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Chapter 5

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Alba tells her (shorter version of her) story...the real one

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"What was she like, you're mum?" The Doctor asked Alba seven weeks after she had first arrived on the TARDIS
"I already told you Doctor," Alba replied warily,"she died when I was four, how should I remember her?"
"Well," said the Doctor,"You are one quarter Time Lady, which means you have clear memories starting, if my calculations are correct, and they are, oh...when you were two years old."
Alba bowed her head and sighed in defeat,"Alright Doctor, you win, this is my story...

"When I was four years old my mother and father had brought me to see our family in England. I was with my Uncle Tony who, as he knew nothing about what babies like to do, was showing me his video game collection. I was marveling at how his tastes in electronic gaming was very violent and more than a bit frightening when it happened, Tony began to gag. I looked at him and felt very alarmed and did what all alarmed toddelors would do in a situation like that, I cried. Next thing I know, I can't cry anymore and it's getting harder and harder to breath. Then...I wake up..."

The Doctor put a hand on Alba's back and urged her to continue,"Where did you wake up?"

Alba gulped in a breath of fresh air and returned to telling the story,"I am in a hospital and I'm in an incubator and daddy's there and as soon as I wake up he fetches the nurse and gets me out of the hospital as soon as possible. Next thing I can remember happening is being put in a black coloured dress that scratched my skin and sitting on a hard wooden bench with only my daddy. I asked him where mommy had gone a few times but he only started to cry and looked away. I learned what really happened years later when I was eleven and my friend Meagan and I thought it might be fun to look up our names on her brand new hand-held computer. When I looked up my name I clicked on the first link that brought me to a website set up in memory of my mother, my uncle, my grandmom, my granddad, and everyone else who died in Tyler Manor that fateful day from a poisonous gas attack. It had been aimed at my granddad by a group against the Torchwood team. The group had caused a Monoxide leak to occure at the Manor and everyone, except for dad and me, was killed. I guess I survived with my father because we both have some Gallifreyan blood in us...I know it's silly to pretend mom died of cancer but, I just like people thinking it happened that way instead of the truth."
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