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The Difference II

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Harper angst! This is my first Andromeda fanfiction, and I was inspired to write it due to the way his character is being treated this season. Not that I'm complaining - it leaves an opening for al...

Category: Andromeda - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst - Characters: Seamus Harper - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2006-06-23 - Updated: 2006-06-23 - 633 words

Desperate. Miserable. Alone. Seamus Harper could not recall feeling worse. Hohne was dead. Again. And, he had been unable to save him. Again. When Hohne had died the first time, Harper had been devastated. He had done his best to save Hohne, but had not been able to keep him from falling into the slipstream core.

Harper didn't have many friends. Everyone he had known on Earth was probably dead by now. Rommie was ... well, she wasn't exactly around. Beka barely noticed his presence these days, and he wasn't entirely convinced that she would even shout out a warning if a Magog was behind him. He had never been particularly close to Rhade, which was a good thing, from what he could tell about the Nietzschean these days. If they had been close, it would have been even sadder to see how he had gone from a proud, fierce Admiral to a petty paid thug. Trance - he wasn't even sure that she still remembered him, so infrequently had she spoken to him in her most recent incarnation. The one person who had been a comfort to him during his three long years on Seefra had forsaken him in favor of Dylan. It now seemed that Doyle spent her time trying to hang out with anyone but Harpe. Dylan spent most of his time scheming to find a way out of Seefra, and when he did notice Harper, it was because he needed something. Case in point - the teleportation device. Hohne's death. Losing a friend again. The same friend he had lost once before.

The Universe really does hate me, he thought as he ran his hand experimentally above the metallic cube in which Hohne had left his last message. Best friends. For all the good it did you, Hohne. Harper's anger drained away slowly as he sat there in the very room where he had last worked with the brave Perseid. Anger took too much out of him these days. The heat of anger and the heat of the Seefran suns together was just too much for one mudfoot body to take.

Dylan hadn't allowed Hohne to die because he wanted to, Harper knew that. Had this occurred under more normal circumstances - not in Seefra, with the Andromeda fully functional - he would have been better able to understand that. But, coupled with his friends' betrayal, the unfairness of his having spent three years on Seefra when the others had spent far less, and losing one of his few friends, it was too much. He wanted to cry, to yell, scream, throw something, hit someone, anything to make the loneliness stop.

When the Perseid had first entered his workspace, it had been all Harper could do not to hug him. He wasn't entirely convinced that Hohne was real. It had to be some kind of weird, Seefran trick, like Beka's dead father. He shook his head. He still hadn't figured that one out. When he had realized that Hohne was real, that his friend had come back from the dead, that he had a friend here in Seefra, one who would talk to and appreciate him, his urge to hug could no longer be denied. He had known that Perseids weren't exactly huggers, but to his credit, Hohne had not pulled away. The awkward pat on his back had been the only physical gesture of affection he had received from an organic lifeform in three years.

Beka and Trance were on their way back in the Maru. He wondered if they knew yet what had happened. He wasn't holding his breath that either of them would even seek him out to speak with him, let alone offer any sort of comfort. Then again, he allowed himself a small shred of hope that they would.
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