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Lemon Head

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So even though i got no reviews my friend really wants me to post this for her. This will be an all over the place kind of story.

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Lemon Heads: sweet for a second then you get a strong sour taste and often you end up wanting to spit it out but you never do.

"Bye daddy," I yell up the stairs as I run out the door to get to my bus stop.

"Bye sweetie," I hear him yell back before the door slams shut.

"Hi Anna. Hi Ally," I yell at the twins when I see them waiting at the bus stop.

Their mom is there because she can't bare to let her seven year old daughters wait for a bus all by themselves. That and its our first day in the first grade. How could she miss that? My mom would be here too if she didn't have to be at work at six o'clock in the morning.

After we have our usual giggle fit the bus pulls up to take us away to school. Mrs. Miir gives Anna and Ally a kiss on the top of their head. As I walk up to the bus she stops me and gives me one too. He has always done that. I'm like an extra daughter to her.

I wave goodbye to her as we begin to drive away. Anna and Ally have me squeezed in the middle of the seat that we share. We giggle and tell jokes and have a funny little musical in the back of the bus.

We go through the whole day happy as can be. The bus ride home includes another musical preformance. One which made several people give us weird looks but we didn't care.

We got off the bus and parted ways. As I skipped home I was blishfully unaware of the scene awaiting me at home.

I took the short way wanting to get back as soon as possible to tell my mommy how my day was.

"Mommy, Daddy I'm home," I sing into the house.

I hear a crash in responce so I head for the kitchen.

When I peek in I hear dad yell, "I hate you. Its all your fault that my boss passed me over for the premotion." Theres a loud THUMP but I don't know what caused it. "You and that stupid child of yours. You disgust me." Now theres a CRASH.

I whimper and run up to my room. More noises come from downstairs. All of a sudden there is nothing and the house seems to go still. So still that I jump when I here a knock at my door. My mommy walks in with a bruise on her face and alot more clothing than normal. Its 90 degrees outside so she usually is in a tshirt and not the very large sweater that she was wearing.

"Honey don't worry about it. I'm fine. Your daddy is just stressed out. He will get over it and if he doesn't then we will go visit grandma for a long time."

She made me that promise years ago. Dad never got over it. In fact he got worse. We still haven't seen grandma. We still are there. Mom always promising the same thing but she just doesn't know if she can spit out her own little Lemon Head.

Tell me what you think. Great, Okay, The Absolute Worst Thing You Ever Read? please let me know. R&R love you all.
xoxo Ari
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