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Moving away

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Gerard and Mikey move to another town, and they meet some friends.

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It was New Year’s eve. People was excited about a new year coming, all of them had great expectations for the next year, and didn’t want it to be like the last one which was about to end. Everyone was departing to different places to spend New Year’s eve there, and so was the Way family.

“Mom, do we have to move to Sperlonga? I like it here in Rome!” said Gerard.

“You’ll love it there, GeeGee. It’s near the beach, and you and your brother are gonna have lots of fun” said Donna without looking him at the back of the van.

“Gee, it’s actually a nice place. I’ve been looking for it in Internet and it is very cool, see?” said Mikey showing him his laptop screen.

“Fine!” said Gerard in an annoyed tone. He actually liked Rome very much, because he already spent the whole year there, and got to know a guy called Bert McCracken who he had a crush on, and was going to tell him at midnight that day. He kept looking through the window, remembering all the moments they’ve shared, all they’ve been through… The way Bert used to look at him and smile, oh, how he loved his smile. Gerard could spend a whole day looking at him without getting bored. Now, everything was over… Gerard tried hard to not cry in front of his parents, because they didn’t know he was gay. Mikey was the only one apart from Bert who knew about that, and he knew why Gerard was such in a mood.

Mikey typed in his laptop “You’re gonna miss him, right?” Gerard nodded in reply.

They finally arrived to their new house after an hour and a half of driving. Gerard quickly ran to the bathroom to empty his bladder, and he felt good after that. Mikey was helping his parents to take the entire luggage out of the van. After two hours of unpacking, they were finally done.

“You can go and see the city if you want guys… Just don’t get lost and take your cell phones with yourselves” said Donna.

“Have fun, your mom and I will be here… uh… decorating… yeah, doing… stuff.” Donald said.

Gerard chuckled and Mikey put his hands to his ears to not listen anything else “We’ll go dad, we promise, just, stop talking!” Mikey said with a disgusted face. Gerard laughed and took his arm and almost dragged to the door.

They went around and walked to the beach. Once there, they walked by all the shores looking through their windows, to see something interesting. Gerard fell in love with the comic store. They had comics he hadn’t read till then and he bought them all. Mikey went into the music store and bought some picks and strings for his bass. They walked back home and started talking.

“What if I call him to come over here?” Gerard asked

“I don’t know… Isn’t it better you just call him and tell him how you feel right now?”

“But I don’t want to tell him over the phone! What if I can’t see him ever again?”

“You’ll learn to let go” said Mikey pushing his glasses back to their position over the bridge of his nose

“But I don’t want to!” Gerard sighed “I love him too much”

“It’ll be okay, Gerard. Anyways, some day you’ll find someone else and eventually, you’ll fall for him!”

Gerard sighed and kept his mouth shut. It was hard to let go, he didn’t want to face the fact they weren’t gonna be together. He wanted to be with him, hug him, kiss him and tell him how much he loved him.

It was about noon when they came home, left the bags with their things on their new rooms. Gerard actually liked his room, and started posting his posters all over his wall. The Misfits, Queen, The Smashing Pumpkins, Black Flag. All the bands he liked were there. He made his bed and felt happy, and then he laid on it. Mikey opened his door cautiously, and crawled so he couldn’t bee seen or heard. He peeked over his bed and saw him, he grinned. He poked his cheek, and Gerard didn’t do anything. He poked more and Gerard just rolled over, not being any bothered.

“GERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD” Mikey screamed on his ear, as he jumped and fell off the bed. Mikey giggled.

“Mikey, you almost killed me!” Gerard cried.

“Oh come on! I’m bored” Mikey couldn’t stop laughing. Gerard rolled his eyes and pulled Mikey by the ear outside, and when was about to close the front door, he saw a guy leaving the next house.

He was stunned. This guy was attractive.

“GERARD YOU’RE HURTING ME!” Gerard looked back at Mikey whose eyes were already watering. Gee let him go and looked back at the guy who was already gone.

“Damn, Gerard… I’m sorry, I will never do that again” said Mikey, rubbing his ear.

“Uh? Sure… Never…” said Gerard.

They went for a walk again, and stopped at a house where a party was going to be held for midnight. Mikey recognized the guy

“SYNYSTER, IS THAT YOU? DUDE, WE’VE MISSED YOU A LOT!” said him running to hug him tightly.

“Michael James Way! Gerard!” said Synyster in joy, hugging them both. “Hey, wanna come later? My parents left the city and I’m gonna throw a party”

“Sure” said them both, as Synyster opened the door and let them in. They talked a couple hours updating each other on their lives. Synyster moved to Sperlonga with his family because they liked the city, the same story of the Way. Mikey and Gerard felt so happy that they wouldn’t feel too alone now in the city.

Later at night, when they were getting ready to the party, Gerard kept looking through the window to the house where the guy came from… he didn’t know who he was, but he was sure pretty and Gerard would like to know him. Mikey called his name, and they ran downstairs.

“I want you two here before 6 a.m. guys” Donald said

“No problem dad” said Mikey hugging him.

“Bye mom, dad” said Gerard kissing Donna on the cheek. They rushed to the door and left to Syn’s house.

They practically ran to his house. It was only 11 p.m. and the party was getting on. Synyster greeted them, and showed them his friends. “Guys, this is Zackary Vengeance. But we all know him as Zacky” Gerard and Mikey shaked hands with him.

“Nice to meet you” said them both as Zacky nodded.

“This is Jimmy, Matt… and that one who doesn’t want to talk to anyone, is Johnny”

Soon enough, they were talking about music, and bands they liked. Guns ‘n’ Roses, Bullet for my Valentine, Metallica… they were soon laughing and joking about each other too. Gerard and Mikey were enjoying being in Sperlonga.

Then, Gerard looked around the place and saw him. His eyes were caught in him, and shocked started to following him, till he disappeared again. Gerard thought he was going crazy.

Mikey found him after a while. “You okay, Gee? Damn, you just jumped out of your chair and went away…”

“Y-yeah, I’m okay” said Gee. But then, he saw him again and ran after him, leaving Mikey alone again.

“Hey” said Gerard. This guy, who he could barely see due to the smoke and low lights turned to see him.

“Hi” said Gerard. The guy grinned.

“9” said the people.

“What the… it’s almost midnight” said Gee trying to see his watch.


“Mhmmm… And you are?”


“Gerard Way. Hi. N-nice to meet you”


The guy looked around and shrugged, then pulled him into a kiss. Gerard was confused, but when he opened his eyes, he was gone. He brought his hands to his lips, remembering the kiss.
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