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Chapter Five

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Abbie decides that change is needed. Chapter written by velocity_storm. NEW CHAPTER! M xo

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So guys, here is the next chapter! But there's a catch! Its not by me! ;D my friend Abbie (velocity_storm) and I both got stuck on the chapter's of our stories, and so we swapped! She wrote this, and I'm in the middle of writing her next chapter. I'll post the link when its finished :) anyway, enjoy Abbie's chapter! Xo

Abbie's P.O.V

Too be honest, I didn't really want to have a party, I just wanted to get to know Bob better. Something about him intrigued me, the way his piercing blue eyes caught mine momentarily at lunch had me kind of dazed. I hadn't felt this way since my dad died. I felt love. I know it was stupid as I had only just met him, but I could tell this wasn't just some crush.

As Me, Zia and Mary sat down at the back of our history class, I had a sudden idea.

"Hey, Zia, how about we shock some people at the party?" I said with a smirk.

"Ooh, I like the way you think. Ideas?" She laughed an evil laugh, making me and Mary giggle.

"How about...we, I don't know, um" I muttered, chickening out.

"Oh my god, we should get you piss drunk Abbie, that would be hilarious as hell, and shocking." Mary winked at me, laughing at the idea.

"Let's do that. I always wondered what it'd be like being drunk. And I have another idea too." I smiled.

Now that Mary had said something more weird than what I was going to suggest, I felt a sudden burst of confidence.

"Spill the beans" Zia demanded, winking at me to show she was being bossy deliberately.

"I reckon I should look different, I look to safe. I wanna be somebody else, I'm sick of being the quiet one" I said, getting loud enough that the teacher turned and shot me evils.

"DUDE. That would be awesome. I will help, I have tons of dyes in the bathroom. Don't ask. I just do." Zia smiled at me.

"Okay, I will come by at about seven?" I smiled back.

"Yup, Abbiegail Simmons, prepare to become a fellow rebel." She laughed.

"Hey! What did that make me before?" I yelped in defence.

"A Quiet lovable drummer nerd" she and Mary stated matter of factly.

"You are both lucky you put 'loveable' in there or you will have to pay big time" I narrowed my eyes.
‎​After a few minuets we all burst out laughing, not bothering to copy down the homework into our jotters.


The next two lessons were boring as hell. I ran home as quick as I could and grabbed some clothes. I put them in my old misfits backpack and shoved my toothbrush and drum sticks in too.

I took a long shower and dried my hair. I checked the clock. 6:30. That gave me enough time to get changed and drive my moms car to Zia's. I quickly chucked on an Iron Maiden top and some green tartan skinnies, shoving some worn black converse onto my feet.

I left my mom a note saying I was staying at Zia's and grabbed her keys.

As I drove I found myself thinking about Bob again. The way his soft strawberry blonde hair fell across his face slightly, and the way his blue eyes looked so peaceful...

The ride to Zia's didn't take as long as I thought it would. Maybe the fact I had a certain sexy strawberry blonde on my mind helped a little, and I also may have drove over the speed limit. Maybe. Most definitely.

‎​I walked right into the house without bothering to knock, just like I always did. It didn't surprise me that I could hear Green Day blasting through the massive house, as Zia's parents were always at work, and were rarely home.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cookie off the shelf and a can of pepsi out of the fridge. The fridge was always stocked with plenty of drinks, courtesy of Zia's parents, so we never starved to death.

I nibbled on the cookie and ran up towards the top floor, which was all Zia's room, and saw her playing her guitar in time with Basket Case, that was now playing out of the speakers. I walked over to her double bed and jumped next to her, avoiding breaking her guitar.

I watched her play for a moment, and as soon as Billie joe had finished his last line, she put her prized guitar down and stopped the music.

"That was my last cookie, you are lucky I like you, kid" she smirked at me. I dug my hand into my pocket until I found that I was looking for.

"Here, get yourself another" I winked, throwing some change at her.
‎​"Why thank you petal, now let's get busy" she said, looking confused to why I started laughing.

"That's what he said" I giggled.

"Oh Ha Ha. Now get your scrawny ass of my bed and go to the bathroom. On the counter should be some hair dye. Pick which ever you want." She pushed me of the bed so I fell flat on my ass.

"Thanks Zia, thanks" I giggled.

I made my way to the bathroom and I felt my mouth drop as I automatically saw what colour I was getting.

"Ziaaaa, I found one. Help me dye my hair" I shouted, grabbing the tub of hair dye.

"Ooh, good choice" she smirked.


An hour, and a lot of complaining, later, I was stood infront of Zia's bathroom mirror, staring at my self. The girl infront of me was no longer a frail looking girl, but a girl who looked ready to kill you. She wore green tartan skinnie jeans and a tight leather jacket, her black snakebites shimmered in the light, and her bright purple hair framed her face, making her look like a real badass.

‎​"Wow...that's...purple" I muttered under my breath.

"No shit sherlock, well done" Zia smirked, raising an eyebrow and admiring her work.

"Oh ha ha" I giggled, repeating words Zia had used not to long ago.

"Well, I'm going to bed, I need to get up early tomorrow so I can decorate the house, night Abs" and with that, she turned to her room and skipped off.

I got into an old black hoodie and some pyjama bottoms that say 'these are my zombie killing pyjamas' on them, and wen't back into Zia's bedroom. I sat on the makeshift bed she had put up and lay down with a smile on my face.

Time to party.

So there was Abbie's chapter! -cough totally not inspired by her dying her hair an awesome purple colour cough- so rate and review please!
Stay beautiful, keep it ugly.
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