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Not like this

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Things get a little to heated for Gee to bare.

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"I think I'm falling in love with you." I smiled into the phone as talked to Gee. That's when the door burst open.
"No your not you stupid girl!" My daddy was pulling me by my legs to the floor. He slapped me and I fell to the ground. I saw a shadow behind him and saw my momma with that same bloody knife that did me in every time. I continued to stare at the ceiling with all life and breath knocked out of me. It was when she came closer and knelt beside me that she stroked my hair. Dad was no longer on or near me but by the door locking it. He came back over and pulled my momma into a hug, she smiled. That's when they looked down at me and laughed.
"I'm sorry sweetheart. It just has to be done." She raised the knife and plunged it into my..

"Chrysanthemum! Wake up!" Gee was leaning over me in the bed with a frightened expression. It took me a minute to adjust to my surroundings before I reached up for him and cried.
"Oh god. It was awful." I sobbed into his chest as he lay back down with me on his chest.I told him all about it and what was about to happen. "Fuck." I sobbed louder.
"Sugar, its okay. It was just a bad dream." He cooed. "Sh, its gonna be alright." He whispered as my breathing slowed down. I looked over at the clock and saw it was 1:58 am.
"Did you bring me back here?" I asked seeing we were in my bed.
"Yeah, you fell asleep while we were watching a movie." He blushed.
"Did you change me too?" I asked looking down at my nightgown, that I wasn't wearing before.
"Yes, but I didn't look at you I swear." He turned beet red and I giggled.
"Its okay Gee. I trust you." I snuggled back into his chest and looked under the covers and saw he was in a white tee shirt and boxers. I looked up to see he was still blushing.
"Gee?" I said
"Yes beautiful?" He asked kissing my forehead.
"Thanks for staying with me." I smiled into his chest.
"I would do anything for you." I leaned up and kissed his lips gently.

I awoke to the smell of Starbucks coffee and laughing. I rolled over and felt Gee's side of the bed was cold. I sat up and stretched. I got off the mattress to go find him. As I entered the kitchen he was sitting there with Frank. I gasped and ran towards my room to throw on something that wasn't so revealing. The gown he had dressed me in was short and showed my ass and panties beneath it.
"Sorry, I didn't realize you were here." I said blushing when I approached the table they were sitting at.
"No, its fine. Its not like I haven't seen it all before." Frank laughed. I glared.
"No, I meant ..never mind." He sipped his coffee.
"Where is Jamia?" I asked Frank as Gerard handed me a cup of java.
"She went shopping with Alicia." He said.
"Oh." I felt Gerard reach under the table and hold my hand. I looked over at him and smiled.
"I came over to ask if you wanted to go with Jamia but when the door opened Gerard answered." Frank winked. "So, I figured you were worn out and wouldn't want to go." He laughed and Gerard glared at him as I blushed.
"No, its nothing like that." I said stuttering. "Gerard was just comforting me. I had a rough night." I said yawning.
"Looks like it." Frank giggled. I just blushed at the things he was saying.
"Shut up." Gerard laughed at him.
"Well let me get back next door. I was supposed to be cleaning." He said rolling his eyes and making quotations with his fingers.
"Oh. Gotcha." I laughed. "Tell Jamia thanks for the offer anyways." I smiled as he walked to the door to see himself out. He nodded and waved to Gee.
"Well that was interesting. I didn't realize that gown was so short." He said winking as he kissed my neck.
"How would you not know if you changed me last night?" I giggled.
"It doesn't matter. The stuff you wear on stage shows just as much." I hit his arm playfully and gasped.
"What are you trying to say?" I faked a glare.
"Well, your ass hangs out of those skirts.." He was cut off by my lips. I pulled away and smiled.
"Shut the fuck up." I laughed. He picked me up and carried me back to the bedroom. He laid me down and came down on me.
"Say it again." He grinned.
"No." My voice shook.
"Say it." He said grinding his hips into mine which seriously turned me on.
"Gee, get off." I whined as I pushed on his chest.
"No." He whispered.
"Please?" I said batting my eyelashes.
"Well since you asked nicely. No." He smiled and leaned down to kiss me.
"Fine, no kisses for you." I said rolling my head side to side to avoid his lips. I eventually had to stop since he grabbed my chin and he held me still. He leaned down and brushed my lips with his gently. I was beyond hot right now I sat up a bit to capture his lips in a heated kiss. He held most of his weight with his arm that was next to my head while the other was tangled in my hair. I wrapped my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his midsection.
"Gee.." I moaned when he pulled away for air. As soon as he heard that he sat up and went to the bathroom. I lay there tossing and turning on the bedspread feeling the soft cool silk thaw beneath my hot skin.
"Gee!" I yelled as he walked out of the bathroom shirtless and only in his boxers. He stood next to the door and crossed his arms and legs across one another. I waited on him to walk over to me until I realized he wasn't going to. I sat up slowly and took him in. I slid from the bed and his eyebrows raised as my gown slid up to my stomach and fell as I stood straight. I prowled my way to him as innocent as possible until I was standing right in front of him. He didn't move at all but to smirk at me. I could play at that game. I walked back to the bed and put my leg up on the bedside table. I reached into the drawer and pulled out a bottle of scented oil and poured some in my hands. I started rubbing it into my leg that was propped on the table. I traveled all the way up to my thigh and switched legs. Once that leg had the same treatment, I took more oil and rubbed it into my neck and arms. I put my leg down and turned completely away from him. Gerard had moved to sit in a lounge chair across the room, eying me. I pulled the gown over my head with my back to him. I watched his face in the mirror on the dresser and his eyes went wide. I reached back and unclasped my bra but didn't remove it. I turned back around to face him and I noticed he was turned on. I sauntered over and smiled as I stopped in front of him. He kept eye contact the whole time which was surprising. I was actually nervous, I had never been this forward with anyone and no guy has ever seen me this naked. I took a deep breath and dropped the fabric revealing myself to him. He never broke eye contact with me which I was pleased with. He stood and approached me. He pulled me into his arms and once our skin was touching I was on fire. Gerard grabbed my thighs and picked me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist. I brushed my lips with his a few times before he got the hint. He kissed me hard and deep as he took us to the bed. He laid me down and climbed over me and his kisses traveled down my neck. I moaned and this just encouraged him to go further. At this point there was no returning for me. I felt I could give myself to him, all of me. Gee grasped my breast with his palm and kneaded it while sucking the soft skin under my ear.
"Gee, I want you." I whined in frustration. His breathing was labored and I could tell he was trying so hard to hold out. I could also tell how hard he really was. "Now." I moaned. He lifted his head to look me in the eyes. He finally shook his head.
"Not like this." He whispered before crawling off of me. I sat in frustration and anger as he left for the bathroom. After the door was shut I walked over to it and heard what sounded like he was crying.
"Gerard?" I asked as I tapped on the door.
"What?" He was definitely crying so I pushed the door open to see him bent over the sink splashing water on his face.
"Why are you crying?" I asked him as I wrapped my arms around his chest and kissed his back. He didn't answer me at first but finally turned around to look at me.
"I feel like I just forced you to do that. This wasn't supposed to happen, not like this." He said avoiding my gaze.
"Gerard, if I didn't want to do that I wouldn't have." I told him caressing his cheek and kissing away his tears.
"No, dammit. Listen, I'm sure you got the idea of you being my whore from Alicia and probably Jamia too." I released him when he gently pushed me away from him. "I'm a disgusting pig because those things they said about me were true, I used women for my own pleasure." He faced the mirror once again and looked down ashamed. "But when I met you, you made me realize I could be happy. Not like those other girls." He sighed. I was starting to catch on, so this is what Alicia meant when she said he can't be friends with girls and not get more from it. I tried to touch him but he flinched away. "I was gonna let you give away your virginity just like that, sweetheart it should be with someone special and someone you love. Trust me I wish I could have done that but I was so caught up with the fame and fortune I couldn't see what was right in front of me." I had nothing to say to that so I left him in the bathroom and found his button up shirt on the floor in the bedroom. I slipped it on over my panties and buttoned it up. I walked down the hall and picked out a few scary movies to watch. I came back in the bedroom and saw the bathroom door was shut. I put in Halloween and laid back on the pillows still in his shirt. I paused the movie before it could start as soon as he came out of the bathroom in his pants and white tee. He was astonished to see me until I spoke.
"Gerard, if you don't take off those pants, and that shirt and get back in this bed with me you'll never see this shirt again." I grinned rolling up the sleeves. He came to my side of the bed and kissed me hard.
"You still want me even after I told you I was a pig?" He mumbled into my lips. I nodded and smiled. He went around to the other side of the bed and slipped his pants and shirt off to reveal his black boxers again. He got on top of the covers with me and I started the movie.
"Halloween?" He asked surprised.
"Its my favorite horror movie." I snuggled into his chest.
"Funny thing is its one of my favorites too." He stroked my hair back and forth. About half way into the movie I broke our silence.
"You know?" I began. "You were right."
"What?" He asked confused.
"I can't resist you." I whispered.
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