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This is where you'll be staying

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Ebony arrives in Fulham, and at her bestfriend's flat.

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The rest of the journey went by fast. Although it took 2-3 hours, the thought of been away from my childhood was making me a lot happier. I would start again, I would start afresh in Fulham. I put my phone and iPod into my pocket, and pulled my bag over my shoulder. Stefan and Dru got up and started walking off of the train, I followed behind them. Stefan turned around to me.

"Where you off to, Ebony?" I looked at him, did he really care where I was off? I'd tell him anyway.
"Quenington Mansions" I said, "but I'm not sure where it is". I honestly didn't, my best friend had only told me what it was called. She probably expected me to get directions off of someone.
"That's where we are off," Dru said, laughing softly.
"Yeah, you can come with us," Stefan added smiling.
"Really? Thank you guys." I smiled and we started walking to Quenington Mansions. Stefan and Dru asked me a lot of questions, like why I was in Fulham, and what I did. I gave them odd answers, trying to avoid the reason that drove me away from Leeds the most. All the time we were walking, I was starting to take a liking to these guys. They had mentioned that they were in the band that they had been talking of earlier, The Midnight beast, with another one of their friends called Ashley. They had been in Leeds visiting a close friend, and were now on their way home.

We arrived outside. "Thank you, honestly, thank you." I said, smiling at Dru and Stefan.
"It's okay," Stefan replied, "it was nice having the company."
"Yeah, better than just having to talk to Stefan all the time," Dru added. I let out a little laugh. "if you need us, at all, just give us a call." Dru handed me a piece of paper. I shoved it into my pocket without looking at it, and thanked them again, before walking to my best friend's flat.

"Poppy!" I called, walking through the door. She had told me to come straight in as soon as I arrived.
"Ebony!" She shouted, running into the main room, and attacking me with a hug.
"Hello to you too," I said, pulling away gently. I placed myself onto her sofa, crossing my legs.
"Did she kick you out?" Poppy asked worried.
"Pretty much," I replied. Poppy gave me a quick hug.
"And this is all you've got?!" She exclaimed. I looked down at myself. I was wearing black dunks, black skinny jeans and a green hoodie.
"Yup. She was being...just as forceful as usual. I barley got my bag packed, yet alone an entire suitcase." Poppy nodded, understanding.
"Well let's go shopping for new clothes. Don't worry, I'll pay!" I smiled, and laughed at my friends eagerness. She'd do anything to go shopping.
"Can I at least put my bag into the spare room?" I asked. She nodded and I skipped to the spare room, hearing Poppy laugh as I went.

The bed was already made. I sighed happily, I'd be living with my best-friend. Chucking my bag onto the bed, I pulled out my money and placed it into my hoodie pocket. This was going to be good. I walked out of the room, and Poppy was stood at the door, ready to go. "That was quick," I said. She nodded and opened the door, signalling for us to go.
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