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Forever means Forever

by shannleighm 1 review

Yet another Frerard based on an Emmerdale story i got hooked on :)

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Hey guys! I'm putting another story up! I don't know if any of you are aware of Emmerdale's gay couple Aaron and Jackson but their story had me in bits! Although it was adorably cute before the accident! This story is going to be similar to thiers :)

Franks POV
"Shut up! You're not my Mother! Seeing him behind my back like that! I'm better off with my pathetic excuse of a father!" I scream at my Mother.
"Frank Anthony Iero! You don't speak to me like that! And i am you're mother whether you like it or lump it!" She spits back. This is the one thing we share. We're both aggressive when we want to be, and we disagree on everything. Maybe if she stayed the fuck out of my way it wouldn't be such an issue.
" You're back with that prat that i hate!" I retaliate.
Everything falls silent, and when her voice returns, she has softened considerably.
" I know love, but i really like him. And he's not that bad when you get to know him. You might become best friends by next year." She smiles at me, her crooked teeth chattering with anticipation.
I say nothing. I am gone like a shot, out of that place. Packet of cigarettes and pocket full of cash for alcohol at the ready. My plans for the rest of my day,solely on those two purposes.
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