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Chapter Four

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How Sophie&Ashley got together, and Abbie suggests a party... NEW CHAPTER! Mxo

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AN: Hey guys I’m back! I think I’ll try and update Look Alive Sunshine one week, and then this the next :) So anyway, sorry if this is really bad, I don’t think this story is very good especially if you compare it to Look Alive, Sunshine. But anyway, here’s the next chapter!
Third Person POV
“Um, hi, I’m Gabriella, but you can call me Gabe!” the pale, crimson-haired girl said cheerfully, sitting down cross-legged next to Ashley and Sophie.
“Hey! I’m Sophie, and this is Ashley,” replied the noirette girl, grinning. “Right. Age?” Sophie asked.
“15, you?” Gabe shot back.
“Both 16” Ashley smirked. “Favourite colour?” he continued, as Andy cut in;“Man, that’s a shit question!”
“Red,” Gabe replied, giggling. “My favourite food is cookies, I hate Brussel sprouts. Skittles and Coke-Zero are the way forward. I love hugs and little kids, I hate homophobes and liars. I’m allergic to dust, and I have “The One and Only” tattooed on my ankle. Anything else you need to know?” she ended smirking.
“Nope, I think we know you pretty well now!” Sophie replied, as everyone started to laugh.
“Okay, so can I ask you something? How did you two get together? Sorry if I’m intruding but-“ Gabe asked, only to be cut off by Ashley.
“No, no, it’s fine! You tell the story babe, you’re better at stories than me.” He said nudging Sophie at his second sentence, gaining her attention. Sophie smirked before sighing, pretending to be reluctant. “Oh, well I suppose if I have to…” she said, causing everyone to laugh.
“Oh no, cause you totally hate telling everybody you meet how you managed to get with Ashley after months and months of obsess8ng over him!” Sarah joked, causing the whole group to burst out laughing again. When the group finally stopped laughing, Sophie settled everyone down and started to tell her story.
“Well, as you may have guessed, Ashley only joined this school about a year ago. When he became friends with us, I suppose I sort of liked-"
"More like obsessed over him," Jali muttered, gaining a few giggles, and twin glares from Ashley and Sophie.
"Anyway," Sophie continued pointedly, "I sort of had a crush on him for a few months and, little did I know, he liked me back! So Zia, being as inpatient as she is-" At this Zia scowled, elbowing Sophie in the ribs. Sophie yelled, "Hey, I'm getting to the good part! So anyway, being the lovely person she is, Zia got fed up of hearing both of us, to use Jali's term, 'obsessing' over each other. And so, being the fabulous, amazing, rich friend she is, she organised one of her infamous parties!"
Sophie was yet again interrupted, this time by Brendon. "Oh man, Zia's parties rock! They're so awesome!" Sophie glared at him, continuing with her story.
"Yes we've established that, thank you Brendon. So, at this party we decided to play 7 minutes in heaven... And Zia convinced me and Ashley to go together and.... Well.... Um...." Sophie cut off blushing.
"They basically shagged on Zia's bathroom floor and have been together ever since! Happily Ever After!" Jasmine said giggling at Ashley's discomfort, and Sophie's obvious embarrassment.
"That ending never gets old!" Alicia said wickedly. The group burst out laughing at the embarrassing ending to Sophie's story. She clearly hadn't thought ahead when she started.
"You know what we should do?" Abbie suddenly announced as the group began to quiet down. Everybody turned towards the usually quite, blonde girl as Zia raised one eyebrow and asked "What?"
"Have a party. We've got even more people, it'd be awesome!" She exclaimed. Instantly, everybody started chatting and agreeing with Abbie.
Zia smiled at Abbie, before loudly announcing "Awesome! So how about tomorrow, 'cause its Saturday? And it can be at my house!"
"Yeah, 'cause your house is fucking huge Zia!" Andy said grinning.
Zia turned to frank and his friends. "So, you guys up for it?"
Frank looked around to see all his friends nodding in agreement. Turning back around, he grinned at Zia and replied with a confident "Sure!".
"Fab!" She smirked. "I'll text you my address and everything?" She said to Frank.
"Um, sure," he replied, grabbing a pen out of Gerard's hand and neatly writing his number on Zia's pale out thrust arm.
"Awesome!" Zia smirked, just as the bell ran. "I guess I'll see some of you later, I'll text everyone the details tonight! Later guys! Bye Frank," she smiled at him, before walking off to her lesson with Abbie and Mary.
AN: So yup, there it is! I’m off for half term this week, so Look Alive Sunshine may be up sooner than expected…. Also, what do you guys think of when I finish this fic, doing personalized one-shots? They’d be MCR, P!ATD, FOB and anything else really. What do you think? :D Anyway, rate+review please!
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