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We meet Gerard's house-mate and house-cat, both of whom are unaware that they sleep under the same roof as a vicious killer.

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AN: Still have writer's block. Need to get this story rolling.

:::::: The Emptiness ::::::

It's funny how these things happen, isn't it? Gerard was not born a killer, but it took less than an hour to make him one. For twenty years the most violent thing he did was wrestle with his brother for the remote. Until she was murdered. Annabel. If a someone kills your fiancée, does that mean God hates you? Probably. Either that or God doesn't exist.

Gerard supposed that he should feel sorry about what he did to that woman in the alley. She was loved by somebody; a sister, brother, mother, father, friend, aunt, uncle... Surely somebody would grieve for her. 'Or,' thought Gerard as he unlocked the front door of his house. 'You killed a bitch that everyone hated, and now they're glad she's dead.' That's the thing with being a serial killer; you never know for sure.

Gerard stepped over his threshold and flicked the light-switch, illuminating his messy entry-hall. Sneakers and boots spilled out of the closet and into the hall, caked with dirt and grime from sidewalks. A leather jacket dangled haphazardly on a wire hanger and threatened to fall onto the white linoleum floor. The walls were a pleasant shade of dark green. Gerard kicked off his sneakers and strolled into his kitchen for a much-needed after-murder-before-bedtime-snack. The kitchen was a bit cleaner than the hall, but dishes and trash littered the counter. Gee opened a cupboard over the fridge, extracted a box of Oreos, and wandered into the living room. The light flicked on, and Gerard nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Jesus!" he cried, using his cookie-free hand to clutch at his heart. "You scared me!"

Jesus tilted his head to one side and meowed.  Gerard laughed. "C'mere, kitty," he said, crouching down and tapping his fingers against the hardwood floor. Jesus, a long-haired black tabby with different-colored eyes, trotted forward and sniffed his owner's hand. After verifying that Gee wasn't an imposter, Jesus purred and nuzzled Gee's chin with his nose.

"Hey, buddy," Gerard said, smiling as he scratched his cat's ears. "Is Frank home?"

Frank Iero was one of his best friends. They shared the house and split the rent, which meant they could live in a nice place without needing to work their entire asses off. They used to live with a guy named Ray Toro too, but Ray took off to join a band as their drummer.

Jesus mewed and purred even louder. Gerard decided this meant yes and scooped him up with his free hand. "Alright, Jesus," he said to the cat. "Shall we wake him up?" Jesus licked his owner's nose. Gerard grinned evilly and tiptoed down the hall to his left.

The first door on the right was his, but further down the hall was where Frank slept. Gee set the Oreos down outside the door and gripped the doorknob. With blinding speed, he flung the door open and burst into the dark bedroom with a yell. Jesus yowled in surprise, his green and yellow eyes wide.

Twenty-five-year-old Frank Iero screamed in terror and promptly fell out of bed. His shaggy black hair was sticking-out in all directions, and his pupils were dilated in fear. He hit the floor with a heavy 'thud!' that made Gerard, serial killer extraordinaire, wince.

"Ouch," said Gee, staring down at his fallen roommate. "What were you doing?"

"Watching 'Cujo', jerkass," Frank muttered, picking himself up off the floor. Gerard looked at the T.V on Frank's dresser and saw a saint bernard snarling at the people onscreen and biting them viciously.  "I nearly died, you know."

'Oh, the irony,' thought Gerard, remembering Denise and his bloody knife. Out loud, he said: "No need for name-calling. It was harmless."

"'Harmless' my ass," Frank growled, hitting the pause button. "Speaking of which, I'm gonna have a bruise there for a month. Sleep with one eye open, Gerard Way, for I know where you rest at night."

Gee looked at Frank. His roommate was short, shirtless, and wearing penguin pajama-pants. Not exactly threatening. "I'm so scared," he said sarcastically. "And if you plan on raping me, you should know that I'll enjoy it."

Frank scowled at him. "You suck." "If you want me to, I will."

Frank snorted and threw a pillow. Gerard caught it with his Jesus-less hand and threw it back. They had always joked about sleeping with eachother since the rumors had started in high school, but both knew they never would. 'Maybe never,' Gerard thought. It was very tempting to jump into bed with Frank right after a murder. Or when they had a few drinks. Or when they watched a movie together. Or when Frank smiled. Or when Frank fucking breathed... But Gerard had vowed never to fall in love again. Annabel was proof that he and love didn't mix. Crushes were okay, but love was a huge no-no. He could look, but not touch.

"Hellooooo? Earth to Gerard?"

"Wha-?" said Gee, coming out of his thoughts to see Frank waving a hand in front of his face. Jesus had escaped and was nowhere to be seen.

Frank rolled his eyes, but Gerard could see that he was still concerned. "Where'd you go, man?" he asked. "You just spaced-out."

Gee smiled. "Just picturing you as a nurse. Not as sexy as a female nurse, but still..."

Frank frowned. "I will not dress up just to be part of one of your sex fantasies, and I will not give you a prostate exam. Now, get the fuck out of my room."

"Who said you'd be the one giving the exam?" Gee said, laughing as he left Frank's bedroom.

When the door shut behind him, Gee picked up his Oreos and went into the living room to watch T.V.


Frank sighed heavily and fell face-first onto his bed. His breathing was immediately cut off by Star Wars sheets, so he turned his head to one side and stared blankly at his television.

'Gerard's an idiot,' he thought to himself. 'Scaring me like that... Jeez! I could've had a heart-attack!'

'But you'd be used to it,' his mind retorted, painfully honest. 'Your heart skips a beat whenever you see him, might as well finish it.'

Frank punched his pillow. 'Damn high school kids. If they hadn't started teasing us-'

'What?' said the voice in his mind. Frank decided to give it a name; it obviously wasn't going anywhere. 

'-Maybe we would have started dating,' Frank finished. 'Then Annabel came along-'

An image flashed in his mind; something dark and small on Gerard's hoodie pocket. Had Gee spilled ketchup?

'Oh good,' the voice, now called Dan, muttered. 'You're categorizing his stains now? Are you crazy?'

"Shut it, Dan," Frank said aloud. He turned up the volume on his T.V and immediately got lost in 'Cujo'.
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