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Hello Angel, tell me, where are you?

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Gerard woke up feeling dizzy after a few hours. After the kiss he only wanted to see the guy, but he was gone. He told Synyster and Mikey about it, but they hadn’t seen the guy in any moment last night. Gerard sighed and tried to take those things out of his head. Why would he be thinking of a guy he didn’t even know what his name was, when his heart belongs to someone else?
Mikey called Gerard’s name and along with Jimmy, Zackary and Johnny helped to tidy Syn’s house. Synyster and Matt went to clean outside.
“So this guy, Gerard… how he was?” asked Zackary. Gerard turned to see him, and his eyes widened in shock.
“H-he was about your height…” he said, and then chuckled. “There was a lot of smoke and I was a little light-headed… I don’t think I could recognize him either way” said looking down. But sure, the guy he saw almost looked like Zacky.
After they were done, they went to Synsyter’s room where they found a guy and a girl naked in bed, clothes thrown everywhere, a condom on the floor and they were in a 69 position.
“GET OUT OF MY ROOM” Synyster roared. Both of them jumped in shock and quickly took their clothes.
“S-sorry Dude” said the guy. “W-we can explain i-it”
“I don’t want explanations. I want you to get the fuck out of my house” yelled Syn. The girl wrapped the blankets around her and took her clothes and ran away; seconds later the guy covering his crotch with his shoes ran after her, with the guys throwing his clothes on the road. They all chuckled while Synyster was still mad. Jimmy ruffled his hair and they all pulled him back to the house.
When they were in Syn’s room, they all played video games. The usual stuff, Pro Evolution Soccer, Mortal Combat… Gerard decided to not join in and asked Syn for his collection of comics. He led him to his closet, where he had a box and took it out. Gerard’s eyes went wide in excitement and he took the first that popped out and started reading it. He surely liked spending time with people, but he didn’t feel like playing video games with them. At least Gerard won’t get tired of it. After three rounds of Mikey beating Zacky by calculating the exact moves before he scores a goal, and Synyster making fun of “Matt’s skills to not win a game”, Jimmy decided to talk.
“So, where are you from, guys?” Jimmy asked Mikey and Gerard.
“We’re from a city called Belleville, in New Jersey” Mikey answered.
“That’s cool” said Johnny. “And what do you like to do in your spare time, Michael?”
“I play some bass” said Mikey.
“Really?” asked Syn
“Yeah, and Gerard can sing” Gerard’s eyes widened in shock.
“N-no I can’t” he said stuttering. “I can’t sing… I mean… I’m a disaster when singing” he nodded.
“Come on” Synyster said with a grin on his face “If you want Mikey and I could play for you…”
“Fine… Only on one condition” they all waited for his answer “You need to close your eyes while I sing… and bring me three cups of coffee”
Matt went for the coffee as Mikey took a bass and Synyster was tuning his guitar. Soon enough, Gerard has downed the three cups of coffee he asked for, and was ready to sing.
“Now close your eyes” They all nodded and closed their eyes. Mikey smiled as he took off his glasses and closes his eyes, starting to play some notes… Mikey was a little bit unsure because Synyster never heard the song they were gonna play so he could say out loud the notes while they were playing
“We’re not in this alone, let me break this awkward silence,
Let me go, go on record, be the first to say I’m sorry
Hear me out.
And if you take me down, or would you lay me out,
And if the world needs something better,
Let’s give them one more reason now.
We walk in single file, we light up rails
And punch our time, ride escalators colder than a cell.
This broken city sky, like butane on my skin
And stolen from my eyes, Hello Angel, tell me, where are you?
Tell me, where we go from here?
This broken city sky, like butane on my skin
And stolen from my eyes, Hello Angel, tell me, where are you?
Tell me, where we go from here?”
They all opened their eyes after Gerard finished singing and he was gone. Him and Mikey were gone. They all looked at each other confused, as the alarm bell sound. It was 6 am, and Gerard and Mikey were already on their beds in their house.
Donna walked up to their room and opened the door. Gerard faked a snoring as she smiled and went away. They both sighed in relief and giggled after she was gone.
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