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If I Crash On The Couch Can I Sleep In My Clothes?

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"So you're staying right." He grinned with his eyes shut.

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A/N: Hey you guys, here is the 4th chapter! I hope you all like it! R&R!! Pretty please((:

Chapter 4: If I Crash In The Couch Can I Sleep In My Clothes.
Frank’s POV:

It was 6:00 exactly, I was really anxious; I hadn’t been on a real date in a long time. I was hoping I wouldn’t say anything stupid, I got lucky today on the phone. What if this wasn’t even a date? What if I had the wrong idea? I was really hoping I didn’t. I really think this girl and I could have a real connection, I just had to wait and see if she thought the same I guess. I took another look at myself in the mirror; I had chosen to wear
a white V-neck, black skinny jeans, a black leather jacket, and some converses.

“Come on Frank let’s go!” I heard Gerard yell from outside the room.

All right this was it. I was ready.

“I’m coming Gee!” I exclaimed as I grabbed my phone and my wallet. I walked out of my room and saw Gerard in the kitchen drinking the rest of the carton of OJ.

“What are you doing?” I asked, he never does this stuff.

"I’m getting my manliness on. Don’t hate.” He laughed. “Now come one with have to be there soon.” He grabbed his keys and walked out the door. I followed.

Sarah’s POV:

“Oh my god, I am so nervous Molly.” I cried out as I was putting in my makeup. “But I shouldn’t be I have a boyfriend.”

“Yeah who’s a douche.” She interjected.

“Molly.” I said sternly.

“All right all right, calm yourself. But hurry up we gotta get going.” She said as she left the room.

About twenty minutes later we had reached the restaurant. I could feel myself getting more anxious, my stomach was turning.

“I have to tell him Molly, I have to tell him about Peter.” I took a deep breath as she found a parking space.

“Wait you mean you didn’t tell him already!” she exclaimed, and yanked her keys out of the ignition.

“No, I couldn’t do it. I don’t know why. I tried, but I was surprisingly excited about seeing him again.” I sighed.

“Okay well just find the right time. You don’t want him having the wrong idea.” She said knowingly, as we both get out of your car.

“Yeah you’re right, I’ll do it. But after some delicious sushi.” I smiled.

Molly laughed and we made our way inside Eez, and saw Frank and Gerard at the bar. They waved us over.

Frank’s POV:

I saw Sarah walked in and she looked great. Her brown hair was straightened and she was wearing a green high waisted skirt with a black long sleeve shirt and black tights. With black high heeled boots.

“Hey you guys.” Gerard said smoothly getting up and hugging each of them.

“Hey hey.” Molly smiled widely, eyeing Gerard like a piece of meet. Believe it or not he was doing the same thing to her.

“Hi.” Sarah said calmly.

“Well let’s all get you guys a drink.” I said happily.

Gerard and Molly immediately sat next to each other, and started flirting like no tomorrow.

“Well it begins.” I sighed looking at Sarah.

“Yes, yes it does. This will be our entertainment for the night.” She laughed watching Molly rub Gerard’s leg.

“Oh and there’s Gerard trying to hide that he likes it.” He motioned to Gerard who just chugged down his beer in order to hide the pleasure that would have been on his face.
Sarah and I just sighed and order drink after drink. After a little while we were a little tipsy. Gerard turned around and finally spoke to us.

“Uh Frank I gotta go to the bathroom I’ll be right back.” He nudged his head at Molly and left the bar.

“Yeah me too Sarah. I’ll be back in a second.” Molly stuttered a little.

“You think if we left they would notice when they came back?” I asked Sarah as she finished her third beer.

“I highly doubt it.” She laughed.

“Well let’s call a cab and get out of here.” I smiled, surprised at myself for feeling so at ease.

“Oh please.” She smiled.

Sarah’s POV:
After about twenty minutes Frank’s driver stopped in front of an apartment building. I knew I still had to tell him about Peter and I just couldn’t. But I need to man up, for lack of a better expression. Frank paid the cabby and we got out and walked to the outside of the building.

“Okay so, let’s go inside and hang out.” Frank smiled unlocking the main door.
I was silent, I was trying to think of what to say. We got into the elevator, and Frank pressed the third button. I wanted to say something anything but I just couldn’t. I looked over at Frank and he was just bouncing up and down at his toes looking awkwardly around the elevator until the doors finally opened. We walked down the hallway for a couple seconds and he stopped.

“Well this is me.” I slightly tipsy Frank said.

“Before we go in here, I need to tell you something.” I stopped him from unlocking the door.

“Yeah?” he looked a little confused.

“Listen I don’t want you to get the wrong idea but I have a boyfriend.” I just spat it out.

“Oh..” Frank looked down at the floor. “Well that’s okay we can still be friends right?” he said a little tipsy.

“Yeah, yeah we can.” I said happily that he took it well.

Frank unlocked the door and we both walked inside.

“Wow.” I said his apartment was amazing. The hardwood floors, red walls, and old vinyl records hanging up had to be my favorite part. But the rest was just a typical modernized apartment.

“It isn’t much but Gerard and I make do.” He said coyly as he walked into his bedroom. “Just make yourself comfortable, grab a beer, or whatever.” I heard him say from the distance.
I put my purse down on his table, and walked across the hardwood floor the kitchen. I was about to step towards the fridge when I fell to the floor.

“OW!” I yelped out. I looked around a noticed that there was a step that separated the dining room and the kitchen area.

“Shit, Sarah you okay?” I heard Frank run out of his room.

“Yeah I just don’t know many people that have a step to their kitchen.” I laughed as I rubbed ankle.

“Yeah, Gee thinks it’s cool. I fall over it all the fucking time.” He laughed, and helped me up.

“Thanks.” I smiled widely at him. I don’t know if it was the alcohol in my system that was making my stomach soar.

“No problem.” He grinned back. “So come to my room, I wanna show you something, and no it’s not what you think.” He laughed again. His laugh was so cute.

“Oh I wasn’t thinking anything like that.” I chuckled following him into his room.

“Mhmm, sure. You know you want all this.” He turned around and rubbed his hands all over his

“Oh my god. Frank. Never do that ever again.” I laughed so hard tears were welling up in my eyes.

I looked around Frank’s room as he fiddled with something at his desk. He had grey walls, his bed was kick size, and he had black bed room furniture. Other than that it was just a plain room. But I really liked the simplicity of it.

“All right all done.” Frank smiled as he turned around in his spiny chair. Of course he had a spiny chair.

“Done with what?” I asked.

“This.” He held up a joint in his hands. Smiling at his work. “So let’s spark this up.”

“Oh no Frank I couldn’t.” I blushed, I hadn’t smoked weed in such a long time. I mean it’s all I did in high school before I met Peter. But he hated it, so I changed for him.’

“Come on. You only live once.” He tried to sway my thoughts, and he wasn’t doing a bad job.

“It’s been so long. Since I’ve been high, or smoked anything for that fact.” I said, sitting down on his bed.

“You know you want too.” He said taunting me with the joint.

“You know Frank you really should peer pressure people.” I laughed.

“So that’s a yes.” Frank smiled as he lit up the joint and inhaled.

“But of course.” I caved as I took the joint from him. I inhaled the smoked and felt swarm into my lungs.

It had been so long since I had smoked that I just started coughing, and the smoke erupted from my mouth and into Frank’s face.

“Oh shit.” I finally managed to say after I had finished coughing.

“Hahahah, that’s awesome dude.” Frank smiled as he took another hit.

“Not funny.” I laughed.

We continued to pass the joint back and forth until it was finished. I had no idea what time it was. I knew I needed to get home to Peter, and soon. Or else tomorrow wouldn’t be too pleasant. I was gonna leave right after but then we played six rounds of Nazi Zombies. Until we finally got bored and went back to his room and he put on some Zeppelin as we laid on his bed.

“Well what…” Frank started his sentence and started looking at the ceiling.

“Frank.” I said, but he still was still looking at the ceiling.

“….Yeah.” he said after a couple seconds.

“What were you gonna say?” I asked, now staring fascinated at the ceiling with him.

“Uhm, oh yeah what do you wanna do now?” he laughed.

“I should probably go.” I said I could feel myself getting tired. I was actually extremely tired.

“Yeah. You probably should.” He said, yawning, turning onto his side facing me.

“Mhm.” I replied laying down, facing him.

“So you’re staying right?” he grinned with his eyes shut.

“Yup.” I smiled as I shut my own.

“I have a boyfriend.” I reminded him faintly.

“I know.” He moved a little closer and smiled.

I chuckled and let myself start to drift off.

I felt warm and safe. It was the first time in a while I went to bed feeling safe.
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