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How to save a life

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I love you guys!


"Charging 160."

A group of EMTs surrounded the lifeless body, using electricity in the hopes of jump starting a beatless heart.
Cold hands pumped at his chest, air being forced into his lungs.

Seconds turned to minutes before a steady beat filled the room, chocolate eyes fluttering open momentarily.

"Welcome back sir."

There was such a crowd at the Iero house.
Reporters lined up behind the police tape.
You name it.

Everyone wanted a piece of this juicy story.

Camera's flashed as the guitarist was taken into the ambulance, drifting in and out of conciousness.

"Sargent, we can't find a single fingerprint anywhere. The back door was open, but the knob wiped clean."
This is going to be one tough case.
"Look harder James!"
The young agent nodded, darting off in search for clues.

The sargent sighed, looking at the bloody mess on the bed.


Gerard was in a panic.
His best friend had been shot, his wife killed.
He knew he was crying, he just couldn't find it in him to wipe away the tears.

He could still see Lindsay's face when he told her.
She was heartbroken.
Jamia was her best friend.
And now she was gone.
She took her husbands hand as they drove to the hospital, fighting back tears of her own as she tried to be strong for her husband.


"I'm here to see Frank Iero."
"Second floor ICU, room two-oh-nine"
He ran to the elevator, pushing the button and waiting.
This was taking too long!

He was about ready to head for the stairs when the door opened.
He muttered, walking in, his wife close behind.
He punched the button to take them to the second floor, Gerard bouncing anxiously on his heels.
"He's going to be okay.."
Lindsay offered.
He said nothing.

He bolted out of the tiny room once the doors opened, running all the way to the room his best friend was in, ignoring the yells for him to stop.

What he saw when he reached that room broke his heart.


Three chapters in one day?
I hope this prooves my love.
anyways, you know the drill.
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