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Chapter Three (such a creative title!)

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What Zia and the gang think about MCR and their friends.... NEW UPDATE! ;D Mxo

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Hi! Yup, I've finally updated! This is just a different P.O.V. of the last chapter, but I was really stuck xD So sorry for the filler chapter, but oh well :)
-Zia's POV-
Just as Zia reached her friends, Abbie greeted her by saying "Brendon text me and said he's made some new friends, and he's bringing them to meet us. Looks like that's them over there...' before indicating to a group of teenagers heading their way. Zia couldn't see them properly, but could just about make out Brendon's tall, lean body. Zia turned to her friends and smirked, before saying "Fresh blood? I bagsie the cutest guy. I mean, com'on there's gotta be at least one good looking lad surely?" Her friends burst out laughing, rolling their eyes at Zia's comments. Everyone knew that Zia was fed up of being single and was determined to land herself a guy.
Zia's smirk turned into a full grin as she turned back around and realised that the group had arrived. Her eyes darted around the group before settling on the boy stood directly in front of her. She could hear her friends giggling behind her at the way she was obviously checking him out, but she decided not to glare at them in favour of studying the boy in front of her. He was slightly taller than her, with a scruffy mohawk, the side of his head shaved and a fringe that flopped down into one eye. It was dyed black, and the shaved side was dyed red. His skin was pale, and covered in even more tattoos than Zia. His hazel eyes were lined in red eyeliner, and were glazed over as he stared at the floor, seemingly lost in thought.
Brendon grinned at the group, before loudly saying "Ta-daa!". The teenager in front of her blinked a few times before focusing his eyes on Zia. After a few moments of him staring, she grinned and introduced herself, "Zia Baker.". He blinked, and chewed on his lip-ring before stuttering "Ungh-mff-frank.... Frank Iero." Zia stopped herself from giggling at how cute his nervousness was, and raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to introduce his friends. "Oh!" He said, before pointing at a boy with bright red hair "And, uh, this is Gerard". He then indicated to a tall boy with dirty blonde hair, who was standing next to a tough looking dude with strawberry blonde hair. "Mikey and Bob" Frank said. "Ray" he continued, pointing towards a tall, 'fro supporting guy. Next he indicated to a girl with shoulder length, brown-blonde hair, who was holding hands with Gerard. "Mia... Apple" he continued, pointing towards a girl with black hair, and a knife scar across her forehead. Before Zia could wonder what had happened to her, Frank was indicating to another girl, with long, wavy black hair. "Sapphire..." Next was a girl with red streaked hair, and a girl with long and layered, crimson red hair. "Hollie and Gabriella... And oh, there's Ryan." He finished, pointing towards an extremely skinny boy who was standing next to Brendon.
"Cool." Zia replied, smirking, before pointing out each of her friends. "That's Jali and Sarah... That's Ashley and Sophie, Ashley is a guy by the way" she joked, winking. "And that's Jasmine and Andy" she continued, before muttering "Joined at the hips...."
"You mean lips." Frank interrupted, winking. Zia grinned, flattered by his attempts of flirting.
"That's Abbie, and this is Alicia. And last but not least, cause that'd be bitchy" Zia paused realising she was rambling, and shook her head before carrying on. "Sorry. That's Mary." She turned around to smile at Mary, before realising that Mary was staring intently at Gerard. She realised that everyone was staring at her, and looked away. "Um... Hi."
Mia grabbed Gerard's arm protectively, and glared at Mary. There was a slight awkward silence before Brendon coughed and cheerfully announced "Well, sit down then!" Zia shook her head, laughing. Good old Brendon. She sat down next to Frank, and started to get to know her new friends.
But everybody noticed how Mia wouldn't let Gerard near Mary, and how Mary went to sit with Abbie and wouldn't look at anybody for the rest of lunch.
'Well, this is gonna be interesting.' Zia thought, grinning at Frank.

Ta-daaaaa! ;D I know that the last part is basically the same as Franks POV, but I thought that it works and shows how similar Frank and Zia are? :P
Also, I can just imagine Brendon Urie as the dude who is friends with everyone, can break every awkward moment and is just all round awesome ;D
Anyway, hope you liked it, rate and review pleaaaaaseeeeeeeeee? :)
Stay beautiful, keep it ugly.
Minnie xo
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