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Going Home...

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Elena's P.O.V

I had told Ashley things I hadn't even told my best friends.
They would have got involved and it would have ended badly.
I mean they all like to dress differently and they get picked on for it and are sometimes mistaken for women because their long hair but they don't give a shit and no one dares hurt them.

But here I was telling my life story to a stranger who I didn't even know if I could trust.
I cried and he hugged me for awhile.
"I-I think I should go home now" I whispered and he nodded.
"Do you want me to drive you?" he asked softly.
"Please" I said and we got up to leave.I wiped my face of any stray tears and opened the door only to find Stefan and Dru standing outside looking like children who had been caught being mischievous.
"Um...hey?" Stefan said grinning.
"Hey" I smiled and Dru chuckled a little and Ashley did a little 'Ahem' noise.
"Shouldn't we be going?" He asked I was about to reply until Dru interrupted me.
"Where are you two going?"
"I'm taking her home,you retard" Ashley said attempting to hit him over the back of his head.
"Can we come too?" Stefan said sounding like an excited child.
Ashley went to say 'no' but before he could I said:
"Course" and smiled.
"Yay!-I mean cool,cool" and I chuckled.

Dru's P.O.V

We all got in the car and Elena directed Ashley to her house.
"So...where are you from,Elena?" I asked.
"Well,I'm from Reading but my family are from New Jersey so they all have cool accents,even my brothers" she frowned.
"So how are your ribs?" Stef asked.
"Fine,I guess" She shrugged.
"Where now,Elena?" Ash asked.
"That road there and then take a left until you come to Cemetery Drive and then it's number 4.
And,guys,you don't have to call me Elena,you can call me Helen,all my friends do"
As we pulled up to her house,she turned to us.
"Um. Guys,can I have your numbers? You know just incase"
"Sure" we all replied and we all typed our numbers and name into her phone.
"Okay,bye guys and thank you" she said smiling. God,her smiles beautiful.
We heard a door open and saw two guys stood at the door frowning at the car and Helen.
One was smaller with short black hair and wearing a misfits t-shirt and the other was slightly taller with blonde hair and awkward knees.
They both looked very familiar.
"Gerard. Mikey" she said smiling "Bye Guys"
"Bye Helen" we chorused and drove away.

Elena's P.O.V

"Hi guys" I said smiling a little.
"Where have you been?" Gerard asked.
"Um.Jake's house"
"Who was that then?"
"Some friends from uni"
"Really? I've never seen them before"
"I don't see them much out of uni"
"Well I-"
"Gerard! Shut up!" Mikey suddenly said making both Gerard and I jump.
"Are you okay,Helen?" he asked softly.
"Yeah,you look like shit" Gerard said.
"Why thank you,Gerard" I said sticking my tongue out at him."I'm fine Mikey.
I just need my room"
"Okay,you want anything to eat?"
"Um. Can I have just have some coffee?"
"Sure" and he smiled and walked into the kitchen.
I started walking upstairs but Gee stopped me.
"I'm sorry for being so moody"
"It's okay,Gee"
"I was just so worried"
"I know"
"Come here" he hugged me tightly which made me squeal alittle because of my ribs.
"What was that?"
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