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Chapter 1

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Frank's first day of school and decides he wants to prove he isn't the same weak kid that he used to be

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‘New school, new attitude,’ I thought to myself. I was going to change. I didn’t want to be the small guy who always got beat up. I wasn’t going to be him. ‘No one knows the old me, I can be who I want. Don’t be afraid.’ I kept telling myself this, encouraging myself. I was not going to chicken out now, I had already started my new look and I thought it was pretty nice.

I let my hair grow out naturally so now it was a chocolate brown that was shoulder length and curled outwards at the end a little. I applied a fresh coat of black polish to my nails last night and to top it off I rimmed my eyes with a thin layer of black eyeliner. I was wearing this I always wore, skinny jeans, band t-shirt, a hoodie and my black Converse.

“Okay honey, it’s a new school so try to make some friends,” my mother, or Linda as I call her, tried to comfort me.

“Linda, you can stop trying to reassure me. I’ll be fine. I have a good feeling about this school.” I smiled to show her I was telling the truth. I really just wanted her off my back.

When the school came into view I started getting nervous. ‘What if I’m picked on? What if I chicken out?’ I didn’t want to think anymore. Linda parked to car on the sidewalk and said goodbye. I waved and slowly got out of the car.

I took a deep breath and held my head up high as I walked towards the school. I heard some kids start talking to their friends about me, some kids stared at me. I tried not to panic, or at least show it on the outside. It was just like how I started my old high school, but this time I did not look scared or affected by this. I tried my best to look strong and confident when I really was nervous and a little bit scared.

I walked into the school right as the bell rang, so not many students were in the hallways anymore. I was glad about that, it would be easier to find my locker and first class. I entered the office, which was empty. ‘Helpful..’ I thought. I glanced around the room and decided to sit on one of the three chairs against the wall and wait, nervously biting my lip.

A minute or two later an ordinary woman walked in, looking surprised to see me. “Hi, I’m Frank Iero. I’m new here and I have been waiting here for awhile so I would like to get to class.” I greeted her, trying to sound annoyed. I glanced at her expectantly and I could tell she was a little surprised. I coughed as to let her know I was still waiting.

“Oh, umm, hi.” she scurried to her desk and started typing on the keyboard. A second later the printer started and I’m guessing my schedule was being printed. “Here is your schedule,” she said while handing a warm piece of paper to me. “and I will call your guide down to the office now.”

“Guide? Why do I need a guide? I can find my classes on my own.” I bet I sounded a little bitchy but I really didn’t want someone to show me around like I was 5 years old. She just shrugged and went over to the intercom. The way she just brushed my off made me nervous. ‘Was I not that intimidating? Could she see how nervous I was?’ my thoughts were pooling up as nervousness set in even worse.

“Gerard Way to the office, please.” was all she said. I could hear it coming from the hallways, like an echo. I studied my schedule for a little bit, trying not shake. After a few minutes of impatient foot-tapping and awkward silence, I heard the door open.

“You called for me?” an unknown voice said sounding quite annoyed. I looked at the boy who just entered to office. I was assuming that this was Gerard. He had long jet black hair that went just above the shoulders, pale skin, and hazel eyes that had a little eyeliner around them. Gerard was taller than me, but really who wasn’t?

“Gerard, you will be Frank’s guide since you two seem to have the same schedule. You will show him around for the first few days.” the woman said. Gerard looked at me as I stood up. I could tell he was judging me by his eyes and I tried to not let it phase me. I wouldn’t let it. I stood my ground and analyzed him the same way he was me.

“Well, are you just going to stand there or are we going to class?” I finally broke the silence and started walking out of the office. Gerard let out a ‘hmmph’ but followed. We walked in silence while I found my locker. I shoved my backpack in my locker and grabbed my cigarettes and lighter before shutting it.

“So, your on your own kid, I’m not going to class right now.” Gerard finally spoke. “’I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel up to learning.”

“First, I have a name, its Frank. Use it. Second, don’t call me kid. Third, I’m not going to class either and considering you are my guide or whatever, I’m coming with you.” I spoke to him confidently. Gerard raised and eyebrow and looked a little taken back. “What? Never talked to like that before?” I called as I started to walk away. Once I was a little passed him I let out a breath I didn’t realized I was holding. I was hoping he wouldn’t get to mad at me and beat me up.

“Well not really.” I heard him mutter even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to hear it. I allowed myself to smirk a little as I turned down the hallway and headed for the doors.

“You’re just going to walk out the front doors..? I usually go out the back.” He asked.

“Obviously, that’s what I’m doing. I’m not afraid of getting caught and if I am, whatever.” I replied as I turned to face him. I took a deep breath. I didn’t think acting tough was all that hard. All you had to do was not show your emotions. Maybe I am tough, I just never showed it at my old school. Maybe I never got the chance to be tough. I didn’t try just allowed myself to get pushed down and got up without dusting myself off.

This sudden realization made me angry but smile. I was angry at myself for not even trying to stand up for myself. I never ever gave an effort to fight back. I had always told myself that they weren’t worth it, but the more I think about it, the more I think about how its just an excuse to not try. If I would’ve tried, I wouldn’t have had to change schools or move. I could’ve made friends and been fine.

But something in me was glad that I came here. Like I was meant to be here. Maybe I needed a fresh start. I could start with a clean slate and make friends here. Here, I realized, it didn’t matter how I was before. No one knew me here and even though I didn’t have the best high school experience so far, it could be good still. All I had to do this time was try and that’s what I planned to do.

“What are you smiling at?” Gerard asked, annoyed. I had forgotten I was still facing him. I just shrugged and headed out the doors, Gerard right behind me.

A/N: okay, just a story i started awhile ago and thought i'd share it with you all. i already have the next few chapters written so i'll put them up soon. R&R please and i'll know if i want to continue the story
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