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Chapter Six

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Its party time! *NEW CHAPTER* M xo

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A.N: omfg guys I'm so sorry this has taken so long! I've not really got an excuse, just writers block, procrastination, GCSE's, the usual... But I'm really sorry:( anyway, I was listening to Stella by All Time Low whilst writing the first part, LAWLS DRUNKEN TUMES! Also, I'm sorry if your character isn't in this chapter, everyone will definitely be in the next one! And can anyone guess what Zia's dress it?;)
The music was loud, practically shaking the ground, as I looked around for Frank. Abbie and I had spent the day getting the house, and ourselves, ready for the party. Frank had texted me, saying that him and his friends would turn up at 8. It was now half 8, and Frank was nowhere to be seen. I turned and looked in the mirror one last time. I was wearing a black military style dress with a high collar and black braiding, paired with my favourite black knee high converse. I grabbed my eyeliner and quickly drew two perfect X's over my eyes, before adjusting the black bandana in my hair and going to find Frank.
I went from room to room, changing my mission from finding Frank to finding one of my friends. I guess word had spread that I was holding another of my infamous parties again because my house was full of people from school, most who I'd never spoken to before. Like I cared. I hoped that they'd wreck the house, it would serve my parents right for constantly leaving me alone. But if they touched my room, shit would go down. As I wandered into the back garden, I spotted Abbie sitting with a group of people. I went over to them, sat down next to Abbie, and looked over the group. Abbie was wearing red tartan jeans and a plain white top with skeletal hands over the boob area. We had agreed that she should dress relatively simple, as to not take away from her newly dyed hair. And judging by the looks Bob, who was sitting on the opposite side of her, kept giving her I think we had made the right choice. Next to Bob was Brendon, wearing his usual skinny jeans and tie combo. Ryan, who sat next to him, seemed to have gone down a similar road. Next to Ryan was Gabe. She was wearing a black tee with 'Divided We Fall' across it, and purple ripped skinnies. This was paired with a purple beanie hat and matching scarf, both of which Ryan seemed determined to steal. Scowling at him, she waved her right hand, which was clad in a black fingerless glove. Next to Gabe was Mary, who was fiddling with her short tarten pink skirt, which was paired with a plain top and patterned tights.
I grinned at the group, before faltering and squinting at them. "Wait. You're all still sober?" I practically screeched at them. Abbie, Mary and Brendon started giggling whilst Ryan, Bob and Gabe looked slightly scared. "Brendon. Boyd. Urie. Its half an hour into a party, and you're still sober! I'm so disappointed! I'll have to find a new apprentice... Hey Abbie, catch this!" I threw a can of Stella at the purple-haired girl. She caught it expertly and I congratulated myself for still having a great arm whilst being slightly tipsy. The group began to giggle as Abbie and I clinked cans before downing them. Suddenly the music changed to Astro Zombies by the Misfits. Then Frank appeared on the patio, winking at our group and yelling "Yo Astro Zombies!" Laughing, I quickly looked over Frank and nearly felt my eyes pop out. He was wearing a red tee-shirt saying 'Homophobia Is Gay', super tight black skinny jeans and black doc martens. Wow, who knew one guy could look so damn good? Shaking myself out of my thoughts I grinned and stood up, walking over to Frank. But not before telling the group "Make sure Abbie gets fucking smashed guys!"
"Hey Zia," frank greeted me, looking me up and down with what seemed to be an appreciative look in his eyes. "You look hot!" He commented, winking.
"You don't look to bad yourself, Iero" I replied, smirking slightly. He laughed, before grabbing my hand and pulling me into the house as the music changed to Thanks For The Memories by Fall Out Boy. "Let's go dance!" He shouted. I grinned at him, before changing out direction to the kitchen. "Sure, but first we need more alcohol!" I replied as we raced towards the kitchen.
Nearly an hour later, I was buzzing from the alcohol and the music. There had been a mix of Misfits, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, All Time Low, Avenged Sevenfold and even some from Frank's band 'My Chemical Romance'.
Speaking of Frank, I'd lost him a while back. Gerard had appeared when we were dancing, and dragged him away. I decided that Gerard had stolen him for long enough, and so I began yet another 'find Frank Iero' quest. I checked the bottom floor and couldn't find the noirette boy anywhere. Sighing, I took my quest to the first floor. As I stumbled into one of the many spare bedrooms, I saw something I wish I hadn't. A boy I didn't know, with short blonde hair, had his hands up some girl's top and they were practically fucking on the bed. That would have been fine, but when I saw who the girl was. It was Mia. As in Gerard's girlfriend Mia. Both of them turned to me with a look of shock on their faces as I swore and backed out of the door. I left the room and resumed my search, this time hoping Gerard was still with Frank. Climbing onto the second floor, I hoped to find them as I really didn't want to journey to the third floor. Thankfully, luck seemed to be in my favour because I found Frank and Gerard sitting on the floor of one of the spare rooms, drinking out of a bottle of vodka and laughing. They both turned around at the same time, waving and giggling. I smiled back slightly, before turning to Gerard and explaining to him that there was something he should see. At this he left straight away. I felt guilty about telling Gerard, but what else could I do? I started as I felt Frank tap on my shoulder, raising his eyebrows. "Something to do with Mia?" He asked. I nodded, which caused him to sigh. "I knew it. It was obvious something like this was gonna happen, they haven't been the same for ages. The only reason Gee's still with her is because he doesn't want to hurt her by breaking up with her. He still likes her, just now its as a friend."
I sighed, and told him "She was practically having sex with another guy, Frank. I don't think she cares about him..." He looked shocked for a moment, before grabbing my hand and saying "Com'on, let's go and get a drink and forget about it for now" I grinned and let him drag me down to the bottom floor.
After another few hours of dancing and drinking the party seemed to have died down and just a few drunken classmates remain, scattered around the house. Apart from them it was just our group of friends left really. The main room was practically empty, with only Sarah and Jali still dancing with Frank and I. They looked perfect together, Sarah wearing ripped skinnies and a Bring Me The Horizon shirt, and Jali in black skinnies and a Misfits tee. Jali had long since abandoned his skate shoes, and both of their leather jackets were flung into the corner.
"Zia? Earth to Zia?" I was pulled out of my thoughts as Frank waved his hand in front of my face. I blinked at him, before realising what he was saying. "The music, Zia! There's no music!" I grabbed my iPod and stuck a random playlist on shuffle. Suddenly, American Idiot by Green Day began blasting around the house. I grinned at Frank and we started dancing wildly.
When the song ended we collapsed on the floor, exhausted. "You know," Frank said, "you've got an amazing voice!" I stopped, not realising that I had been singing out loud.
"N-Not really, I suppose I can just sort of carry a tune...." I mumbled, blushing heavily.
"No seriously." All of a sudden, Frank had sat up and was looking at me eagerly. "You should form a band! Like me, Gee, Mikey, Ray and Bob did!" I grinned, thinking of the opportunity.
"Yeah! I play guitar too! And Abbie is amazing at drums! Wow Frank, that's an amazing idea! I'm gonna go find Abbie, I'll be right back!" I jumped up, speaking at super speed, way too excited by the idea of a band.
After 5 minutes of looking for Abbie I was about to give up, when I stumbled into the lounge. Quickly looking around, I felt my mouth drop at what I saw. In the corner, Abbie and Bob were making out, swapping saliva, feeling up each others tongues, whatever you wanna call it. I giggled and yelled "get in there Abbie!" before running back to Frank.
Breathlessly, I collapsed on top of him, before saying "I think she's a bit..... preoccupied at the moment!" and winking suggestively. Giggling, we rose up and began to dance the rest of the night away.
A.N: Finally! So sorry this took so long, I'm a huge procrastinator.... I'm especially sorry to ABBIE, she's probably the only reason this is here right now! But yeah here it is, and I hope the next chapter'll be up quicker! By the way, Zia and Abbie are forming a band so we need a lead guitarist and a bass guitarist pretty please, just review if you want to :3 anyway, bye for now:3*
Minnie xo
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