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Chapter 3

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Taken at a young age by the ancient Elven magus Faeron, Harold "Harry" James Potter was raised away from mortal England in Celdrasyl, the last bastion of Old Knowledge..And the last Kingdom of Old ...

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Chapter 3

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All was peaceful in Hoggy, Hogwarts. In the owlery a white hawk glares at a brown owl who keeps trying to hop closer, only to be pecked and tossed out the window somehow. Only for him to fly back in and return to his annoying actions. In the Ravenclaw tower, Harry sits in a window sill in the common room staring out at the Forbidden Forest. He sighed, a small spider crawling through his fingers.

He clicked open the window, saying good bye to the spider in Elfish and letting him crawl out. Clicking the window shut, he stretched out hopping off the window sill looking up at the stairs to the dorms. Just in time to see a tired Hermione walking down them, her bushy hair standing in all directions. "Sleep well, Hermione?"

The girl simply mutters sleepily as she grabs Harry's arm dragging him out of the common room, Harry snickered calling his staff over before they left. "That's a yes? No? Perhaps you just need something to give a cuddle to?" Harry said innocently, unknowingly causing Hermione to blush from a unconscious flirt.
As they enter the Great Hall, Harry looks around spotting a girl with long black hair over at the Slytherin table. Catching her eye, he uses his staff to wave which she shyly returns. 'Hmph, Faeron was right…Humans are odd.' Shaking his head lightly, he settled down at the table. Licking his lips as he grabs some toast munching on it idly.

"Harry, I think that's our new Defense teacher." Harry grunted, looking up absently only to start choking on his toast in shock. "W-What the hell!" Chatting with Professor Flitwick was the one, the only, the ancient, Faeron. "W-What the hell is he doing here?" Hermione blinks. "You know him?" Harry nods absently, banging his head on the table. "My grandfather, Faeron."

"Someone say my name?" Harry yelped in shock nearly falling off the bench as he glared up at his grandfather. "Why didn't you tell me you were going to be a professor here, Grandfather?" Faeron smiled innocently. "I didn't? Strange, I'm sure I did." Shaking his head the old elf looks at Hermione with a kind smile. "What's this? Have a girlfriend already Harold?"

Harry turned bright red, slamming his head onto the table. "She's not my girlfriend." He hissed at Faeron, ignoring desperately that Hermione herself was bright red. "If you say so, if the way you and her blushed I might have to place warning charms in our home to make sure you keep your hands to your self." Harry blushed bright red, glaring at Faeron. Who just smiled innocently at Harry, shifting through his robes. He held out two pieces of parchment. "Yours and your girlfriend Hermione's Schedule." As they take the parchments Harry mutters darkly. "I'll get you back for this." Faeron smirked. "Sure you will little one." He nodded to Hermione, turning and leaving for his classroom.

"Git." Harry sighed, looking at his schedule he sighed darkly. "Defense to start the day off with the Hufflepuffs." Hermione nodded, grabbing her bag. Sighing the two left to start the day.

Faeron hummed softly, stepping past the tiny human children who stare up at him in shock. You'd think they'd be used to giant men; Rubeus is a large man after all. Then again, he's looking like a giant version of Dumbles right now. He grumbled and once he was in the classroom, his beard which was down to by his belt shrank up to his collar bone. "Much better!" He looked around blinking lightly; he flicked his hand all the windows opening with a bang. "Honestly did a Vampire live in here before me?"

He shook his head with a sigh, settling into his chair while a bit of chalk wrote down 'Professor Faeron'. He rested his chin on his folded hands in thought, practically this 'Hermione Granger'. The girl was a good looking human as creepy as that sounds from him. Bah, Harry will forget her with just the slightest feel of the Veela's charm over Christmas….At least he hopes; he barely was able to get Celdrasyl to accept Harry. Let alone Harry with a human mate.

He pulls a small parchment from his robe, folding it open with a worried frown. IT was a bonding offer; Arielle was being offered to be bonded with Harry. Completely with Arielle's eager acceptance if her rather sloppy hand writing meant anything. He ground his teeth lightly. "I'll deal with that over Christmas." Shaking his head, leaned back setting his pipe between his lips as he waits for his students.

Surprisingly enough his wait was rather short as a group of students with Ravenclaw colors slipped into the room, he noted Harry slipping to the back of the room slipping next to a dark skinned human girl. 'Patil, I believe.' Blowing out a bit of smoke, it takes the form of a Minotaur floating about the room. The students gasp commenting on the strange magic as the Hufflepuffs slipped into the room, eyeing the old man curiously.

Faeron stood with a small grunt, eyeing the class. He puffed his pipe lightly, brushing his hair back to reveal his ears. Noting with amusement that their eyes suddenly grew a few sizes, fun class. "Greetings, I am Professor Faeron. And I'm the one who'll teach you how defend yourself, how fight. And how to survive." From the back of the Hufflepuffs came a snort. "Amused, Mr. Finch-Fletchley?" Faeron cocked an eyebrow at the brown-haired boy. The Hufflepuff grinned up at Faeron. "How can an old elf teach us anything about defense?" Harry scowled, fiddling with his wand. This was just the shrunken staff.

Faeron frowned at the boy. "Twenty points from Hufflepuff and you'll be my test subject today. Come to the front." When did he twisted around a wand suddenly appearing in his hand. "Stupidfy!" The Hufflepuff's eyes widen as the red light slams into his chest, knocking him back onto his rear.

Faeron flicked his wand, the boy floated about three feet above the ground. The elf flicks his wand up and down causing the boy to bounce in the air. "You need to learn to respect your teachers, and I assure you. I'm more then capable to teach you combat Mr. Finch-Fletchley." He flicked his wand causing the boy to drop unceremoniously to the ground. He grumbled rubbing his rear as he returned to his seat.

Faeron smirked, winking at the class before turning back to his seat. "Open your textbooks to page one hundred and seventy four. We'll start simple by learning about Pixies."


Faeron sighed, staring around the empty classroom. He leaned forward, puffing his pipe lightly as he looked over a small parchment. "Hmm…Perhaps…" He shook his head, tossing the Satyr's bonding request away. "No, Harry doesn't like chickens last I checked…" He blinked shaking his head with a sigh. "Bloody hell, you'd think they'd be less willing to bond with a human but hey! This is a good one apprantly, bah. He's still a boy, I can't do anything yet." He looked up staring into the shadow of the classroom. "…I need to stop talking to my self." He sighed quietly, standing up. Looking at the window, curiously eyeing the forest.

He blinked, narrowing his eyes as he eyes a black figure rushing through the forest. "By The All-Father, I must be losing my mind." He shook his head, tapping out his pipe and leaving to his chambers.

Harry slowly walked along the beach of the lake, humming a song under his breath quietly. His emerald eyes dance around the lake curiously before hopping back up to the castle. A light caw sounded as Hedwig landed on the tip of his staff, he smiled at his partner. "That owl still bothering you Hedwig?" The hawk cawed idly, fluffing her wings indignantly. "Well, it's flattering?" The hawk simply stares at the boy. "Alright, alright. It's annoying; by Zeus you're in a mood."

The hawk flutters her wings, nipping the boy's ear affectionately before flying off. He shook his head, returning to his walk. "Hello!" He jumped, looking around. "Hello?" A little pink light flew up in front of him. "Hi!" He blinked. "A…Fairy? What the hell?" The fairy flew about before landing on his staff. "I'm Bella."

"Err…I'm Harry." The fairy nodded. "I know! I saw you before in Celdrasyl. Faeron sent for me!" Harry narrowed his eyes. "Why?" Bella shrugged. "Said something about how you might need a bit of guidance since he's busy." Harry rolled his eyes. "I'm perfectly capable of looking after my self." Bella giggled. "Sure you are, but that doesn't mean you don't need advice my lord." Bella stood on top of his staff giving Harry a curtsey.

"Oh, don't call me that Bella." The fairy nodded and saluted. "Yes sir!" Harry snickered softly, continuing his walk toward Hogwarts. "So…What all mighty guidance do you got for me?" The fairy grinned widely. "Simple! Faeron said something about how he spotted something dark in the forest and has been feeling a strange chill lately. He wants me to keep an eye on you; he's a mother hen sometimes."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "In other words, he felt something bad and thinks it may come after me?" Bella nodded eagerly. "Why me?" The Fairy shrugged. "Hell if I know, he's probably just being a worry wart."

Harry snickered and nodded. "Likely, he is just being one. Hmm, I'm having a sudden craving for pumpkin juices." He grinned at Bella. "To dinner!" The little fairy cheered, hopping onto her new friend's shoulder.
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