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Never Good Enough

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It's bad enough to be compared to your family members. It's even worse when they are the famous Way brothers.

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"So, you wanna be a rockstar?" The guy who introduced himself as Ryan asked. I nodded hair getting messed up in the process. Why did it have to be so touchy.
"Well, I do have faith in you." I smiled
"So I have enough talent?" I felt my heart sink as he laughed, like I told a joke
"Oh heavens no, because of your brothers." I felt tears run down my face. Tears of frustration.
"Your better off using them to your advantage. Ever thought about being a roadie?"

I suddenly heard a voice through my door.
"Alex, honey you need to wake up now." It was my mom, I mumbled a yes and got up, my damn alarm didn't go off, wait. It was saturday. WTH?

I said screw it and flopped back in bed.
"Honey you need to wake up, we are picking up your brothers. I want to see you downstairs in 5!" I rolled my eyes, no fighting with her.
I walked into the bathroom and played with my hair, it was just above shoulder length, and dyed light blue with a streak of dark blue. I grinned, got it done yesterday.
I blinked, then turned on the shower, I had to make it fast, for the fact I didn't want a sudden downpour of cold against me. Our hot water didn't last long.

Thankfully I finished right as the the water decreased in tempature.
I shook out my hair, towel dryed it and pulled on my Panic! At The Disco t-shirt and a pair of red skinny jeans. I grinned and spiked my hair. People always tell me to grow it out, because it is more girly. Worst thing about being a girl at my school.
After I had an array of spikes going around the edge, I put on my black eyeliner, almost perfectly.
I really need to thank Gee for teaching me I thought as I ran downstairs, my mom was impatiantly tapping her foot as I pulled on my converse high tops.
"Lets go." She said as we made our way to the car.
"We need to go, we are going to be late." I heard my dad sigh.
"It's okay Donna they are old enough to take care of themselves if we are late." I rolled my eyes and leaned back pulling out my Ipod.
I put on the song Evil Angel and leaned my head back. I loved music so much. I watched the world go by, with my head leaning against the window. We were going to the airport. I looked over and realized, I would probably be put in the middle. Greaaat. We got there 45 minutes later. "Alexandra, come on." It took alot of will power to be respectful and not give even a glare. I hated it when they used my full name. I got up and felt my legs were asleep, so it felt weirder than fuck to walk. "See, we are early, their flight just landed." I saw my mom smile, she hated when they toured. We stood there for a good 5 minutes, the rest of the guys family's showed up. I saw my best friend Mika, sadly she couldn't come over because of her parents. We were 16 for fuck sakes. She gave me a stare that looked as if it were an apology. I shrugged, almost saying it was okay. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR?!?" I jumped to see Bob Bryar standing there with Ray and Mikey. "I dyed it." They rolled their eyes. "So do mom and dad know?" I heard Mikey ask and I gaave him a stare. Oh you should know, I am the younger sister to the all famous 'Way Brothers' not even close to how you would imagine it. "Yeah, their pissed." He raised his eyebrows and I walked over to Mika. "I swear, if I ever went on tour. They wouldn't react even half the way they do for Frank." I nodded "Same, my parents get pissed if I dye my hair, while Gerard does it and he gets off the hook." I crossed my arms, we both agree, it sucks to be the younger sibilings to rockstars. "We should hang out more." I said and she agreed hard core. "Course. Us kids need to stick together. I have an idea that I have been needing to tell you." "Shoot." "We should start a ban-" She got cut off by our families yelling for us. "Text me 'kay?" "I don't have my phone right now." I gave her a hug and walked over to my family. "Dude, you listened when I taught you?!" I saw Gerard have a grin of pride on his face, obviously for the eyeliner thing. "What? Alex, why are you doing this? First the hair now that!" I put my hands up in defence." "Can we get something to eat, sorry I haven't eaten in a while." We all turned, when Mikey spoke, you listened, because there was a slim chance he would repeat himself. "Of course." We walked to the car, and thankfully I didn't get the middle. "Honey, why don't you get the middle?" I rolled my eyes, without thinking. "It's fine, she can be my armrest." I felt Gee put his arm on my shoulder as I leaned my head on my other arm. It was a silent car ride, until we reached the resturaunt. We walked in, and saw the other guy's families sitting at a table. "Care to join us?" We heard Ray's father ask "Okay, I guess." I heard my father say. I pulled up a chair in between Mika and Bob. "Cheer up loser." He whispered and I grinned "You first faggot." "I am not sticks." It caught me off guard so I laughed a bit louder than expected. Everyone, I mean everyone turned to stare at me. It didn't help when Bob pointed at me, instead I laughed harder. "Okay, we can tell who's tired." I heard Bob's sister, Payge remark. I grinned, she was one of the nicest people I knew. We ordered our food, I had a BLT, the others, well nothing special. Except Frank. "Your vegitarian?" I asked and he nodded. "You didn't know? Well I am." I flet a bit guilty for being so outright like that. "Don't worry, not the meanest way you can put it. You could of been like the waitor we had once." I looked and all the guys were nodding. "That douche laughed right in his face." I raised an eyebrow, glad that I wasn't rude. "So it's good to see you guys again." I said and they all nodded. "Good to see you too." I heard them say, well except Mikey who just gave a thumbs up, nothing new.
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