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I'm Sorry I Can't be Perfect

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Keely and her 9 other friends just get back from a trip they have been saving up for. It was amazing until she found out something that could change her life.

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I leaned against the cold window of the car. I looked out and it was raining. I missed Hawaii, where me and my 9 friends had just came back from. It was a trip we were planning for a while, and it was the most amazing 4 months, in a while. Well it was for me until it came near the end. I closed my eyes, feeling as if I was going to cry again. This had to be some sort of messed up dream, I felt a cold hand rest on mine. I turned slightly to see my best friend Mikayla. You okay? she mouthed to me and I shrugged I can't belive it I mouthed back and she looked gave me a look of care. It's going to be okay, we are all here for you I grinned and felt the car stop. "Kee were at your house." I looked up and felt my heart slamming inside my chest. I couldn't fce my parents. "Could I stay at your house for a while?" I heard Mik as and happily nodded.
We got out of the car, followed by David and Pierre who helped us with our stuff. "What's wrong?" I felt Pierre's arm around me as he whispered "Tell you later." I grabbed my bags and we walked in the house. Thankfully my parents weren't back. "See, not that bad. Your parents are, wherever they are!" I sat on a chair in the living room. "Costa Rica, honeymoon." I felt the tears slide down my face as she grabbed my arm and pulled me into my room. "Bigger than I remember. Stop, why are you freaking out?" I breathed in and felt her arms around me. I laughed a bit at the fact she was on her tiptoes to hug me, even though she wasn't much shorter. "Do you want the truth? Or what everyone says." She gave me a look and I started. "I have this huge fear that everyone will think I am a slut. Plus my parents will probably be really disapointed. And I am scared he is going to br-" I felt her put a hand on my mouth. "He won't do that! He is staying with you now, whats the diffrence when y-. Wait you didn't tell him did you?!" I nodded and she sat beside me. "I thought he would notice, and find out." She gave me a mock-angry glare "I am lucky I found out, if it wasn't for me trying to find you, and walking in at that moment. I wouldn't have known." "But still." "Dude, it has been 3 and a half months, it is better that you tell him, before he finds out himself." I rested my arms across my stomach. "I don't know what to say. I want to, but what if everyone gets mad and turns their back on me?" She put her hand on my arm. "I know that the guys won't, neither will the rest of us." I looked at her with teary eyes. "My parents will, they told me before I left if something like this happened, they would be furious." She pushed me so I was sitting up. "Of course, your barely 17. But if they wanna be like that. You can live with me and my sister. She knows what your going through." I grinned "Really?" She nodded, "Why do you think my neice is 4 and she is 21?" I grinned. "So first things first. Tell him." I had no way out of this. "Later, when he is at his house." She shrugged and I felt the tears running down my face. "What's wrong?" I thought it was Mikayla talking so I answered "I can't do this, but there is no backing out now." I heard a gasp and saw my cousin in the doorway. "Are you going to have a kid or something?!" I felt my heard race speed up as I heard Mik answer "No, now get the fuck out. This includes me and her." I smiled, I didn't want anyone else knowing, and she made sure of it. "Whatev. You wanna tell me the truth, you know where my room is." She turned and walked away. "Thanks, nice cover by the way." She smiled "She will find out sometime. I'm not saying that to be a douche, but it is true. It is common sense, you know people will be able to put 2 and 2 together." I sighed at how right she was. I sat there, thinking of what I was going to say. Until my phone rang. "Can you get it for me?" I asked and felt her slide off my bed. "Dude, you need to tell him now." I looked up and grabbed the phone. "H-hello?" I answered and heard him on the other side. "Kee, it's Pierre. What is up with you, acting diffrent." "I have something I need to tell you." I heard my door being shut and Mikaylas arm around my shoulders. "Yeah? What is it?" I swallowed, not knowing how he was going to take it. "I a-" I heard someone yell from the other side of the phone "Dammit. How about I go over there and you tel me then, 'kay?" "'Kay" I hung up and felt new tears form. I got some more time to think about how I was going to tell him, but when he came, it was almsot now or never. Do you like it? Hopefully more chapters :D
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