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Pick your Poison

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Frank and Lindas mysterious visitor :)

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Hey kids! :) xxx this is where the story changes up a little bit :)

Franks POV
"Hello there, i'm so sorry but my clutz of a son needs to borrow some of your time if thats cool?" I hear a mans voice boom. Oh fucking wonderful, a protective father's little boy fell off the slide in the playground. Queue, screaming six year old. But to my surprise no sound comes, not even a whimper comes from my doorstep. Instead, in walks a tall skinny boy with a gash down his knuckles closely followed by his father dressed in blue overalls. "Ah sorry, i hate being interupted through dinner, my son here isn't exactly coordinated. We were renovating that cottage just across the way and he drilled his hand. Should've known he was gay when i first realised he sucked at building work." His father chuckled at his own little dig while my mother eyed him curiously, a complete look of confusion.

I tried to occupy myself by looking around the room. Just not at the boy who was standing before the sink, muttering profanities as his crimson blood dripped across the palm of his hand. He was captivating somehow. Captivating, like the way i found my best friend captivating.... No, i wasn't gay. I swear i'm not gay, fuck he was gay, oh no, no frank you don't want him, really you don't! I like girls, i have Georgia you see. A girl, a pretty, wonderful girl and no boy could wreck what we have. Not even if he is sweet, adorable and fucking gorgeous.

"Fuck Frankie stop it!" I blurt out realising i had yelled out loud.
"Frank?" Mom raises her eyebrows at me.
"Uhh." I groan hiding behind my hair as my skin burned.
"Sorry about my son. I tell him about his language all the time believe it or not. Clearly he doesn't listen." She rambles on to the graying man.
"Ah don't worry. Boys, they're all the same just like mine over there. Can't handle DIY and can't speak a sentence without effing and blinding about something." He laughs again as his son shoots him a death glare.
"Fuck you dad!" His thick jersey accent fills the air and he smirks at his father.
" See. such a well mannered boy." His dad getting his revenge. "Alright then we'll get going, let you finish your food in peace. Thanks for the hospitality." And both of them leave smiling at my mother.

"Frank! You made a real show of yourself then! What is wrong?" My Mother sits down opposite me moaning and whining as per usual.
"Uh, i'm going to Dayles." I say, storming out and waiting to just fall asleep and forget everything cursed event that has happened today.
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