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Last regrets

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Getting one review just made me so fudging happy!
So lets make it more yes?
I like reviews.
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and make me wanna write:)
anyways, here's the next chapter.
R&R Lovelies

I walk calmly into the next room, the weapon hidden behind my back.
She looks so peaceful.
Unaware of what's going to happen.

"I'll always love you Jamia.."
I whisper as I sit next to her on the bed.
"Hm.. Frank? What's wrong babe? Come to-"
No one heard the gunshot, and she never saw it coming.
'You have to shoot yourself too Frank!'
I don't want to!
'But you must! Then you have to hide the gun!'
I whimper, looking at the gun in my hand, the hospital glove on my hand.
Leave no fingerprints.
I scoot off the bed, onto the floor and lift up the rug, removing that loose board.
I point the gun at my stomach and pull the trigger.
It hurt!
I want my mommy!
Why did I do this?!
I quickly gain my composure, putting the gun under the floorboard and rippong off the glove, tossing it in after.
I put the board in place, covering it with the rug and grabbed the cordless phone.

"911, What is your emergency?"

"Help! He killed her! Fuck! It hurts so much! I don't wanna die! Help please!"
"Sir, we have traced the call. Help is on the way."

I held my hand over my stomach, tears falling as I tried to stop the bleeding.
Why did I let him talk me into this?

That was the last word to fall from Frank Iero's lips.


Guess you'll have to stay tuned to find out what happens?

Sorry it was short.
I don't have a computer so I'm typing this jizz on my phone.
I'm working on making it longer okay?
Don't give up on me yet.
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