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Chapter 4

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He heard her cry, but this was the one child who's help would just make her life worse.

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My father's last words to me were to "If you want to remember me, then you can do one thing, that's all, one thing. Have a good life. Do that for me, Alba. Have a fantastic life." I can't believe that I have not cried until now. I guess it was the whole idea of dad being a clone and there being an exact repica of him somewhere in this universe. Only, there's not. There's only one you dad, I wish you could come back to me.

Alba sighed at the thoughts that raced through her head and nervously pulled at her large ears. She wanted nothing more then to be back in boring old Mounds, Oklahoma where a dust storm was an almost anual occurance and their was a parade for every major, or minor, event. "I want my daddy" Alba cried softly as a single tear fell down her acne ridden face and onto her pillow.

From outside of the room the Doctor heard a child's cry but, this was one child who's troubles he could only make worse.
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