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Chapter 2

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Slash blinked, stiffening, before slowly relaxing again and hugging Axl back awkwardly. Axl stayed in the hug, face buried into Slash's shoulder, crying softly. Slash tilted Axl's head up to look at him.

"Why are you crying, Axl?" he asks softly, looking down into Axl's eyes. Axl sniffled.

"I missed you. More than you know. I'm really sorry I had to put all this on you and interrupt your time with your family. I didn't mean to I just didn't know where to go and I remembered I had your number and Duff gave me your address and-" Slash cut Axl off.

"Calm down, Axl. I said it was okay. Chill" he says softly, letting Axl go. Axl nodded and his stomach rumbled loudly, causing him to blush.

"You haven't eaten?" Slash asks, looking at Axl's thin frame.

"I don't eat a lot" Axl says softly, Slash frowned.

"Axl that's not healthy. Food has nutrients that your body needs in it. Come to the kitchen, I'll make you something" he says, turning and walking to the kitchen, Axl on his tail like a lost puppy. Slash walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge, looking around for food. He eventually chose to make some pasta and began boiling the water on the stove. Axl stood in the corner, watching Slash, all the feelings from previous years rushing into him. He was just trying to keep control. Slash poured the pasta into the water after the allotted time had passed and turned to look at Axl.

"Axl, you're not in trouble. You're free to move around if you want to. You don't need to be scared" Slash says, laughing lightly. Axl nodded and walked around the large kitchen, looking at everything while Slash cooked. After a few minutes, Axl walked over to Slash and lay his forehead on Slash's back, causing Slash to stiffen again. Axl didn't care. He was just happy to be in the presence of someone he knew wouldn't hurt him. Slash relaxed very slowly and finished the pasta, seasoning it and then turning and holding the bowl out to Axl.

"Here. Eat this" Slash says matter-of-factly. Axl nodded and took the bowl and the fork that was in it, beginning to eat.

"oh my God your cooking has improved" Axl says happily, smiling and eating more and more until there was nothing left. He hadn't eaten that much in a long time and it made him happy. Slash took his dishes and began to wash them.

"Thank you for this, Slash. I can never thank you" he says softly, unaware that Slash had heard him.

"You'll find some way" Slash says, looking back at him and offering a smile, which was returned immediately. Axl walked out of the kitchen and began looking around. His curiosity got the better of him and he went up the stairs and opened a door, a door he discovered lead to the master bedroom. He looked around.

"Wow Saul has good taste" he says, in awe. He went into the master bedroom and looked at all the pictures on the walls. Pictures of Slash on stage, Slash and his wife, the kids, concerts, and one that Axl would never forget. It was a picture of him and Slash after one of their best concerts. Axl's hair was down and he was wearing the bandana as usual and Slash was in his usual garb and they were laughing wildly with their arms around each other. Axl stared at the picture for five minutes, light tears running down his cheek.

"I miss that. I miss those days..." he says so softly that no normal person would've heard it.

Then again, slash was no normal person.
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