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Bad Dreams,Memories and Finding TMB

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'Elena is a freak! Elena is a freak! Elena is a freak!'
'Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!!!'

I woke up from the taunting dream ,of which I usually had every night, and glanced at my clock.
"To early" I groaned and tried to sleep again but as usual I couldn't and awful memories came back to me...

We were in art,painting,when they came over to me.
"What is that,[/Elena?" Harry spat at me./]
"What?" I asked warily.
"That on your top" sneered Zayn.
"G-green day?"
"What's that?" Louis,the one I had a crush on, asked.
"this" I said and unplugged my headphones so my phone was blasting Green Day.
"Ewww you emo" Liam snorted.
"[/Ugly emo at that,ahaha" Nial said while him and the others laughing cruely./]
"Don't forget fat!" Harry said before they flicked paint at me and all over my shirt.

I cringed out of that memory and grabbed my laptop.
I clicked on to facebook and looked through my newsfeed at the same old stuff.

boring slut.
song lyrics.
boring slut.
song lyrics.
stupid song i've heard a million times.

and then something caught my eye.
It was a link for a band I didn't know.

The midnight beast

I clicked it and waited for it to load.
They sounded awesome but that wasn't why I couldn't take my eyes of the screen.
It was them.
Stefan,Dru and Ashley!

I thought it wouldn't be very popular with like 25 views or something but when I checked they had over 12 million views!
I looked at the comments to see what people thought of them and they were all like:

You have lush hair,Stef!

I love you guys!

Ashley you're beautiful!

so awesome,can't wait for your next tour!

OMG Druuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

I looked at their other stuff and they were all very funny and about lesbians,ninjas and parodies of songs.They were pretty awesome.
I didn't know it was midday until my phone rang.

"Hello?" I said putting my laptop on my bed and finding some clothes.
"Hey,Helen" the familiar voice said.
"Hey,Jinxx. Whats up?"
"You do realise it's 12:30 and you're were supposed to meet us at starbucks half an hour ago?"
"Oh my god,sorry dude.I forgot!"
"I guessed that so get your skinny little ass down to starbucks now!"
I threw my phone onto my bed and threw some skinnies and a my chemical romance t-shirt on.
I've got alot of them because of them being my brothers' band and all.
They're usually on tour but whenever they're back they always stay at our house or their wives houses.

I ran out the house and started walking in the direction of starbucks.
Sadly it was raining.
and I was getting soaked until a car pulled up next to me.

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