my hand before letting go and getting out. For some reason I sat there thinking he’d open the door for me or something but when I noticed that he had almost made it to the front door, I snapped back into reality and quickly exited the vehicle. I trotted up to the door just in time for a small dark haired Italian woman to open the door. Her bright green eyes lit up as she held out her arms towards Frank. “Frankie! Oh, God, who should I thank for this visit? Come in, come in! Oh and you brought a girl too, Frankie? Come, come get inside before you catch your death of cold.” She quickly ushered us in to the warm home. It was a typical New Jersey split level decorated in hues of hunter green and mauve. A little out dated, but still very classy. She led us into the kitchen and began rummaging around in the cabinets and fridge. “Look at you girl, you’re so thin! My Frankie doesn’t feed you, yeah?”

I just stared in shock at the woman as she rambled on about feeding me. Frank rubbed the back of his neck and shot me an apologetic look. “Ma, yo!” His shout grabbed her attention and she looked back at him quizzically. “Sorry. Something’s happened, Ma. We’re here because Ava is also a Dhampyr. We need info.”

“Oh..” The older woman’s hands shook as she turned off the stove and made her way over to us. “Have you fed from each other?”
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