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That was it, honest to God

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Frank hits the bar and a question starts to nag at his confused little mind.....

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Franks POV
I stride into the bar and as usual everyone i know is here. My Uncle and Aunt. My ex girlfriend. My current girlfriend and my Girlfriends brother, who also happens to be my best friend. " Hey Frank!" Bob calls from the other end of the crowded bar, arm slung lazily over his sister Georgia's shoulders as she rolls her eyes before grinning at me. I make my way over, dreading what's to come.

"Hey sweetie!" Georgia exclaims wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me full on the lips. Her sticky sweet lipgloss covering mine and her mini skirt rising all the more as she tiptoes. We've been official for four months now and we're getting pretty serious, well Georgia has anyway. Serious in the sense of the L word and planning our future together although, something about that doesn't seem right. Not just with Georgia either. Just the thought of waking up next to the same woman everyday. Her svelte figure laying peacefully, her delicate features resting, naturally just as beautiful, her hair spread all across the feathered white pillows.


It didn't fit at all. I saw myself in the future though, like everybody does. In an old folks home maybe, sat deflated in an armchair flicking through endless television programmes while every other inmate bonds with their family. Brighter days ahead right? It's true though. My Mother doesn't give a damn, she'd never admit it but she doesn't. My other relatives? Barely ant of them have the slightest to do with me. My Aunt is occupied with her own life, her string of failed marriages and bundles of children and stepchildren to deal with. And anyone else? They thought i was trouble. A lost cause. A pitiful waste of valuable space in their family. I didn't get Birthday cards, Christmas treats, even a muffled, meaningless hello most of the time. Even Dad had given up. The one who had raised me until i was thirteen turned his back and sent me here to her. All because i didn't like his pathetic new girlfriend, or that new creature they had named Saffron. My half sister. I didn't fucking want her, i didn't need her either.

That was another thing Georgia had been beginning to mention here and there. Her desire for children. My children in particular. I had often tried to like that idea, more than often thought of how it would be too. Her foundation covered skin glowing as she patted her rounded stomach that sheltered what we made. What we were going to have to take care of. If Georgia could assist me, assuming she wouldn't be too busy applying mascara or toying with the idea of perming her hair.

I didn't understand. Why plaster yourself in fakery like that? Look at Bob for example. Pure delicate and natural skin glowing under the warm, orange lights. His blue eyes twinkling and dancing wildly like fireflies zooming through the blackest of skies. Wait, was i? Do i like-? No, no it was just an example. It must have been something i ate earlier. I just got a little carried away. That was it, honest to God.
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