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Too soon

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New Years Eve

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"Sunshine, wake up." I heard Gee whisper before kissing me lightly. I swatted at the noise in my ear before rolling over on my stomach.
"Ugh, no. Go away." I hissed rolling over to put my face into the sleeves of his shirt smelling his cologne. A small smile spread across my face remembering how wonderful our movie night was together.
"Chrys, you have to get up. You have to be at the club in an hour." He rolled me on my back and giggled at my face smothered in his shirt. "And I want my shirt back." He said pulling my arms away from my face before kissing me deeply.
"Nope. I'm keeping it." I said breathlessly while sitting up to get out of bed.
"Fine." He laughed as he followed my actions.
"Get dressed and I'll drop you off at the club." He said slipping on his jeans and t-shirt.
"Your not going to be there tonight?" I asked pouting as I stopped getting dressed to stare at him.
"Yes I am. I'm just going home to shower and change." He said sliding his belt through the loops before buckling it.
"Oh. Well give me like ten minutes." I said going into the bathroom to shower and attempt to style my hair but I'd leave that for the hairstylist backstage. It wasn't but a few minutes until I walked downstairs to see Gerard ready to leave.
"K, lets roll." I said buttoning up my coat as Gee was already heading towards the door. Once in the car was when he spoke.
"There is a New Years Eve party tonight at my brothers place. You wanna go?" He asked looking over for a second then back to the road.
"Sure." I grinned as he pulled up to the back of the club.
"See you in a bit sugar." He said as I stood in front of his car door with the window down. I leaned in to kiss him quickly as he sat in the car before he drove off.

"Hey Ricky." I smiled sitting on the bar stool as he stood behind it. I was dressed in my costume for the first number.
"Hey Chrys. Get some the other night?" He smirked.
"What are you talking about?" I asked laughing like he was crazy.
"You and Gerard are together right? The guy doesn't move slow." He smirked turning around filling up a glass.
"Actually we are taking it slow and he isn't a bad guy. What is wrong with everyone?" I asked getting slightly aggravated.
"I'm just saying be careful. He hurts lots of his 'friends'." He used quotations with his fingers.
"I think I'll be fine. Thanks for your concern." I said hopping off the stool. I mumbled asshole under my breath as I walked away.

Within about an hour the club was packed and I looked through the curtain to see Gerard at his table with Frank and Jamia and shockingly his brother and Alicia. Next to them was Ray and Christa. He saw me peeking around the side of the stage so he winked while blowing me a kiss. I blushed and turned around to be met with Desiree right behind me.
"Shit, you scared me." I said holding my hand over my chest.
"Sorry, just wanted to remind the last steps in the end were changed just a little. But your probably the only one that remembers them." She smiled and turned to Tom who was getting some of the girls lined up.
"All right ladies, your up." Tom spoke to Ann, Lacy, and myself as we got in our places on stage.
We all three put one leg up on the chair and waited for the music to begin. Lets just say this costume might have been one of my favorites. Purple and Black corset with a blue bow laced in the back. The black tights complimented the black booty shorts along with black heels, well my dancing heels. Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood was my only routine tonight but the other girls had several afterwards. Right before the chorus blew into the speakers they cut off leaving the three of us to freeze.
"Shit." We could hear Desiree backstage as she told one guy from the crew to lower the curtain. I was always taught that the show must go on, not to mention a real performer shouldn't freeze in the middle of a performance. Ann and Lacy stared at me as I drug the chair to center stage and stood on it as I placed my heel on the back of it. I took a deep breath and started Ain't no other man by Christina Aguilera. The first big note came out and the audience was silent. The curtain stopped lowering and paused right before it reached the top railing. The audience was still silent and I was fucking scared as hell, singing and dancing, by myself. I went on though and the curtain came back up after I jumped down from the chair as soon as the verse started. In between the dancing and singing, the band that was really a gag for show started playing the instrumental for me to really get into it. After the first chorus, the audience really got into the song. There were some guys coming on stage to dance with me even though it wasn't planned. I heard quite a few whistles from the men and a couple of the ladies. Before the last big note in the bridge I sat on top of a dancers shoulders and tried spotting Gee in the audience. When I saw him I pointed and said the last line before jumping down and posing on my chair.
"Ain't no other man but you!" I sang as loud as I possibly could while the audience was so inviting and encouraging, I felt tears come to my eyes. I had never imagined any of this would happen to me and I felt so overwhelmed. I ran off the stage and was greeted by so many people hugging me.
"Chrysanthemum! Fucking A!" Desiree and her husband stared at me in awe while I couldn't help but flush and giggle like a little school girl. "Where the hell did that.." She gestured to my moves then pointed to my mouth. "Come from?" I smiled and shrugged.
"Shit, that was crazy good." Ann hugged me to her huge ass breasts which I was pretty jealous of.
"Thanks." I blushed once again getting nods and smiles from girls all around me.
"Someone is waiting for you." She whispered in my ear before I turned around and looked over to the door to enter backstage and saw Gerard smiling with his arms crossed. A huge grin spread across my face while I wiped my eyes and ran to him. He lifted me in his arms before twirling me around as we were lip locked.
"You were amazing." He kissed my ear setting me back on the ground.
"Thanks." I blushed as he held my hands in his. "I never knew I had that in me." I giggled.
"Fuck, it was damn hot." He grabbed my chin and crashed his lips into mine once again as I held onto his neck. I pulled away gasping for air
"Lets get out of here. We've got a party to be seen at."
"Just let me change." I said getting ready to walk away until he grabbed my hand and pulled me back to him kissing me hard and deep.
"Don't change yet. I want to stare at you all night long." He whispered into my lips making me blush.
"Then let me just grab my things." I said leaving him standing there waiting for me. I threw my bag over my shoulder and ran to where he was waiting. He wrapped an arm around my waist and led me through the club to where the audience was sitting. They were all clapping and I was greeted with smiles and whistles, which made me flush like hell. I buried my face in Gees' chest from embarrassment as he tightened his hold on me. I finally couldn't hear anymore cheering and realized we were outside approaching his car that's when I lifted my head and took his hand.
"Gee?" I asked as we continued walking.
"Yeah?" He asked running his thumb over my knuckles. My heart was telling me to not go to the party and instead go back to Gees' but my head claims to go to the party and have some fun, maybe later things would take a turn.
"I was just wondering how big of a party this is gonna be?" I asked as we approached his car.
"Quite big actually since it is a New Years Eve party. Why babe?" He said as he climbed into his side of the car.
"I was thinking of skipping it, but maybe I'll just go." I tucked my leg beneath my ass as he turned on the ignition but didn't drive off.
"If you would rather skip it then we can just go home." Gerard reached over to take my hand in his before lifting it to his lips. "Our home."
"Gee are you..?" He cut me off with a sweet and passionate kiss.
"Chrysanthemum, will you move in with me?" That question totally caught me off guard, so off guard that I stuttered.
"Gee- I- I..don't know - what to say." I looked down at my hands as I ringed them together.
"Sorry. That was too soon." He cursed himself as he drove off. "Damn it! I'm sorry. Don't answer that." He pulled off before speaking again. "Lets' just get going to Mikey's' party."
I sighed and realized I had hurt his feelings but how the hell was I supposed to say yes to something so soon? After twenty minutes of silence I felt uncomfortable and decided to break it.
"Gee?" I whispered looking at the anger covering his face.
"What?" He sighed and loosened his grip on the steering wheel.
"Are you mad?" I asked tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. He didn't answer me until we came to a stop in front of a town house, I assumed to be his brothers'.
"No." He cut the ignition and turned to me. "I'm not mad. I'm just pissed with myself because I asked you to do something to soon again." He punched the back of his seat then elbowed the door.
"Gerard, stop." I said softly. "Its okay."
"Fucking hell its okay!" He practically yelled. "I tried forcing you to have sex with me, I tried forcing you to move in with me, fuck I would probably try to force you to marry me." He ajar-ed the door and slammed it behind him as he leaned against the window. I sucked air through my teeth before getting out and slowly walking to his side to stand in front of him.
"Gerard." I stroked his cheek and gave him a small smile. "You didn't force me to have sex because I didn't yet. You didn't force me to move in with you because I didn't say yes or no. If you wanted me to marry you I would say yes but not now." I flicked his cigarette out of his fingers and kissed his lips gently before hugging his waist.
"Say something?" I asked resting my chin on his chest as I looked up to him.
"Lets just have some fun. Forget everything I said and have some fun." He grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me deeply causing my knees to go weak, thankfully he had hold of me. He pulled away quickly leaving me speechless, so I could only nod.

"Hey bro." Gee had his arm around me as we approached Mikey but Alicia wasn't at his side.
"Hey guys. Enjoy the party, drinks in the kitchen and food is wherever you can find it." He raised his hand and walked towards a group that were calling him.
"I love your brother." I laughed as Gerard just rolled his eyes playfully.
"Why don't you go find Alicia and the others." He said patting my butt lightly.
"I thought you wanted to stare at me all night. Me finding them would cause me to leave your side." I whispered as I ran my hand over his stomach and lower to the top of his jeans.
"Fuck, I just might not let you out of sight then." He said kissing me quickly but I wouldn't let him leave me that fast. I held onto him as I backed up until my back hit the wall. I pulled him closer until his body had me pinned to the beige wall.
"Is there a guest room upstairs?" I mumbled pulling on the collar of his shirt before capturing his lips again.
"Nope." He pulled away and smirked as I opened my eyes to see his smile.
"Come on and have some fun." He took my hand as we walked around. He introduced me to several people and friends of his until we bumped into Alicia and Jamia.
"Hey hot stuff!" Alicia slung her arms around my shoulders and kissed my cheeks. "Thank god you're here." She slurred. "Jamia here is getting boring." She pointed to Jamia while her other hand was filled with her wine cooler.
"I am not you bitch!" Jamia laughed as she slung her arm over my shoulder from the other side.
"How many of these have you had?" Gerard took the bottle from her and sat it down far from her.
"Just ten." She giggled leaning on me again.
"Well, that is enough." He took me by the hand again and led us away from the two wasted women. Being around all of this alcohol was really giving me an uneasy feeling even if Gerard doesn't drink.
"Can we leave?" I whispered once we were alone on the balcony wrapped in each others arms.
"You ready?" He asked kissing the side of my head.
"Yeah. I just want to be alone with you." I said turning in his arms to stare into his eyes.
"I know the feeling." He sighed before kissing my lips once again. "Yeah, lets' get out of here."
We started walking towards the front of the town home, through the den full of people or shall I say drunks. As we were walking by someone slapped my ass hard before pulling me by my arm to them.
"Lets go upstairs." Their breath smelled of alcohol and it was awful. "I want you to strip for me." He said pulling on my corset.
"Back the fuck off dick!" I pushed his chest before he laughed and backed away some before coming at me again.
"Don't push me you bitch!" He pushed me back which pissed me the fuck off. I was about to sling myself on him until Gerard caught me and shoved me behind him.
"Don't touch her again James do you hear me?" Gerard said that god awful name, my fathers name, the name that stayed on my mind since I was born.
"She's a slut look at her. Come on I just wanted to have some dirty fu.." I froze until I heard bone cracking and saw the drunk on the floor.
"Don't call her bitch or slut ever again! Stay there, that's where you belong." Gee spat before turning to me and seeing my face with tears in my eyes.
"Lets go." He took my hand and led me to the car so I could gather all my emotions.
"I know why you got upset and I just want you to know not to let it get to you or ruin the night." He reached across and took my hand in his.
"Okay." I knew I had to be strong but sometimes things just build up so much you can't help but let them fall out.
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