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Our little Frankie isn't as innocent as he seems. WARNING: Character death(s)

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I do not own the amazing guys of MCR

It's short yes, but this is only an introduction, kinda.
It will get longer.
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I hate this feeling.
It's horrible.
To love someone, knowing the feeling will never be returned.
Pure torture.

I sit and watch, always from a distance.
I never let myself get too close, afraid I might snap.
I was there when He got married.
That bitch stole him away.
I hate her.

I tried to move on.
I got married.
She was beautiful, but was nothing compared to my true love.
If only he would realize those kisses we shared meant something to me.
He said it was for the fans, but I knew the truth.
We're perfect together.
Alwats will be.

I just have to get rid of those that stand in my way of a perfect family.
Things weren't always this way, no.
I used to be happy.
I used to be normal.
I didn't always have these thoughts.

At first they scared me.
Then I realized they were good.
The voices wanted to help, not hurt.
They told me what I needed to know, what I needed to do.

I look at the gun in my lap.
She's in the next room.

All I have to do is pull the trigger.
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