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Chapter 12

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The beginning of reception AND COMPETITION.

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Chapter 12

Cassie’s P.O.V
We walked into a large hall and everyone sat down in their seats. It had taken forever to make the seating plan, who knew doing something like that could be so stressful?
After a while of speaking food was brought out and we all sat eating and talking, loads of people came and congratulated us pulling us into hugs. Frank and I also shared loads of kisses. Then it was time for the best man speech. Ray stood up and began.

A/N OHMYGOD I really am no go at writing speeches SO. Competition time. I need six speeches.
Everyone who sends one I will write a personalised one shot (Please send details of yourself and story with speech) also send your username and I will put who wrote it :3 send it toooo
And the people who's speeches I pick will get a three shot. Fair?
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