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How about a welcome party?

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Poppy finds out Ebony met The Midnight Beast.

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Poppy and I walked around Fulham, going into nearly every clothes shop we could find.
"So, how was the 3 hour trip here?" Poppy asked, as we walked into a shop, which I hadn't quite caught the name of. As soon as we were inside, a red dress caught my eye. Me and Poppy walked over to it.
"Well...I met these guys, t-" I was interruted by Poppy wolf-whistling. I gave her a quick whack on the arm, and she shut up. The dress, we had walked to, had several under-skirts, making it puffy. It looked beautiful. "Like I said," I carried on, still looking at the dress, "I met two guys, one of which I had ran into, around 30 minutes before I got to the train station." Poppy nodded, and pulled the dress, I had been looking at, off of the rack, and handed it to me.
"You can go try it on later, when I find a dress." I nodded happily, as we carried walking around the shop, stoping at several racks, to find a dress for Poppy. "So, these guys. Did you find out anything about them? Are they cute?" Poppy winked at me, before turning back to a pink dress she had in her hands. I sighed at my friends question, it was a typical thing for her to say.
"Yes, I guess you can say they were cute," I laughed, "they also mentioned they were in a band, with another one of their friends." I added, nodding with approval as Poppy held up the dress.
"A band? What band?" She asked, as we made our way to the changing rooms.
"A comedy band. The Midnight Beast, I believe." Poppy turned around, her mouth dropped.
"The Midnight Beast?" She exclaimed, a bit too loud. People in the shop started to look at us. I shuffled Poppy into the changing rooms.
"Yes, The Midnight Beast." I said calmly, "why is it such a big fuss?"
"It's, The Midnight Beast, Ebony, The Midnight Flipping Beast!" She replied. I shook my head and walked into a 'cubical', closing the door, I changed into my dress. Walking out, I stood outside the door.
"You done yet, Poppy?" I called, as she walked out of the 'cubical' opposite me. "Wow!" I said. The pink dress clung to her in all the right places, and her blonde hair fell by her shoulders, topping it off. She looked beautiful. "You look amazing, definetley get that!"
"You too, Ebony! We're keeping these." She demanded, walking back in to get changed. I did the same, we paid for the dresses, and then made our way home.

Our arms were full with bags, when we got back to the flat. Poppy un-locked the front door, and we both walked in, putting the bags infront of her sofa. I sighed, and fell back, onto the couch.
"So, about The Midnight Beast." Poppy said, sitting down beside me. I sighed.
"Did you get one of their numbers? And which two did you meet?" I laughed, I knew Poppy would be asking me a lot of questions about them now, I didn't even know who they were really. Just a couple of people out of a band.
"Stefan and... Dru...I think." "Dru gave me this," I pulled a little piece of paper out of my jean pocket and un-folded it. 11 numbers were scribbled across it. Preferably a phone number. I handed it to Poppy, and a huge grin spread across her face. "What?" I asked, knowing she was up to something.
"You can ring them." Poppy said.
"Yeah, I can." I answered curiously.
"And then we can invite them out." She added. I laughed.
"Seriously? I only just met them. Plus Dru said to ring if I NEEDED anything. I don't need anything."
"Well I NEED them to come out with us." Poppy said, looking at me.
"But we weren't even going to go out?"
"Yeah, but we can now. It can be a welcome party, for you. Please!" Poppy pleaded and put on puppy-dog eyes. I sat there, shaking my head at her and giggling for a minute, before deciding.
"Okay. But only so we have a good excuse to wear those dresses." I gave in, taking the piece of paper back.
"Thank you!" Poppy exclaimed, jumping out of her seat.

Dialling the number into my phone, I hit the call button, and then put it on speaker. Poppy was excitedley squealing next to me. You'd think if she lived in the same place as her favourite band, she might have known them. I shook my head, and let out a small laugh, as a person at the other side picked up the phone.
"Hello" I didn't recognise the voice at the other end.
"Um, hi. Is this Dru?" I asked softly.
"No...It's Ash. But this is Dru's phone." He said. The way he spoke sounded like he was about to burst into laughter. I heard someone shout at the other end of the phone 'give me my phone back douche!'. Me and Poppy let out a laugh, as we heard Ash and someone else fight over the phone. Then Dru's voice came to the phone.
"Hi, who is this?" He asked
"Um...It's Ebony, from earlier."
"Oh hi Ebony!" He said, "what can I help you with?"
"Well my turns out she's a big fan of your band. And she... we were wondering if you wanted to come out tonight, all three of you, with us. It's kind of a welcome party...for me."
I heard Dru turn away from the phone, and three muffled voices. Me and Poppy looked at each other. Poppy had a huge smile on her face.
"Yes, we shall." He said. Poppy let out a little squeal, and I laughed.
"Okay. us where you dropped me off at... let's say... 7?"
"Of course. I'll see you there then Ebony. Bye."
"Bye, Dru."

I hung up the phone, and Poppy ran excitedly to her room. It was time to get ready, I guessed.
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