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Dom/Fertile Frerard. Nuff said.

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Being a fertile was the only thing I hated. The jocks picked on me, the cheerleaders picked on me, Hell, even the nerds did, too. Nobody wanted the fertile around, not even the teachers. And that's why we were split up.

I slung my backpack over my shoulder and closed my locker, only to hear the late bell ring. "Great," I sighed, looking down the hall, checking left and right for any Doms. The dominants were the ones who made me hate who I was, just some worthless fertile. And here they come, right on cue.

Tyler, the leader of the 'popular' Dom group apporached me first, slamming me up against the lockers, "Hey Iero," he grinned, baring his fangs, "Long time no see." Just then, the rest of his group appeared, full of lame jocks and fakes, just who I needed around, "Ready to go, Iero?"

I squirmed and shook my head, trying to break free of his grasp on my neck, only to be punched in the stomach then kicked in the crotch. I let out a gasp and doubled over, laying on the ground. Tyler stood ever me, smirking, knowing his work wasn't yet finished. He spit in my direction, barely missing my head, as he picked me up rougly, shoving me back up against the lockers. He held me there by my shirt and stared, eyes blood red. He was about to punch me again when someone spoke up, "Put him down."

We both turned to the other side of the hallway, curious as we watched the bad ass of all Doms approach us, Gerard Way.

Tyler and his crew stepped back immeditely, hurrying off down the hall, leaving me to drop to the floor. Gerard pulled me up and I was terrified.

I'd never actually encountered Gerard before, but I'd heard of what he's done. He'll beat the living shit out of anyone who gets in his way or fuck any fertile who seems worth enough's brains out. And that's just on a good day. Mess with him, and he'll rip you to shreads.

I looked up into his eyes; they were a dark hazel, but quickly changed to a deep, blood red as he noticed me staring. I pushed him away; I knew what those eyes meant. He obviously wanted blood. And I was the only one here to supply it. I was trapped.

He closed his eyes and stepped back, "What's your name, kid?"

"Uhm, F-Frank." I mumbled, searching for words. He was scary, but so beautiful at the same time. It was dangerous.

"Speak up!" He yelled, shoving me back up against the lockers, his eyes open and now an even darker and deadlier shade of red.

"F-Frank Iero!"

He smirked and brought a hand up to my cheek, stroking it gently, "Tell me, Frank, do you know who I am?" I nodded, "Are you afraid?"
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