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Let's Start a Band!

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Din- Break- I don't know what to call it.
The meal we had at the resturaunt went by quite fast. We ate, we talked, and we laughed.
"Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee move over." I mock complained and he did, which pinned Mikey against the door and window.
"What?! Why am I the victim?" Mikey complained.
"She scares me." Gee joked
"Mwahahahahahahahahaha." We, well me and Gerard laughed, Mikey never really smiles or laughs so he nodded.
"Are you going to kill me in my sleep?" I heard Gerard mumble.
"Yup, right after I kill Mikey."
"Oh hell no. You are not killing me." I grinned
"Yes I am."
"No your not."
"Yes I am.
"No Your not."
"I. DON'T. CARE." We looked and saw a pissed off Gerard sitting inbetween us.
"You two please quiet down." We heard out mom say, trying to keep calm from the front seat.
"What the hell?"
"Alex, watch your mouth."
They snickered, in a way to mock me.

"We're home guys." We heard our father announce about 10 minutes later.
"Gee, wake up." I looked and saw Gerard, sleeping peacefully on his brothers shoulder.
"For the record, you are a good pillow." I raised my hands.
"How the f- Oh, from when we had to leave before tour?" I nodded, that and many times as little kids.
"Here le'mme try. GERARD WAKE THE FUCK UP AND GET YOUR LAZY ASS IN THE HOUSE." I yelled and saw him jump before totally waking up.
I rolled my eyes and walked in the house.
"What? Your not going to carry my things in the house?" I heard Gee go mock diva.
"Nope." I said popping the 'p'
"Whatever!" I grinned and walked back upstairs.
"Please don't kill me in my sleep." I grinned as I walked past Mikey's room.
Me and Mikey had rooms on the second floor, our parents had one on the main floor, which was also where the guest room was. And Gerard got the basement.
I walked in my room, and flopped down on the bed. Hoping for more sleep.

But my phone went off. Couldn't anyone let me sleep?

"Hello?" I asked
"'Kay Alex, this is my idea I tried to tell you earlier." I heard Mika
"We should start a band!" I jumped, she was unknowingly raising her voice.
"Calm down, and one thing. As far as I know we don't know how to play anything."
"That's the best thing about our brothers. I can learn guitar, and you have the choice, bass or vocals."
"Really? I can't sing, and I don't want to use them like that."
"C'mon, just ask for lessons. He won't mind."
"I just said I can't si-"
"Learn bass then!"
"Why? We would need a drummer and another guitarist and a singer."
"Exactly, I have a friend who plays drums and I can sing. We could find another guitarist easily."
"Fine, but if he says no. I won't push."
"So you'll ask?"
"If he says yes you'll do it?"
"Sure. Bye."
"Bye." I heard her squeal. This ment a lot to her.

So with a sigh, I got up and walked across the hall, and down a bit. I knocked 3 times, waiting for a response. If he wasn't there, I would ask later, yeah. Why was I so nervous, this was my brother?
"Come in." I heard him yell
I walked in and saw him on his bed, reading a book.
"Hey. What's up?"
"So I just got off the phone with Mika...."
"Sorry, but how does this include me?"
"She wants us to start a band and.."
"You want to learn bass i'm guessing?" I nodded
"Tommorow, 'cause Bob is coming in about 5 minutes." I nodded and walked out of his room. Of course Bob would be coming over, those two had a hard core bromance.

"GERARD!!!!" I confused walked downstairs to see Frank and Gerard fighting over a pack of skittles.
"What the hell?" I muttered and they looked at me, still fighting for the package.
"Mika called you i'm guessing?" I nodded and he pulled the skittles away.
"Yeah, she wants to start a band I guess." He nodded and offered me some skittles. I happily took them.
"She is pumped about it, don't know why. Bands are hard work." I raised my eyebrows.
"Yeah, you need to write songs, and gah all that shit."
"Tell her that, I am just the supportive friend." They chuckled
"True. So you going over there?" I shrugged
"You should, when I left she looked bored to tears." I nodded once more
"Oh, while your over there, tell her that you two can drop by the studio anytime. Well when we're there." I heard Gerard add as I walked out the door.
I felt the wind against my face, thankfully it was the type of warm wind.
"Hey, so inside?" I nodded
"In his room." I walked about a block to the Iero household.
I knocked and shouted.
"Mika! Come here."
"ALEX?!?!? SO DID YOU ASK HIM!?!?!?!?" I nodded and she squealed with happyness.
"He said it was alright. And Gerard told me to tell you that we can drop by the studio when they are there." I saw her green eyes widen.
"Really?" I nodded and suddenly there were tears going down her face.
"Woah! Are you okay?" She nodded
"Not to sound cheesy, but this is one of the things I have always wanted to happen."
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