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Planetary Go!

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“Well, the physical rehabilitation was a success but one of them was hit in the head. His memories are still intact, but there were some complications...”

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A/N: I REALLY shouldn't be starting another story but I just had to in this case. The idea for this was taken from the concept that killjoys are recycled as dracs. Enjoy!

“Dr. Clark,” the scientist looked up in answer to the bob-cut asian woman, known as News-A-Go-Go, from a table littered in wires and electrical components. Among the chaos were lenses, mirrors, and vintage gun parts. The mess that surrounded the doctor came as a sharp contrast to the stark minimalism that Better Living Industries was known for. A fact that often cracked down on this specific department of weapons and engineering.

“Yes?” A pair of hazel eyes looked out from clear goggles. Questions were rarely asked at BL/Ind, it was a habit that belied weakness and incompetence or just plain greed. Only the foolish and the greedy asked questions. The scientist stared back blankly at the head of security waiting for further information. It was a long wait as the woman stared down the doctor unblinkingly.

“The newest refurbishments are almost done. The new products must be ready for field testing within 32 hours,” she still didn't blink and Dr. Clark was left wondering if she even could.

“Understood,” Dr. Clark replied before turning back to the weapon designs that were displayed on the only small area of the crystal tabletop that was clean. The scientist tapped at one image and dragged it to the simulator to see the blue outlines appear as a 3D hologram in the air. Through the curtain of blue and green lines the scientist could see the Head of Security leaving through the opposite door.


Stiletto heels burst into a chattering staccato as a woman rushed down pristine and sterile halls with posters of wanted criminals and killjoys on either side. Her lab coat billowed behind her while her blonde curls managed to stay resolutely in place. She finally reached the far end of the hallway and briefly checked herself before pushing open the frosted glass doors.

She walked to the first lab assistant she saw and flashed her ID. “Where is Doctor Clark?” Wordlessly, the tech pointed to the first of the curtained stalls that took up either side of the vast lab. She nodded her thanks and flung back the curtain, immediately wiping her hand on the special sanitizing cloth that all lab coats at BL/Ind were made of. She hated germs, sickness, and dirt almost as much as the very corporation she was standing in, but at least BL/Ind was sterile.

“Roger,” she whispered, “is it true?” The blond man turned and immediately hugged her.

“We have to do it tonight Jacquelyn,” he removed his arms from around her but still kept a grip on her hand. “They start the wipes tomorrow morning and the uploads that afternoon.”

She nodded in mute acceptance and gestured at the table nearby, “How are they?” Roger glanced at the pale and shaved body.

“Well, the physical rehabilitation was a success but one of them was hit in the head. His memories are still intact, but there were some complications...” He seemed lost in thought for a moment by hurried to finish when he saw the confusion growing on her pale face. “Don't worry, he's fully functional,” his hand rested briefly on the sedated man's forehead. “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she said, “But I think there's something I need to clean up first.”

“I'll take care of that. Everything else is set,” he sighed deeply.

“And our rendezvous at Bert's Peak?” She referred to the hill in Zone 6. He flinched but forced a sad smile on his face, “Yeah, it's good.” He pulled her close and kissed her forehead. “And Jackie?” She stared in surprise at the use of her childhood nickname. “Yes?”

“Everything is going to be ok.”
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