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Wallpaper and Scissors

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Meet Papa Way and Gerard Way :)

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Hey guys! Slight mix up now! We're gonna meet the other half to this story. :) xx

Gerards POV
Well that had been awkward. Waltzing into a strangers house with huge crimson droplets leaking all over their immaculate and no doubt expensive floors. I knew coming to help Dad was a mistake, but i had a point to prove, not only to everyone else but to every other homosexual male out there. Just because we liked other guys didn't make us weak or girlish or sissy as some may say. No, we could be as masculine as we very well pleased. It was just a shame i couldn't concentrate long enough on drilling in the right position.

Now my hands all bandaged up and Dad has set me onto drawing some designs onto the all too plain wallpaper for what will be a Baby Nursery. "Yellow and Blue they want son, apparently it's going to be a boy. God, i remember the day you came out of your mothers-" He begins staring dreamily into empty spaces. "Okay Dad, I don't need any more details. Anyway, i thought it was the mothers who were prone to all that "my little boy" and nostalgia stuff." I pointed out.
"You my little soldier, are special to me and your mother. You and your brother made our marriage complete." He says still staring and doing absolutely no work. And as if he still calls me that? Mikey and I had always been the apple of our parents eyes. We knew that and appreciated that very much. I especially appreciated it where Dad was concerned.

You see, my Dad Donald, well he and my mother did temporarily divorce. He even moved out of Jersey for months to live with this girlfriend he had called Kate. Eventually, my mother had a new boyfriend too and he moved in with us. Dennis his name was. This is where it all went wrong, but yet somehow it turned out just right. Better than ever before. I came out to my mother and brother and they were so accepting and easy going, the usual things. "You're still the same amazing person to us." And the good old "Homosexuality isn't important, it's who your happy with. Male or Female." As said by Mrs Donna Way AKA Mama Bear who is currently on a cruise with the Littlest Way. It was Dennis that had an issue, he beat me to a pulp there and then. Mikey and my Mother trying to pull him off of me, screaming for mercy as he raged at me like a crazed animal. Mum sent him packing right away, and when Dad found out? Well to cut a long story short Dennis' nose has never healed properly and is all bent on one side and my mother and father were remarried six years ago. Since then, we Ways have been a team. Sticking together through thick and thin. No matter the consequences.

"Say, what was with you and that lad in that house just then?" My Dad questioned, his gaze now falling on me. I stopped drawing the duckling i was working on and looked up at him. "Huh?" I simply ask the crazed dude i call Dad. "Son, i can read you like a book. Written in english of course. You were hiding from him. You like him don't you? It's okay, you know. I mean his Mom was hot, no wonder he's not half bad." My dad reasons with me.
"What?! You were checking out his Mother?!" I ask bewildered by the mysterious mind of Donald Way.
"Well, i had to be occupied. You were checking out herson?" He smiles smugly and returns to work, painting th skirting boards brilliant white.
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