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Chapter 4

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Taken at a young age by the ancient Elven magus Faeron, Harold "Harry" James Potter was raised away from mortal England in Celdrasyl, the last bastion of Old Knowledge..And the last Kingdom of Old ...

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Harry Potter and the Philo-Eraser Marks Path of the Mystics

Chapter 4

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Harold Potter hums softly as he walks into the Great Hall, the tiny fairy relaxing on his shoulder with her bright eyes closed. Of course, the little ball of light on his shoulder earns him more then one eyebrow raises including one Albus Dumbledore raising an eyebrow at Faeron, whom only sends a smile in return.

Sitting at the table and letting Bella sit on the table swinging her legs until he hands her a grape cut like a jack-o-lantern. She grins biting into the grape, humming at the good taste. Harry chuckled, setting to work at eating the food set before him. The Indian girl Padma Patil raises an eyebrow at the strange boy. "…You do know you have a light on your shoulder?"

Momentarily shocked by the girl's grasp of the obvious, Harry looked at his shoulder and faked a gasp. "By the Gods! You are right!" Padma rolled her eyes pointedly ignoring the raven-haired boy as he snickers with the little fairy. Sadly, fate decided to fuck with them as the doors banged open a student from Gryffindor running in. "T-Troll!" The students gasp, the hall becoming deathly silent. "There's a troll in the dungeon!" The boy panted, his eyes wide in fear as he stumbles forward. "T-Thought you aught to know." The boy fell forward with a thunk as he passed out.

It was at that moment that hell broke loose, the students started panicking and screaming until Dumbledore roared out. "Silence! Prefects! Escort the students back to their Dormitories." Harry nibbled on his lower lip, looking around for Hermione. "'Mione?" Looking to Padma. "Where's Hermione?" The Indian girl's eyes widened. "I…I heard her crying in the girls loo near the…D-Dungeons." Padma gasped in fear, attempting to grab Harry's arm before he suddenly rushed away, his emerald eyes shining with determination.

His staff coming to him with pure will he bangs on the girl's bathroom door. "Hermione!" A few sniffles are heard. "H-Harry? G-Go away!" A bang is heard as a large troll shaped shadow is seen down the hall. "…Oh shite." Harry pushes into the bathroom, Hermione sitting in the corner with her face red from crying. "H-Harry? This is the girls-." Sadly, little Hermione is cut off as the door get busted open by the large, dumb looking troll.

Harry jumped, standing in front of Hermione with his staff at the ready speaking in plain Elven. "Back or be hurt, Dwema-borne." The troll seemed taken back, looking confused at the human before giving a roar raising his club to crush the annoying boy.

Harry lifts up his staff stopping the club before it hits them, his arm shakes as he desperately pushed up against the club. Thankfully, his young magic was strong enough to do such the large wooden weapon shot up slamming into the troll's face making him fall back with a loud 'BANG' as he dropped unconscious.

Harry groaned leaning heavily on his staff as such an action drained his still growing magic core. His emerald eyes opened to see the teachers standing at the door in shock. Even Faeron is shocked by this, he knew the boy was strong but to be so strong while his core was so early in growth…His training must increase, otherwise he might not be at his full strength.

Dumbledore on the other hand stared, scared that his future weapon may be too strong to control. Shaking his head, he slowly approached Harry just as he fell on to his knees. His staff rolling away to be grabbed by Hermione who tightly but still somewhat gently hugged him thanking him with light hiccups.

Harry smiled weakly before his world started to blur then finally, blackened.

When his eyes opened again, Harry was treated to the bright lights of the medical wing. Muttering darkly he starts to sit up only to find he's weighed down by a fluffy, brown lump named Hermione whom is resting her head against his chest.

Groaning softly he laid back down, not having it in him to wake up the sleeping girl. Faeron is sitting across the room, looking up when he heard the groans. "Ah, your awake excellent. Now, you passed out due to going over the limit your magic core can handle."

Harry tilted his head. "What's the limit?" The elf lifted a paper on a clip board. "Oh, I say…GOING TOE TO TOE WITH A TROLL!" Harry winced, shrinking down into his bed. "What in the name of the gods were you thinking?" The elf glares down at him, his arms folded. "I had to help Hermione!" Harry shoots back, returning the glare boldly.

Faeron holds the glare silently before sighing softly. "…Outside my guardian instincts, I am proud of you for helping the girl-" He's cut off a bright light crashes into Harry's head hugging his cheek tightly. "Boss! You scared me! Never run off without me again!" Bella squeaked, glaring at him as she hugs him. Harry rolled his eyes at the fairy. "Fine, I'm sorry….How did a troll get into the castle." Faeron sighed, stroking his beard. "I wish I knew Harry…That troll seemed to come from no where…There's something going on that Albus isn't telling me I'm sure."

Harry nodded slightly. "I have a feeling your right…" Faeron sighed. "…You'll be staying in the hospital wing for a couple days until your magic core can regenerate, you nearly blew yourself up with that display…Speaking of which, fifty points to Ravenclaw for helping another student and another twenty for impressive spellwork." Faeron grinned deviously. "That'll make Snape's head spin."

Harry snorts softly in laughter, grinning widely. "I'll leave you alone, Harold." The tall man left humming softly to himself, Harry yawned widely. Glancing at Hermione and slowly sliding from under her, looking around quickly he redressed and took his staff from Bella.

Slowly they escaped. "Where we goin'?" Harry looked around before hurrying to the stairs. "The third floor…"

"But it's against the rules?" Harry walked up the stairs, slipping into the Third floor hallway. "And? Obviously something in there must be causing it…" Bella tilted her head curiously. "Alohomora."

The large door clicked open and the two slipped in, closing the door with a soft click. The young boy looked around, freezing in place as he looked up to a large, groggy Cerberus. "…Oh shit." Soft growls come from two of it's heads, the middle still sleeping. "Sleep!" He hissed out a blue orb shooting out and striking the beast, who shakes it's heads before falling back down snoring softly.

Smirking, he glances around the room and spots a trapdoor. After a rough encounter with some devil's snare and a wild flying session, young Harold comes before a chess board. Frowning in thought, he glances over at the enemy King. Stepping on the board he raised up his wand. "Wizard to King space one." He grinned, firing a bludgeoning curse at the king toppling it over. "Checkmate."

Surprisingly, this worked the door clicked open to reveal a useless room that Harry easily walked passed to a potion puzzle. Humming in thought he waved his wand. "Reveal the truth."

The potions then changed, the poisoned ones gaining a sickly green aura. The nettle wine gaining a red aura, another getting a purple aura and the last a black aura. Smiling he drank the black one and headed through the flames.

Soft clicks sounded as the young human walked with his staff, coming to a round room with a large mirror in the center. As Harry approached it, slowly in the mirror it revealed an older him. His hair short and messy with black robes and his holly staff tightly in hand with a long Elvish katana in his other hand, behind him Harry could make out various women but all of their faces were hidden…Only one he could see and it was Hermione.

He glanced at the mirror Harry's staff and noticed a strange gem at the top. The mirror Harry smiled at him and gestured to the top of the mirror and made a motion for him to blast it.

Nodding firmly, Harry lifted his staff and spoke in Elvish. "Hammer!" With a cannon like –boom- a orange orb slammed into the top of the mirror a red gem flying out to be caught by Harry.

The moment the stone hit his flesh he felt a rush of power and knowledge, shaking slightly he looked at the mirror and saw himself wink before vanishing. The red gem started to shift, turning a deep blue with Elvish, Dwarven and various other fey runes being inscribed upon it in a bronze tone.

"Ravenclaw's colors?" He muttered before out of reflex setting the stone on the tip of his staff, the runes in the wood glew as the tip spread gripping the gem into it in an unbreakable grip. Shifting it to a wand, which appeared to have the stone in the handle he stuffed it away leaving quickly back up top.

As he left up into Fluffy's room, a loud inhuman yell sounded below him in the chambers below. Gasping softly, he slammed the trapdoor shut locking it tightly with a spell before running out of the room to find his Grandfather. "Grandfather!"
Faeron was relaxing in his class room enjoying a nice cup of Dwarven tea when his rather rude grandson came a-knocking. "Harold! What are you-?" Harry shifted his wand to staff form, showing the old elf the gem. "Look! I…Found it."

The Elvish man gasped softly, reaching out and brushing his fingers over the ever smooth surface. "…The Philosopher's Stone…Where…?" Harry hesitated and shook his head. Frowning but accepting it, Faeron fell back into his chair. "…It's bonded with you, fused with your staff to connect to your very magic…I cannot help but wander what this will mean…"

Harry gave a warm smile, his eyes already showing wisdom beyond his years. "We'll have to wait and see the fate the gods wish for us, Grandfather." Sigh, the old man couldn't help but think the boy was right. Leaning forward he ran his fingers down his face, the morning sun rising into the class.

The gods indeed have a fate planned for them.
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